May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thinking On Wednesday

Do you ever find yourself thinking about random things? One of the things I have been thinking about is Pinterest. I quit getting catalogs because they made me feel twitchy and discontent. Now I have Pinterest to look at and become very discontent. I have now pinned things that I could never possibly hope to do in 7 lifetimes. Not to mention it makes me discontent. I said that didn't I?  One thing I am glad about is that in order to make the food I pin, I have to get out of the chair and go do it. I am thankful I can't reach my hand through the screen. I would be as big as a house. I hardly pin good food just desserts.

Do you ever wonder that the world isn't getting weirder. I had to go to Target. It was early since I do all of my errands early because of less people. There were only a couple of check stands going. As I pushed my cart to one I noticed a lady in one of those red wheel chairs, turning around and around. Then she started shouting at the top of her voice, " We need checkers!!! We need more checkers!!" Well, I sort of jumped as it was so loud. I walked to a check out where there wasn't a line and put my stuff on the belt. The lady in the wheel chair came and glared at me and asked the ladies if they were open. They looked at each other and said, " No, we have to go clean the bathrooms." She huffed and left.  I apologized and they said no it was okay they were open when I walked up.

I asked about cleaning the bathrooms and they said that in Target you have to clean the bathrooms every 30 minutes. I said, " 30 minutes really?" Then they began to tell me what sort of unimaginable things go on in bathrooms, in Target. Like a woman washing her dog in one of the sinks. So is it just me or does this stuff go on where you live?

The other thing I wonder about and just makes me feel odd are the people who stop with their cameras and take pictures of my house. Why? Are they bloggers? I always feel like is there something going on I don't know about. My hydrangeas aren't blooming yet. It gets bad then. 

Or the random people who drive up on bikes, and come to the door and ask for people who I have never heard of and then keep coming back. Are they going to rob the place or is it a code word we don't know.

A  man came to the door. He walked up the driveway looking around so happily. I watched and tried to figure out what he was doing. He was smiling and acting like he was hearing music. As he got to the door, I kept Sasha near me barking and growling. I don't normally let her do that. He looked around and said, " Where is that lovely music coming from? I looked around and I couldn't hear anything, and I know my face was blank, I said, " What music?"  He said, that heavenly music, and I realized he was talking about the wind chimes. The wind was blowing a bit. He said, he stopped his car and heard it and just had to walk up and ask. Then he turned and left.

I keep thinking maybe I am in some alternate dimension. I was just wondering it can't be me.

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. I hope my day is a nice and normal one. What ever that is.


" You can pay to high for a bit of soft living."
---The Borrowers Aloft, Mary Norton 1961


  1. Oh, this is all too funny.
    I recently read in our local newspaper, that you are not allowed, by law, to take pictures of other peoples homes or anything on their property ! It seems so many people were taking photos of the Amish Farmsteads, that they had to institute this !!
    Scarey about the windchime man !

  2. Oh my Kim, that is weird stuff and yes I think the world is heading that way as people sadly seem to be selfish in this world driven by 'my rights and my life' so I can do as I please attitude. So sad and scary.
    Pinterest would make me feel like that too, so I don't go on it so much but ohh the desserts!!

  3. I can't say any thing weird happened to me like that except one day years ago a man cam to knock at my door asking to use my phone. He said his boat was floating away on the river and needed to call someone. My antlers went up and I refused to let him in to use the phone. I told him to go next door where I knew the man who lived there and I never heard anything about it after.

    We are out of the way and I knew every neighbours and it sounded all too fishy too me. I listened to my gut feeling....

    About Pinterest, it's just a place to desire things and I try to stay away from there too. I have too much already. I remember living with just the bare necessity and life was more pleasant and less hectic. Unfortunately, we get tempted very easily and as humans we always want more.
    Someone even pinned some of my blog photos on there without my permission.

    The water level is on the rise again as we are getting more rain. I wish I could send you some.

  4. i'm sorry - but that scares me. i am so glad to live down a long driveway with a locked gate. folks can cross over any time, but seldom do. thank goodness you have sasha.

  5. Yep...I'd have to agree, life is getting crazier by the day and people right along with it. I am thinking, the farther people get away from God the more insane they kidding. The thoughts and ideas that these Godless people have is just out in left field!!!

    Maybe people are taking pictures of your beautiful flowers???? Let's just hope so. I have people stop in front of my house too, but I have a little water fountain on the porch and a couple of small wind chimes, and lots of I figure they are just enjoying the moment looking at the flowers and listening to the sounds of water and chimes. Have a good day.

