May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Finishing Mrs. Rabbit

With it warming up out here, I needed to get Mrs. Rabbit finished. Well except for binding the edges. I didn't have enough wool yarn to finish that and I will get to that pretty soon. Maybe next week when it is a bit cooler. This is the biggest rug I have ever hooked. I am ready to work on some smaller ones for awhile.

Such a fun project. This pattern was designed by Sharon Smith. It is such a big rug it is hard for me to get a good picture.
I ended up using 2 yards of wool for the background all by itself. Someday I might do this rug again. I learn so much from every single rug I hook.

Also this last week I finished up the second little stitchery project. I joined a group on Face Book called the Prim Stitchers  Society. That has been fun to see so many Prim projects and it is very motivating. Such beautiful work has been shared.

I have had such fun with my box. That time when I was waiting for my first eye surgery and I would pick up patterns and look at them and think I might not ever do this again, I told myself that I was going to do every single pattern I bought even if the collection had two or three different patterns in it. So I am doing just that. I still have one eye that hasn't been fixed so last night I covered my eye with my hand and all of the stars disappeared from the sky. Orion's belt was gone that fast. Then I covered the bad eye and all of the stars were back. I still marvel and I am thankful I have one good eye and one bad eye as it keeps me being reminded of how it could be if not for medical advances. To be thankful that God continues to guide my life.

Have a lovely Sunday, filled with good things.


My prayer for this day: Palm Sunday
" Are we assured that we are safe in the hands that hold the stars?
Can we wholeheartedly surrender to God, leaving quietly with Him all the "What ifs" and "but what abouts"? Will we truthfully say to Him,
" Anything You choose for me, Lord---to have to be, to do, or to suffer. I am at Your orders.
I have no agenda of my own"? It comes down to Trust and Obey."
---Secure in the Everlasting Arms, Elisabeth Elliot.


  1. i like mrs. rabbit. i like the chocolate background you gave her. :)

  2. You can't see the stars? Is that eye getting worse? I'm so glad you can see with your good eye. Mrs Rabbit turned out wonderful!

  3. I'm so glad that you finished hooking Mrs Rabbit, You did a great job. I was wondering what size is this rug? and... I was also wondering when is your next eye surgery??

    Have a Holy week.

  4. What a wonderful quotation for Palm Sunday... and the rabbit rug is wonderful!

  5. I love Mrs Rabbit! Look forward to seeing your other patterns. I am going to start on another quilt today...a Mother's Day gift for a special friend. I want to start now so i won't be rushed. Have a blessed Sunday!

  6. Hi Kim, When I was a young married(before kids), I cross stitched a bunny that looked just like yours. It is so precious. Glad your eye is better! I still have dots, from aging. Love your verses today!

  7. You are the fastest rug maker in the land! Didn't the rabbit turn out amazing? I think so! Gorgeous!
    I love her shawl/kerchief very much. I hope you've had a great anniversary weekend and that a spell of perfect weather is on the horizon.

  8. Good you finished just in time for Easter but I am sure you will enjoy her for many years to come!!

  9. Mrs. Rabbit is wonderful!!! xo

  10. If you're seeing SO MUCH better with one eye repaired, imagine how much better you'll see after it's repaired. Gives me goose bumps!!

    Mrs Rabbit is so adorable! I love it!

  11. I like both of your projects.

    Granny called hooking a rug when we tore strips of old clothing and crocheted it. Since she used a hook made from a toothbrush it was "hooking".

    I have never mastered your art. The rug is beautiful.


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