Friday, August 22, 2014

Computer Woes

Do you ever think about how simple life was before computers? Do you ever look back on days when there wasn't the fear in your life of Windows XP vs Windows 8? I have an old computer. In fact, I always have the old, hand me down computers, because I am not the one who does anything really serious on it. Which is fine. I like that.

When Microsoft decided that they were no longer going to support XP I had to get busy and find a new virus software to run. I did, now the one I have is like having a crazy parent standing over my shoulder shouting at me. I can be on Pinterest just quietly looking and bells start clanging and a screen pops up with " GET OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW!!! Could be a harmful site!!! So I press escape. I always run a scan and then it makes a happy sound that says, " Your computer is fine there are no viruses found."

On Wednesday, Microsoft who isn't supporting XP anymore, will on occasion send a update. Which they did this week. Only now, what it did was updated something now my camera won't down load pictures to my computer. It worked fine until they fixed something that I didn't wanted fixed. Now I have to do voodoo, the camera still works but now I have to download pictures to Ron's computer and  then send them to myself.

Now you can't see this as I am complaining about computers and software and hardware. My sentences are underlined with red. (It fixed itself when I spelled Microsoft correct.)

Back to the virus software. It just sent me a message, short and sweet. The note sounds exasperated with me, it sounds like a professor clearing his throat, " Hey you! Yes you! Looser!! You need to update these programs ASAP" They have these little messages by each one that says, " IGNORED!"
They are programs if I did down load them, they are ones I don't use and I don't want and they would slow down my very slow computer.
Every morning, when I turn my computer on I have to wait until it does its thing. I didn't realize how bad it was until this morning when Ron was trying to fix something for me, and I started feeling like I was going to cry because he didn't understand. I said, " Oh no, you can touch it right now," He looks at me like I might have gone around the bend. I said, " Well you see if you push any keys until it is ready it will hang and then you have to restart, just let it get ready and then it will work." So we both sat here until the bells stopped clanging and the virus software said, " Now that your computer has been updated, have a nice day." Which means, " I will keep my eyes on you and you had better not do or go anywhere that I don't like."

 So I do think my life was much more simpler without computers. I am tired of appliances too. The repair man finally showed up to fix my oven. Yes, my oven will for some reason turn the broiler on and won't turn off, so I have to turn the breaker off. This has been going on now for awhile. Did it do it for the repairman?
Nope, just acted like a good little oven. You know what I am thinking? Maybe Microsoft has taken over my whole house. 

Have a lovely weekend, computers or not, I am so excited for Fall. I saw some leaves fall today that were yellow. It could be the heat, but I just smiled and said, " Fall is on its way."


" One doesn't contradict a hungry tiger."
---My Father's Dragon, Ruth Stiles Gannett, 1948


TexWisGirl said...

101 here, currently. come on fall! :)

you made me laugh several times through this. i understand. i'm glad i have a laptop (almost 5 yrs old, now) that run win 7. :)

Velva said...

Technology is a love hate relationship:-)

Alica said...

I have a love/hate relationship with computers! I'm not a techie, and if the bells and whistles go off, I'm soooo frustrated!

Three Sheep Studio said...

I can't fix your computer woes, but I can recommend some wonderful FREE software. (daily virus protection) (protects against malware)
spywareblaster (protects against spyware)
I have used all three of these programs for many years (always the free versions.)
They are excellent and my computer, (which I use hard) has always been protected with no problems.
I hope everything works itself out soon ;)

Kessie said...

I hope somebody takes pity on you and gets you a new computer. I pried my fingers off XP, kicking and screaming, and went to Windows 7 with a terrible attitude. But I lived. And it really is nice to have an operating system that, you know, works.

That's really lame that it won't do pictures off your camera! It must have screwed up the USB or motherboard. Do yourself a service and never download Windows Updates EVER. I never do, and my computers last a long time.

Miss Debbie said...

Computers and ovens and all our other conveniences are nice when they work like the are suppose to!! When they don't, it is frustrating. Doesn't feel at all like fall and humid. Guessing it will be cooler when we get to Alaska! :-)

Meg said...

Oh gosh don't you just hate technology? The stupid things are supposed to make life easier and faster and it's just the opposite. My laptop is starting to do the "I'm not working til i have my coffee" thing too and takes awhile to start up. I am excited for fall too!! I can't wait until it's here. :)

Pom Pom said...

I think you deserve a nice MacBook Pro of your very own, good girl.
Leaves falling? Yahoo! (BIG HUG!)

Julia said...

I agree with Pom Pom, get your self a macBook Pro.

It's starting to look like fall is coming and it won't be long. Time is spinning so fast, in no time It will snow and the we will wish for Spring.


Jacque. said...

Wow...your funny. Like a car taken to the mechanic, too. What noise? haha. Sorry that you're feeling frustrated. Hope your weekend is a good one. xo

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Computers ... can't live with them, can't live without them. ha! Just think ... if it weren't for your computer, you wouldn't be able to blog ... and we wouldn't know each other. ;-)

My laptop is starting to act up ... takes twice as long to load as DH's (and his is twice as old as mine) and will not run at all unless it's plugged in ... isn't a laptop supposed to be portable? I refuse to purchase a new one ... I hope that doesn't bite me in the rear end some day when this one finally croaks, taking with it all my important documents, pictures, etc. Which ought to be my cue to back up those pictures, etc. ;-)

Debbie said...

Oh goodness can I ever relate to this. My computer drives me wild! WILD I tell you, lol i don't even know if I could explain all the games it plays with me. Frustrating I know. And now my spiffy new iron (guess it is a year old) has broken and I am using my old one which does NOT heat up properly and has no steam...sigh. Yes, we are at the mercy of our electronics! Enjoy your week-end Kim!

Kerin said...

We're all on board with you! Technology can be so frustrating!!

I'm still waiting for a computer that you can just talk to, and it will correct itself. How nice would that be??!!
If course the first order of business around here, would be to give the computer a stern talking to , and tell it to know off the bad attitude!!!

Best of luck working out all the bugs.


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

I suppose people had other things to worry about before all these machines came along, but surely it was much simpler . . . how to fix the harness that broke so you can take the buggy out to do some shopping . . . or your cornbread burnt on the bottom because the fire below the iron skillet hanging in the fireplace was a tad too hot . . . no pesky knobs and switches and things to click and no magic screens with colorful pictures floating across them . . . and no Microsoft either. Maybe you can ask for an iMac for your birthday or Christmas....and leave the PC world behind!

Bonnie K said...

Don't you miss the good old days when a car ran well past 100,000 miles, a washer and dryer lasted 25 years, and you could take the top off your typewriter and fix it yourself. We have become a disposable society. My 12 year old dryer is squeeling like crazy and a computer is outdated after a year. Guess companies figured out reliable didn't help sell more items. So sorry about your computer woes. I certainly know the feeling.

Anonymous said...

I hear you, I hear you - and you convey the terror always lurking beneath the calm surface of things when one is using a computer and doesn't really know how it all works.