May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Odds and Ends

Don't you just love the color of these blue hydrangeas?

 Ron found this stuff at Home Depot called More Bloom. He feeds all of our plants that bear fruit and flowers with it. It is the only way because of the heat I can have Peonies. It makes our hydrangeas go crazy. Oh, and my roses love it too.

We had a lovely rainy day yesterday. I sat and sewed. I finished what I think is my biggest counted cross stitch. I love doing letters and numbers so much. This pattern is from Country Stitches. There were four patterns in this set and I did every one. I really did like this set of patterns.

I plan on hooking today. I have this chicken rug I have to finish before I move on. I have patterns starting to come out in my thoughts so I need to get all of the rugs hooked I have on burlap. 

 If I would just sit and hook I could finish it today. So we will see. 

I have been horribly remiss. My very good friend Pom Pom at Pom Pom's Ponderings sent me a lovely package filled with all kinds of lovely and thoughtful gifts. Just getting the package out of the mailbox made me happy. If you haven't met Pom Pom or read her blog you should visit and enjoy her sweet, and uplifting words. 

I think the beauty of blogging is the friendships you make. Not to mention the like minded people that stop by to visit. Reading their thoughts always make me get out of my ruts. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday, there is just something wonderful about Wednesdays. 


 "When God is present, fear is absent."
" Thank you Lord, that you do not leave me as I am,
You show me your holiness, so I may be happy and fulfilled.
Not leaving me where I am.
Forever leading me;
To where You are.
---My Field of Dreams---


  1. how sweet of pom pom! she is full of heart and joy. :)

  2. Aw! Thank you for your kind acknowledgement of my mish-mash package to you! Cute photo!
    I can't wait to sew and stitch again. I have lost ground for sure, but I'll catch up. Hope!
    I am home today because I wanted to be free to help at the hospital, so I'll take the new parents some lunch later today.
    I am still in my pajamas, having baked cookies and cinnamon rolls. I guess I had better jump in the shower!
    How fun that you can have peonies. Mine are shooting up but won't bloom until June. I'll send you pictures of them.
    love love love

  3. Rainy days are perfect to finish projects. Blogging does open the world to friends that one would never have met. Blessings, Catherine

  4. we are "like minded" aren't we. through bloging, i have found there are so many people who enjoy and love all the same things i do!!

    the hydrangeas are gorgeous, mine are still coming!!

  5. How wonderful that you had some rain!

    Beautiful hydrangeas! Our "old" one didn't do so well over the winter, and my husband had to cut much of it away. The new growth is coming through, though.

    xo Nellie

  6. The hydrangeas are beautiful! What a wonderful friend Pom Pom is! I love my blogging friends!

  7. How sweet of Pom Pom, I will go visit here, so nice to see you back working on your projects, don't over do, you know I worry about you. I am so thankful for my friends here in blogland, you have been such a blessing and encouragement to me.
    Blessings, Sue

  8. Hydrangea is my favorite flower-pink or blue!
    I'm glad to see your eyes are allowing you to do all of your handiwork again, Kim.
    Very sweet gifts from your friend, Pom Pom.

  9. My blue Hydrangea only bloomed once and winter is too hard on them. They usually bloom on older branches and every spring I get new branches and no blooms.

    Your cross stitch is beautiful.
    I'm so glad you got some rain. We finally had a beautiful warm sunshiny day today and I worked all afternoon weeding and removing dead debris from flowerbeds. It was a glorious day and I wore a sleeveless shirt outdoors.

    How thoughtful of pompom to send you a gift.

  10. Great projects, Kim! I hope you got your rug finished but that looks like a lot of hooking.
    Last winter was very hard on my hydrangea and I probably won't have any flowers this years :( I did buy a small blue hydrangea at the discount store today.
    I will have to look for that product at HD.
    Hugs :)

  11. My hydrangeas didn't bloom last summer and I'm not very optimistic that they'll bloom this summer ... all of last year's growth is dead. :-( I am going to go look for some of that More Bloom for my roses and balloon flowers.

  12. Your flowers are beautiful, Kim. I will have to look for the 'more bloom' product.
    And yes, blogging friends are some of the best ;)

  13. I am so adoring that chicken rug !

  14. Your flowers just delight me. I keep killing mine! Your rugs are great and how much fun to hook. Your gift package...that is wonderful, and yes, I visit her blog, she is sunlight.
    Have a wonderful weekend....Happy Mother's Day


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