June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Morning

It is a rainy, blowy and pretty morning here. It is so wet from all of the rain that I can't work outside. I get to stay in the house and for the first time in this last couple of weeks I get to pick up a needle or a hook. It is hard to decide. This is one of those weeks where I slid in sideways. You know that saying right? " Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and proclaiming, " Wow, what a ride!!"  That has been how I have wanted to live life. Today though, I might be maybe rethinking that one.

Yesterday was the birthday party for our oldest grandson by three days. He turned six. I can't believe how fast they are all growing up. When I became a grandma, I still had an 11, 13, 15, 17 year old at home. I was homeschooling four of them, three in high school and one in junior high. My oldest grandson was born on a Saturday morning, and then three days later the twins arrived so in three days I was a grandma of three babies. It was a wild ride and has continued to be sometimes it feels like a roller-coaster that just keeps going. I am glad I like roller coasters.

My daughter took a photo yesterday of the some of the kids on the stairs. I just love it.

Then last night the kids had all of their friends over for a game night. They also had a birthday party for two of the kids that live here so it was a pretty wild evening. I know that someday I will have a quiet house and the house will stay clean and my carpet won't wear out, but for now, I am thankful that we have a house that likes people. I will never have a house on the cover of a magazine, but hopefully, it will be a house that lives in people's hearts.

I noticed yesterday that our big tree in front is getting leaves on the top branches. So spring is here. Tonight we spring forward on the clocks. I want you to know this is the happiest day of the year for my husband. He loves daylight savings so much that I think maybe it should be his birthday. Me on the other hand am a bit grumpy about it. His internal clock never changes and when we go back to the normal time, he is awake at 3:30 every day. Now he can get up at normal time for him. The sun is up later and he can stay outside longer.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Now I am off to cut up some wool.



  1. I can relate to the slid in sideways journey of life, lol. That's how life has been for me too.
    I'm looking forward to more daylight time to get more done and sunshine means that I'm less droopy and happier.

    I love the photo of the kids on the stairs. They all look so relaxed and happy.
    Have a great weekend Kim and enjoy life's gifts.

  2. I think it's good you're sliding in sideways. ;)
    I am excited for daylight savings too! I love having more outside time, especially after Ben gets off of work.

  3. That picture is adorable! And your house? It's a lot like mine- made for sharing love with our families. What more could we ask for? I wouldn't want one of those magazine houses anyway. I am not keeping anything THAT clean. LOL Hey, your house could very well be in a magazine though. I love pictures you post of it! I am not a fan of time changes. I say pick one and keep it.

  4. such cuties on the stairs! i'm like you - my body clock does not adjust easily! and this time change is the tough one!

  5. The picture of the kids on the stairs says it all... you have a happy home!

  6. Hope you enjoy your day inside. It's a beautiful sunny cool day here, so I have been in and out. Our trees are beginning to leaf as well and out dogwood is budding. I agree with you...I have always wanted our home to be a place people wanted to come to because they felt welcome and comfortable here. Who cares about being on the cover of a magazine?? ha! ha! Bless you, sweet Kim!!

  7. I think a house should be a home - a place where everyone is comfortable and feels welcome! I'll never have one for a magazine cover, either.:-)

    Enjoy your Saturday!


  8. Man, it was a really wild Friday all around! I'm glad you're getting to stay inside today. Our sidewalk is so flooded, and the kids can't wait to walk in it.

  9. The photo of the kids on the stairs is priceless. Kids just love stairs. I myself, hate daylight saving time. It takes me two weeks to get back to normal from losing that one hour of sleep.

  10. I love the photos! The kids on the stairs is so cute! The tree is beautiful; I love trees. Yes, I often feel like I am sliding sideways in life...but I'll get there.

  11. I just love the picture of the grands on the stairs. Too cute!
    Grandma x3 in 3 days. WOW!
    I don't relish the thought of losing an hour of sleep tonight, but I do love springing ahead!
    Hugs :)

  12. Magazine covers are sterile places - I much prefer a home with life in it just like yours!
    God bless

  13. Are the flowers you are picturing actually in bloom where you are? They are lovely! Rain. I'd love to be homebound by rain. We need it desperately. Love the photo of the kiddos. Life is not about the stairs, but who's on them!


  14. I would like the time to stay the same but it is a great advantage for those people clocking in. They have daylight after work.

    I love the long days and tend to work too much but that's okay. Nothing like standing back and seeing what you have accomplished.

    Yep, spring is coming despite all Winter has tried to do to stop it.

  15. I love the extra daylight in the evening but I'll be grumpy all day tomorrow too. Some weeks do go sideways. But your description was cute

  16. I hear about the Mr. up so early mine is to.The lils are so cute and a loving home where they can play and feel the love around them is the best magazine cover ever if you ask me.
    I have what I love I may need new flooring but with a darling grandson and a new puppy why bother right now.I don't want all the stress about ruining it and then no one has a good day right!
    My in-laws are that way and I always hated it for my kids.
    When I go to friends or families homes I am just happy that I was asked and enjoy the company.I don't worry about what there homes look like.Enjoy your inside time, Kim

  17. love the kiddie photo!
    and the blue at the top.
    hope you had a great saturday

  18. Beautiful flowers, can't wait till mine start blooming, but will be a long while yet......cute Grandkids....Blessings Francine.


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