May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, April 7, 2014

April Days

I hope you had a nice weekend. It was busy here like it is in the spring. The days just don't seem long enough and the nights too short. We worked on the garden this weekend. It is still early enough for me to back out. I will show you what we have right now. My sons were walking around it yesterday. " Peter came in the kitchen where I was fixing dinner and said. " Uh Mom? Are you sure you want a garden that big?" He looked so concerned, I had to laugh.

Each plot in itself is a nice size garden. I think I have nine of these. I haven't canned food in two years and my pantry is pretty empty. I made a tiny bit of jam last year but that was it. I need to get green beans, spaghetti sauce, relish, pickles, salsa, I do need to make jam this year. I want lots of beets and lots of corn. I don't have any corn in my freezer. I need egg plant. Peppers and tomatoes and lots of sunflowers and pumpkins. Oh and I forget about the cantaloupe. Oh, gourds and okra. Then the squash and cucumbers. I would like to have most of it planted by Good Friday.

Next weekend, we will be trying out how to get water to it.

These three would be a nice size garden all by themselves. No big deal getting water to here.

This is the second section which is nice too, but getting water here is going to take a bit of doing.

This is the third section and this is where the corn will go and a couple rows of sunflowers.

So we will see how my courage holds out. I feel like the Little Engine that Could, " I think I can, I think I can."

I love it when it is all clean and organized. I do walk around here with lots and lots of dreams. I also have lots of flowers that I want to plant. Always I think when I am out here this is my canvas and I am ready to paint.

Have a lovely Monday,

" Hard times are about losing spirit,
and hope,
and what happens when dreams dry up."
---Out of the Dust, Karen Hesse, 1997

---As long as there are rainbows to remind us of hope
 and life and new beginnings,
there will always be dreams to dream."
My Field of Dreams.


  1. WOW - what a garden! Yours makes our 6 beds look puny! ;-)

  2. You've lots of dreams for that garden, and if you are able to dream it, you are able to make it come true! It sounds just wonderful! Hopefully you will be able to work out a way for water to reach all areas. The soil looks nice and loose! My husband would be thrilled! xo Nellie

  3. Wow and I thought ours was much weeding to be done!

  4. Oh my goodness !!
    If you allow me to stay for the summer, I will help in the garden AND sit by your side and teach Punch Needle !! lol

  5. Good grief! Remember the weeding! You'll wind up canning enough to feed two or three armies. :-)

  6. Holy COW!!!! That is a lot of garden. Think about the weeding commitment......You might wear out your hula hoe

  7. Awesome garden! You can do it!!!

  8. WOW!! It's huge alright. But I know you will do it! ENJOY!

  9. ooohhhhh Kim, everything looks great. We had an awesome weekend and great weather. Everything is getting water from above today but that's just fine with me. I needed an inside day!!

  10. Best of success to you; with me, it's mostly a cast of eyes bigger than stomach -grin-. I'm hoping to move this year so not planting a garden...hope I can get moved in time to can/freeze/dry out of Daddy's garden. His is about your size.

  11. Ohhh my poor back, ooohh that hot sun..... Oooohhh so much weeding, then the harvesting and the canning. What was I thinking?... That's what I would be saying if it was my garden... Lol. You sure have found your new spirit.
    I hope that your dream comes true.

  12. Good thing you have your trusty hula hoe, Kim! That is VERY ambitious. Now, promise me you'll buy some very comfy sunglasses and wear an old lady sunhat, too.
    I love that orange bug. Is that yours?

  13. I think you can I think you can I know you can I wish I lived closer during harvest time:) Hug B

  14. You go Girl! I know you can do it, your list of veggies looks like mine, we have been so busy with preparing and planting, and enjoying every minute of it. ~smile~ I even bought more seeds today. Enjoy!
    Hugs, Sue

  15. Kim
    It does look like a large undertaking!
    But I bet you and your hubby will get it done.
    Now if you can just figure out how to water it all...

  16. It's the kind of garden that makes me green with envy - and I don't think that helps my green thumb one bit!

  17. by the way, there is something wrong with the feed connected to my new blog, and it isn't refreshing. Don't know when I can get it just to let you know not to go by what is in your blogroll, if you want to know what is the most recent post.

  18. You have some hard work ahead of you, but I know you are up to the task!

  19. My question is...Will you have enough room?


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