Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Bit of Shopping

One of the things we had planned to do while Ron was on vacation, was go antiquing. We didn't because we did so many other things. On Saturday though, Megan was having a show at our fairgrounds. We went to see her and it is always a good idea to buy her lovely soap. She has some new gift bags I thought were just lovely.

Her deodorants and her new fragrances are just lovely. Here is her link Bumblewood 
Since Ron got me out of the house we decided to go to the antique stores downtown. We found one that opened in April and it was just lovely. These buildings downtown are just so huge. Sweet people run it and we enjoyed ourselves.( I never remember my camera)
The first thing I found, was a cigar box. It was in really nice condition and do you know how much I kick myself for not saving them from when I was a kid.

I lined it with old paper and put some things in it but I don't think it is going to stay that way. Do you remember in the beginning of the movie To Kill A Mockingbird? I love that box and I was thinking of looking around and putting some old marbles ( I collect old marbles) a old pocket watch, some old crayons and see if I can carve a boy and girl. I think there is a liberty head dime in there and a buffalo penny. I have those too.
I will have to watch the movie again and see what I missed. It  was  the things in that old knot hole that Jem found. Things that Boo Radley left.

I put some old things in it to make it look like it was an old treasure box which was fun.  I like things that tell stories.
I also found a spindle. I have been looking for one of these forever. I was so happy to find one.

I found a blue canning jar with a bale handle. As my grandmother used to say, " These things are getting as scarce as hens teeth."

 We went to a couple of antique stores and this one was in the best condition and the cheapest.
I have some old Coca Crates and my brother has a bunch out in his old shed, and some of them were for sale for 30 or 40 dollars. I thought I need to bring mine in the house.  Oh, and when I worked in the grocery store we would get our watermelons in these wooden crates. We saw one for 50 dollars. The box boys would just break them up and throw them away.

I have been looking for a washboard for a long time. But just not any washboard. One that told a story.
When  I found this one, I was so happy. You can see how this one was really used. The label is gone the wood has had so much lye on it, that it is bleached white and the wood isn't like wood anymore. There is a spot of white paint on it that made me think of a housewife, painting and taking care of her home and family.
When I was  kid my Mom wanted one for her laundry room. I remember how my great grandmother and my other grandmothers would scoff at her and say, " Why in the world would you want one of those?"

Even though this is not an antique I wanted to share it. One of my friends has been dyeing and selling the loveliest counted cross stitch fabric. It just has the nicest feel to it. I can wait to sew on it. Her blog is Dixie Sampler. She runs a group I am in on Face Book called The Prim Stitchers Society.

I would like to go explore some antique stores that I didn't make it too. Ron and I had such fun, and he really is a good spotter. I just tell him what I am looking for and he finds it after I have already walked by.
I hope you have a lovely day. The news keeps talking about all of the fires we have around us. It really is disheartening sometimes. The air is filled with smoke all of the time it seems. Our kids were at the campground in July where the one on the news kept showing the people evacuating. They said, it was so dry then. I know how dry it is here. In all of my life I have never seen it as bad as it is here now. Maybe the rains will come this year.

Have a great Thursday,
" Trees are very nice.
They fill up the sky.
---A Tree is Nice, Janice May Udry, 1956


Kerin said...

Wow! You found some really nice things. Love that you found some treasures for your cigar box... perfect!
I adore that old washboard. My grandma used one just like it, and scrubbed grandpa's farm clothes in the tub with it.
Yes, your washboard really does seem to have a story to tell.....

You are right about the old canning bottles. Guess everyone wants them now... supply and demand.
I'm glad that they are now making the vintage colored bottles.... not the same, I know, but it's nice to have the colored bottles none the less :)

Sending wishes for a happy day to you :)


Oh... p.s.

Thanks for the info and link to your friends page. I'd like to see what cross stitch fabric she has :)

Nellie said...

What fun! I loved seeing your antique purchases! I remember those cigar boxes, too. In fact, there may have been one or two at the house. At times my dad would smoke a cigar, but Mother couldn't stand the smoke, so he would go outside. xo Nellie

TexWisGirl said...

we need rain badly, but i know you need it so much more!!!

Debbie said...

fun finds!!! i love the bumblewood products you sent me, i want to order more of the soap!!! said...

Now you're talking my language Kim! We have been in the antique business, either collecting, buying or selling for many years. I LOVE all that old stuff... I just put a big concrete lions head on the mantle, it came from the demolition of an old Fort Worth Texas downtown building from the 1800's, my hubby couldn't resist it and it looks great! It's like a picture of another time, before us... we love it all!

Meg said...

How cool you found that jar!! It's so pretty. And everything else too. Thanks for sharing my link, that was very sweet. :) I can't believe you found a spindle, that is so awesome!! I can't wait to see it in person.

Kim said...

It would be so much fun to just spend a day looking around different antique stores. You found some good stuff

Miss Debbie said...

Sounds like a fun day! And my kind of day! I had an old washboard hanging in my kitchen a while back and a basket with spindles in it on a shelf. My style has changed some, but I still have them. Can't seem to part with them! Love the blue jar...I have one of those, too! It was my grandmother's!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

What awesome finds! What fun you must have had!

Praying you all will get some rains - soon.

Debbie said...

What found some great things. I LOVE the washboard. Can you honestly imagine what it must have been like to have had to clean your clothes that way? I bet their hands were just raw. Yes, HOW we need rain. It is soo bad! Hope you have a lovely week-end Kim~