  6. Oh I forgot to add, I am on Pinterest too, not as much as I used to...last night though finding lovely tea cup and saucers to pin. The sure do have lots of ideas and yummy desserts and food ideas!!!

  7. Good morning. Well, I agree for sure on MANY things in this post. First..random thoughts ALL the time, lol And then Pintrest...I have found for me I ONLY go there to look for an idea about a VERY specific need, when I have NEED of it, lol. Does that make sense? I used to go on there and browse and dream and enjoy until I realized I was going on there and and coveting and whining, and being DISCONTENT! There is just soo much on there. So as long as I am disciplined, I still go on occasionally. And I have a feeling people are just seeing a beautiful farm house that they can't resist photographing. But that wind chine guy? Super weird, and kind of scary, Though, if I am being honest, a beautiful wind chime is soo wonderful to hear, lol. Hope you are having a good week Kim!

  8. Well, it is a good thing that I haven't ever explored Pinterest! I have a feeling it is one more thing that would keep me occupied when I have other duties.:-)

    I've never heard that about Target here, but I've never been in a position to ask.

    Personally, I think it's very rude of someone to photograph your home and property without your permission. It just takes all kinds, doesn't it?

    xo Nellie

  9. Kim, I would begin to freak out if I had people coming to my door like that. I am glad you have a dog and it is a good protector!

  10. I'm used to tourists stopping along the road to take pictures of all the Amish here, but my house? Nope! That would be unnerving!! I can only imagine what all goes on in public bathrooms...our Target is very clean, but our Walmart is atrocious!! I have heard of horrible things in there. I doubt if they clean them every 8 hours! Ugh.

  11. Normal days funny girl there is no such thing:) Make the best of the weird:) Hug B

  12. You know, some of your stories... I really wish you would get a shotgun. And who the heck washes their dog in the sink at Target?!? That's beyond weird.

  13. Never a dull moment with you!! Glad you have Sasha to take care of you! I've found a few things on Pinterest that I was looking for, but I don't browse....I know I would be there for hours and hours!!

  14. Hmmmm. I guess I better think twice before I take my pictures, huh?
    I think Pinterest IS like a magazine. I'm not sure why we feel any kind of responsibility to actually DO any of the stuff we pin OR buy it. For me, it's sort of like a toy to play with. Also, being a very practiced procrastinator, it works well for my "I'll think about that later" nature! Ha ha ha!
    Yikes! I don't even want to imagine what happens in the restrooms at Target. I'll keep my head in the sand, thank you!
    Sending love your way!

  15. I agree, Kim, it all sounds very strange to me!
    I don't open the door to strangers anymore either if I'm alone.
    You can not be too careful these days.

  16. Washing their dog at Target? What the heck? Maybe they learned about it on Pinterest. ;-)

  17. We live so far out in the country that we rarely get visitors, but when we do see vehicles that we don't know on the county road or driving into our driveway, our antennae go up. Ya just never know. A dog in the yard is always a good thing.

    I like Pinterest and mainly, I use it to find things I want to know about or do, but I also pin things I want to sew or make for the grandkids and things I would like to embroider. When I was remodeling my kitchen, it was a valuable tool.

    It is a strange world. It's good to always be aware, I think.

  18. My good grief ~ that man would definitely have freaked me out ~ even on a non weird day. lol

  19. My goodness, you had quite a day! Now I'm wondering how many people I have freaked out while taking photos of their homes on my photo walks in times past! Pinterest - I joined and spent a little time there but then closed my account and never looked back. I was wasting too much time there. Sometimes I think it's kind of like the ultimate consumerist addiction; other times I think it's a good place for keeping ideas like those boxes full of pages torn out of magazines we used to keep. I guess it all depends on what you do with it. Anyway, I'm blathering on here. So I shall stop!

  20. Weird stuff there. Pinterest doesn't give me much trouble ... but then I really don't spend a lot of time there (kind of defeats the purpose, I know).

  21. You have such a funny way of telling a story. The man with the music was scary though. I usually have people say things to me that I find rude. Once when I had cold sores from my lip to my nose, a co-worker with a loud voice said"OMG Susan, what is wrong with you. What is all over your lips and face." If that wasn't bad enough there were kindergarten families waiting in the lobby just inches away from me. Of course everyone looked at me with huge eyes. I don't know what is wrong with people. They are getting more weird and rude. Another time at Macy's I ask the shoe girl if more of one specific boot would be coming back anytime soon and she said "Do I look like a psychic to you, Do you see a crystal ball anywhere around here. I looked around to see if anyone heard it. I couldn't believe it. The funny thing was I waited my turned and was in such a good mood. There is no telling what this woman had going on in her life so I just walked away.


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