June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Cloudy Monday

Moonglow pumpkin
We have clouds today. It even sprinkled on me. We get really excited around here for a tiny bit of weather.
Even though, the weather man said it might get to 107 today. It is still nice to have some change from sunshine. :)

Look at all of the lovely green beans I picked this morning.

I will sit and snap these pretty quick. I just love sitting and snapping green beans.  These will be dinner

Along with Eggplant Parmesan

. When I first started making it, I had no clue how in the world and I found this little tutorial. Now after fixing it a few times, it still remains my favorite way to make eggplant. We love this stuff and I never dreamed in a thousand years it would become such a favorite.

I am thinking some cantaloupe will go good with this and maybe a nice crusty loaf of french bread with butter and garlic. Whatcha think? Sound good?

I hope you have a wonderful Monday. I am having a hard time getting my motor in first gear.


After all, the best part of a holiday is perhaps
not so much to be resting yourself, as to see
all the other fellows busy working.
---The Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame, 1907


  1. I think your meal sounds delicious!

  2. All this makes my mouth water. Yummy on the eggplant Parmesan and all the other stuff you mentioned. It's a lot of work preparing and cleaning but well worth it.

    I'm might just jump in my jet and come over for supper.

  3. Your garden dinner sounds tasty! I've never developed a taste for eggplant. I suppose it goes back to the time my Mother tried to get us kids to eat it, and it turned out to be a hot and bitter eggplant. Not to good of a first impression....*smile*. Perhaps it's time to give it another try ...

    It's hard to get moving on a warmer than a furnace day!! Sitting is just about all I can manage, once the sun comes up, and the temperatures rise.
    Today is fixing to be our hottest day of the year. .... over 100. Not too welcome!!!

    Hang in there with the heat, my friend, and enjoy your delicious out of the garden dinner.


  4. I love your sunflowers and your veggies look yummy. Great pics to appreciate the beginning of the new week. Hugs cheri

  5. The meal sounds perfect! Your beans are pretty!
    It's hard to get going on Mondays. I bet you pepped right up about noon!

  6. Those green beans make my mouth water! Today we tried to have a picnic, but it was so hot and humid, all we did was drink water. :-p

  7. Oh YUMMY fresh from the garden. Hug B

  8. Your green beans look soo good. Wish I had some here right now to cook up with our supper. I have never made eggplant. My mom loved it though and would order it whenever we went out and she could find it. I am going to check, out your tutorial. We had a little clouds here too though no sprinkles. I could be a little jealous of everyone else's constant rainfall t seems, lol. Hope your day was good!

  9. Farm fresh, I have two eggplant coming!,

  10. We have a cold front...and it is energizing me. Oh I love the things from your garden. I have never had success with eggplants. Enjoy your summer.

  11. We will pick our first batch of green beans soon ... yum!! I've never had eggplant ... can you describe how it tastes?


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