Friday, August 1, 2014

August Is Here

We made it to August. So fast don't you think? In August, I try and enjoy it but with September just over on the next page it is hard to keep my mind on August. In July, I get out every thing red, white and blue. Today I put it away and started getting out every thing I own with sunflowers. Do you do that? Think of months as colors and shapes. September will be the beginning of fall things, orange and black and brown and yellow.
But August I just think of yellow and brown.

My beautiful Hydrangeas are now just faded and I still think are so pretty.  Now that August is here, I find myself racing to get my list accomplished that I so excitedly wrote down in May. My thoughts want to go toward fall. We have had 25 days as of yesterday over 100 degrees. I thought no wonder my poor flowers look so droopy.

 At least zinnias are always there to just look happy. I love the very bright colors. My stitching has slowed down.

I finished this one, It is by Pineberry Lane.

It is called Mehitable Wright's Red Work Sampler. I do love redwork. I like it because I can take it with me when I am in waiting rooms.

My latest rug. I don't hook as much as normal just because the heat just makes me put it down. It is so much easier to hook in the winter.

 This pattern came from The Wool Street Journal.
The pattern is drawn by Robin at Bird In The Hand Primitives.

I may be doing a lot of reverse hooking as I look at this as a photo. I am not wild about that water or the back ground. I feel like I have lost my hooking mojo.

At least the sunflowers are so pretty and happy out there in the sun.

Our peppers and tomatoes are amazing. I have only  had one red tomato. That is it. This morning though I noticed finally the plants are loaded with green tomatoes so all is not lost.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. A great start to August too.


" Beautiful things are often full of pins."
---Sarah Somebody, Florence Slobodkin, 1969


TexWisGirl said...

i don't decorate, no. :) that is a COOL rug! nice!

Empty Nester said...

My hydrangeas faded weeks ago. But I, like you, think they are still pretty. They have a lovely vintage look about them. We're still staying in the 80s. And all that rain you're missing? It's over here. I am NOT complaining though, because I know what not having the rain is like. We do have a hurricane to keep our eyes on right now- Bertha is stirring up trouble in the Atlantic.

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh your tomatoes and peppers are doing really well in that heat. Your flowers are holding up pretty well too I have no idea how you handle that. It is about 70F here today. Love the water and the whale and appreciate all the work that goes into that for you. Have a nice weekend I must get back to work. Hug B

Gail said...

Your flowers are wonderful and your garden looks great.

Your handwork is amazingly beautiful.

Do what makes you happy. There may be another calling now that you've hooked your way to health.

Have a blessed weekend.

Jacque. said...

Everything looks great...stay cool! xo

Julia said...

Your sunflowers are spectacular and I love the faded Hydrangeas too. They look great in dry bouquets.

I don't know how you can stand the heat even if it's dry heat. Hot is hot,lol...

Your tomatoes and peppers plants are tough to have survived the heat and the white flies and now are loaded with little green tomatoes. Nothing like fresh from the garden tomatoes.

I think that your water looks just fine. Maybe a little steaming will make everything look better for you. The water is supposed to look agitated in the storm.

I haven't touched the hook or a wool worm in the summer

I hope that you have a great day.

Alica said...

Love, love, love your sunflowers! They are so cheery! My hydrangeas didn't bloom this year...our winter almost killed them, and they had to push out all new growth from the ground up.

Anonymous said...

Much of California is yellow and brown now, aren't we?
My two Early Girls have some kind of blight that makes the fruit dimpled and mottled, inside and out. :-(
The Jubilee has a different sort of blight on the leaves. But neither of us is eating many tomatoes lately and I still have some in the freezer from last summer, so the Juliets and Sunsugars should be plenty.
It seems like you should make a rug of one of your orangey sunflower photos.

Kerin said...

You are a girl, after my own heart.
I too think sunflowers are the perfect colors, and decorating theme for this time of year.
I do think there are certain things that just work well with the seasons :)
It's been a few years since I went all out decorating... just too bummed, I guess.
I'm feeling it this year :) Yay!!

Love the nautical rug. It reminds me of Moby Dick :)
Did you draw the pattern on the fabric, or did it come like that??

My goodness, but it's been a hot summer.
Have to laugh... I think Heavenly Father gives me just enough summer, and when I'm ready to throw myself down in front of the ice cream truck, and let it run me over, then... there .. one morning is a titch of Autumn air ***giggle.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Pom Pom said...

Wow! Those zinnias are glorious! I do not think you have lost your hooking mojo! That rug is gorgeous! I like the redwork, too! VERY cute!
I am going outside right now to check for more cucs.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh, my! You've had some hot weather! Our summer seems to be a bit cooler than normal. I love not having to run the A/C.
As always, your flower pics are amazing.
I'm lovin' your stitiching and hooking, too.
Hugs :)

Kessie said...

It's only 99 here right now, wooo! But it's also kind of cloudy. We're supposed to have some decent monsoons tomorrow. I just want to lie around and do nothing. I'm so tired from babysitting all week. You may not like that rug, but I think the ship looks lovely. I'd like to be on that ship.

Miss Debbie said...

Goodness....don't know how you stand the heat! We usually have 100+ days...not that many...but some. Don't think we've had one yet, but August can be awful sometimes! Your hydrangeas are lovely...the subdued colors are so pretty. Sorry about the garden. I know that was disappointing. But glad you've had some time to prop your feet up! Isn't it wonderful that we can trust God to give us what is best for us...not just what we want. Interesting about your list. I wonder what my list from 20 years ago would have looked like!!

Mariodacatsmom said...

Your flowers are gorgeous, along with your needlework. I posted a blog today with a question that's been bothering me. Maybe you can tell me why this is happening.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I think that rug is adorable! I love it!

We planted two Early Girls and we're STILL waiting for them to fully ripen ... even though we're picking plenty of tomatoes off the later producers. I'm not sure what is going on with them. And a few of our green bean plants are dying. I think we planted them too close together (DH's idea). We still have plenty others that (so far) are continuing to do well and produce plenty of green beans!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hello Kim, just stopping by to enjoy more of your wonderful and colorful garden. I never knew sunflowers came in deep orange shades like some of these. Your hooked rug looks gorgeous to me! Love that name "Mehitabel" - you don't run into that too often these days. There are two Mehitabel's in my family tree, way back when. Looks like you will have a lot of red tomatoes before too long . . . Well, do enjoy your August. Since I came into the world in August and also got married in August, it's a big month on my calendar. August always seems like golden colors to me (and so I guess that matches your sunflowers) . . . as we circle ever closer to Autumn with all its beauties.

Three Sheep Studio said...

25 days over 100 degrees ? I cannot even imagine !
Your Hydrangea are incredible ! The colors are so soft and muted.
Your stitching is really lovely. (As is your hooking, also.)

Debbie said...

you still have your hooking mojo, trust me!! we did not get one hydrangea this year. i have 6 or 7 plants and not one, no one did. the garden peeps are saying the winder was just too harsh here at the shore!!!!! yours are gorgeous, i love the faded colors!!!