June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
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Monday, March 4, 2013

One of Those Days

I am going to warn you, this is one of those honest posts. I thought you should know. You know I have been working like crazy and I had the bright idea I would put my size 10 jeans on this morning. I put them on my legs and I could pull them up and I was getting pretty excited, but then when I got them up to my tummy, they were a little snug  okay, I couldn't take a deep breath tight.  I had the bright idea that if I just laid on the bed for a second I could zip them. I flopped down on my bed and as I lay there the thought crossed my mind. " I am sick and tired of trying to get into tight jeans, I have been doing this for 45 years." When Emilie comes in my room and says, " Mom, are you all right?" I said, " Yes, Em, I was just trying to decide If I wanted to go to all of this trouble to zip these pants. " She said, Oh good, the way you flopped down on the bed I thought you died."  I had no idea she was behind me when I did that. So I changed and put on baggy pants.

 I needed to go to the grocery store today and my son Elliot, wanted to go with me. We were having this conversation as we walked into the store. I went to get a basket and I was still talking to him. I asked him a question and no answer. I turned to look and there was a young couple standing behind me with a bemused look on their faces. I looked around and no Elliot. I said, " Uh sorry, I thought my son was here." I took my basket and went in the store and he was standing over in the flower department looking at flowers. I said,
" Why did you just leave, that young man and woman think I am some kind of nut job." He said " sorry I thought you were finished."
We proceeded to walk to the aisle and wouldn't you know it on every aisle guess who would almost run into the young couple or Elliot would have wandered off and there I am talking to myself again. I finally told him to stop wandering off and leaving me on the aisle by myself. I was really ready to get in the car and come home. I don't know if my to do list is longer than I have brain power but I am really beginning to slip.

I have some photos of the new rug patterns that my daughter drew out and the picture of the new rug I dyed wool for this weekend.
The first two rugs of course are my favorite.

 I know that isn't very dark. Here is the next one.

Then the one I dyed the wool for which I think will be pretty but I really want to hook these chickens. 

Well I will stop now. It is time to cook dinner.

I hope your Monday was a normal one.
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  1. yup, you're a strange woman, wandering thru the store in baggy pants talking to herself. :)

  2. Your jean story made me laugh...many of us have been there!!

  3. really cute post, brought a smile to my face, love the rug designs!

    used to be when my boy was small, he always rode in the back seat, one day a lady from church asked me why i always drove around in the car talking to myself?

  4. My size 10's would fit (un-fit???) the same...lol!
    Love the rug patterns. I look forward to seeing your progress.
    Hugs :)

  5. It's ok, I will be talking to no one in particular and the poor kids will say "Mom, are you talking by yourself?" and give me a strange look. At least you were actually talking to a person. I'm sorry you had a Monday. :( I do like your chicken rugs though, they will be so cute when you get them done.

  6. Oh, that's so embarassing when that happens!
    I'm having the same problem with my 10's.
    I haven't even gained much weight. I think it has
    all moved around and settled in my stomach now!

  7. I just sat and laughed and laughed. I love your honest stories. I can't wait to see what you do with those rug patterns!

  8. Oh I stopped doing that with my jeans a few years ago now...just not worth it...sigh. Can't tell you how many times that has happened to me and I appeared to be talking to myself, haha. Love the rug patterns!

  9. Yeah- tight jeans are awful...so I thrown those nasty things in the bottom of the closet and pull out my yoga pants- Your rugs will be pretty, I really like the top one!

  10. Give those pants to Goodwill and buy a size 12. That is what I had to do. ;-)

  11. Sorry you had such a day! Just think, though...you gave that young couple something to chuckle about! :) I'm anxious to see too, what your ne rugs turn out like! I'm sure they'll be beautiful! I like the chickens!

  12. My husband wanders off, leaving me chattering away to ...no one. Sigh.

  13. My Monday was a busy one. That is also the story for today!:-)

    xo Nellie

  14. Kim...hugs...I needed to smile today and you brought the smile to my face...I am so tired my eyes hurt! I so understand the jean thing...and talking to myself
    Love you girl!!!

  15. You make me laugh. Its just so much better to wear jeans that fit and are comfortable and look good. Love the rug patterns.

  16. Sounds like you had a day, dear one. Hope your Tuesday is better. {{hug}}

    I can't wait to see what your finished rugs look like.

  17. you are so funny Kim, I wear mostly stretchy pants! After 50, it's hard to wear jeans!

  18. My husband has this habit of just taking off on me when we are in the store and he goes to talk to someone he knows or just complete strangers and I'm ready to go through the cash register or out the door and I have to go look for him. That's why I like to go shopping alone.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new chick rug.

    The jean episode is very funny. Just hang in there and when you work outside more, I'm sure that you'll continue to loose those few extra pounds.

    Hugs, JB
    HUgs, JB

  19. The pants thing is funny. Whats worse is when you lay on the bed and try to zip them up and you end of twisting and flopping around like a fish on land :)
    Love those new chickens of yours. Can't wait to see them hooked!

  20. Yay for baggy pants!
    I love your new rug patterns! CUTE!
    You probably DO have too much to do. Cut it in half (I know I am not always a good influence!)


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