June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, July 5, 2014

And Now Saturday...

The sun is up. The day has started. We have had two days of non-stop fun. I keep trying to remember to take photos but you know how that goes. Here is a few.

The baby has been kissed and held and passed around. She is just the best baby. I have rocked and sang. She is too little just yet to say, " Don't sing Grandma."

This is our number two grand daughter, she loves to just get away by herself and find some patch of bare ground and play by herself.

The living room.  My oldest grand daughter is in there.

My favorite short order cook. He is just the best grandpa ever.

I loved this picture of our oldest grandson and his grandpa fixing breakfast. They have been such friends this trip. They build a pond and  Grandpa was the back hoe.

Grandpa outside pushing people on swings. I just loved watching them out here swinging. We have been falling into bed at night just exhausted. So have the kids.

Lots and lots of swimming going on. I have been in the pool so much this weekend. It has been nice to swim so much.

This is the other bunch on the patio who were not yet swimming. This also before it got crazy. We ended up feeding 23 for dinner. I think Ron took pictures with his phone so he will have more. Ben and Megan cooked out here in 106 degree heat, but the street tacos were the best.

This is pretty much how the whole house looks now. :) As someone told me, controlled chaos.

Time to go start round one of breakfast. The whole bunch are I am sure part Hobbits. They have second breakfasts, and elevensys and then it is time for lunch.

It is all wonderful though, Have a wonderful day as well.

" And now, " Cried Max,
:let the wild rumpus start!"
---Where the Wild Things Are,
Maurice Sendak, 1963


  1. awesome! i know you are just grinning - inside and out. :)

  2. Controlled chaos ... but the kind of chaos that is a balm to a grandma's heart, right?

    Your first line reminded me of the lyrics from Matt Redman's 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord):
    The sun comes up, it's a new day dawning
    It's time to sing Your song again
    Whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me
    Let me be singing when the evening comes

    With all your family there, I'll bet you are singing praises when the evening comes! ;-)

  3. This sounds like such fun, Kim! I know these have been very memorable days. Enjoy! xo Nellie

  4. It sounds like your 4th was glorious! What fun to have the grands to entertain you.
    Hugs :)

  5. Wow....lots of good memories being made by you and family. Enjoy!!!

  6. Aw! How fun! I bet your smoocher is getting tired! Nah! Grannies love to smooch! I'm glad you're swimming! I wish I could jump into your pool and float around on a noodle! I'm so glad you're having a GRAND time! (BIG HUG!)

  7. Fun, fun, fun! Maurice knew what he was talking about! I believe in second breakfastes myself! :)

  8. It's like it used to be at this house, so much fun, play, work and cleanup and it starts all over the nest day. Nothing but the best control chaos. That's what makes a family gathering memorable.

    Hurricane Arthur has hit us hard with lots of trees down all around the neighbourhood. I'll be blogging when we get the power back. It's been out since this morning and we have the generator going for the very basic and I can't even charge my computer battery.I'm almost out of battery juice.


  9. Such happy pictures. I can see your smile from here!!

  10. It's been so crazy but so fun! We're sad to have to leave.

  11. Yes, let the wild rumpus start! You and Grandpa are busy this weekend. Have fun!

  12. Found you via the prim stitchers facebook group. HELLO!

  13. Enjoyed getting caught up today! Glad you are enjoying your family. Yes, okra grows like crazy...especially in the full sun like you get. And, yes, when the plants touch you, you itch! I learned to wear long sleeves and gloves when we grew it a long time ago. Our plants were as tall as trees! Try slicing it, flouring it and frying it. Sprinkle with salt...yummy! :-)

  14. Seems like you are all having such a great time together. Catching up, and making new memories. Sweet picture of your husband and grands. What a fun grandpa!!

    Continue to enjoy the happy chatter, and laughter of the kids and grands.

    Hope you all had a happy 4th too :)


  15. It was insanely busy Friday night! So many people, but so much fun!

  16. oh kim, lot's of fun!! i like the tent, we use to make tents the old fashioned way, sheets, towels and pillows!!

    i love "street taco's" we call them walking taco's!!!

  17. I had a couple of days like this last week - So fun but so very wearying to the old bones! Now if I can just catch up and write a bit about that time...Your writing and pictures do evoke the glorious "wild rumpus" that Jody mentions. :-)


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