May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder if like that movie called " The Truman Show,"  if we live in a sitcom?
I really do leave the house and I don't have adventures every time I leave and it isn't always at the grocery store. But I seem to blog about that all of the time. Maybe I should write a book called " Me and the Grocery Store"  Just an aside, my first crib was in the back room of a grocery store because my parents owned one and I got engaged in the back room, so it is true. Lots of things have happened in them.

I went to the grocery store and like always my cart was loaded down.  I had stuff piled everywhere. When I left the store to go out to the parking lot there is this downward incline. It is pretty sharp. I always have to brace my feet to keep the basket from running away down the hill. I thought I had things pretty solidly packed and as I started down the slope, a 12 pack of soda fell off and hit the ground and as much soda is spraying on the road at least 4 cans must have broke. I groaned and walked in front of the basket and picked up the 12 pack and took it to a pole by the sidewalk so the thing could quit spraying. Soda was running into the street and making a giant puddle. Hot and sticky mess.

I walked just a couple of feet more and the case of water falls off in the road. By this time I am just wanting to get to my car, so I just grabed the case of water and throw it in the top of my cart. I smashed the bread but I don't care. I notice a Coca-Cola guy walking towards me and I stopped him and told him about the 12 pack and asked him if he could just take it in the store I will come back and get some more. You know those times when you wonder if you are speaking in code? I kept explaining to him what happened, he kept saying " what? what?" Finally the lights came on and he says " Okay, okay." As I thought about it later, poor guy there he is minding his own business and this crazed loony woman accosts him in the parking lot talking about spilled soda."

I start pushing my cart out of the street to my car, when this very pretty lady stops me and she says, " I saw the whole thing, I am so glad I saw it, because it happens to me every single time I come here and I watched you and it made me feel so good to see it happen to someone else and realize I am not the only one." She was smiling and giggling and she said, "You just made my day"  I pushed on to my car and I was talking to myself like some crazy lady, saying, " I am so glad I made someone's day. " That is when I start thinking, I bet I really am in some kind of sitcom and the canned laughter is all around me.

I really, really didn't want to go back inside but my son had asked me specifically to get him that soda. I locked my car back up and walked back in the store and the manager, Rose was standing there watching me. She said, " Go on back and get your soda. " I said, " Oh you know about it?" She said" that the driver I talked to in the parking lot told her and they would get credit." I walked back grabbed it and as I walked to the front, she told me to just go on out she would hold the door so no one would stop me. I told her thank you and went on my merry way. As I drove, I really did pray that my next stop would be very uneventful and quiet and I could get my things and just get home. Nothing happened.

I always wonder if things like this happen to other people or am I just the idiot that stuff happens too all of the time. But then maybe there is a place that says, " Oh look, Kim needs to write a blog post.?

I will leave out the bank visit. It involves a ATM machine and well, you know time to stop.

Have a great Weekend,


  1. thanks for the laughs and smiles. i could just see you looking around to see the studio audience or the laugh track. :)

  2. At least my 12 pack of lemonade dropped in my own driveway, and sprayed all over the place, as a couple of them rolled away quickly, I grabbed them so they wouldn't roll under the car. Yes, I'm afraid it happens much more than it should... at least it wasn't glass bottles, although I've done that too... cranberry juice!

    Have a nice uneventful weekend...

  3. oh Kim...things do seem to happen to you! But, I am so happy that you feel comfortable enough to share them with us...all the good and the bad! Have a great weekend!

  4. You made my day, Kim! :) It wasn't a day of laughs here today, and it felt good to get a good chuckle out of your story! I'm glad you got replacement paid off to talk to the coke guy! :)

  5. That made me laugh! I'm always terrified of dropping the milk or something. I'm horrified when the chicken drips on the conveyer belt.

    That was really nice that they gave you the soda for free. It helps to be on first name basis with everybody. :-)

  6. I am glad you had an uneventful trip home! At least you got some soda.

  7. Oh my, what a great sit com that would make. I can picture it happening to Lucille Ball but when it really happened to you it makes a good blog post. You got the soda pop you went to that store for and you managed to bring the case home with a story to tell.

    I do think that you should write a book about all the grocery store stories.

    Take care and have a great relaxing weekend.

  8. Ok so am I the only who's a little ticked that the lady that saw the whole just sat and laughed at you, and didnt come to help? ... So nice of you to make her feel better. Well, I'm glad the rest of your trip was uneventful. I have opened the side door of the car and had a gallon of milk fall out and explode in the garage... Twice. Apparently I didn't figure it out the first time. And I know the neighbors saw every bit of it. At least you have a very nice manager. :)

  9. LOL So much better to to think of it as a sitcom, than to get over exasperated !
    Look how much fun it ended up being, after all was said and done.
    I am sure glad you shared it , made me smile .
    If it helps any to know ... my pants split ( yup ... the back of them) while I was in the craft store yesterday . Better to have pants split in a craft store than in a fancy resturant , I suppose ~ I am sure eating out too much had something to do with them splitting . Sorry I am rambling now :)

  10. the parking lot at my food store is on a slope also. too much of a slope. they are designed that way for water drainage but some parking lots seem excessive!

    i don't like, don't use ATM's, don't ask, i'm not tellin'!!

  11. Oh Kim this really was funny. I have soo been there and done that, haha. Reccently it has been smashing into something with my cart though...sigh. And believe it or not i have had the thought once or twice "wonder if we are in a sitcom" haha. Enjoy your day!

  12. Oh boy, what a day at the market you had. When things like this happen it's good to have the sense of humor that you have. I'm glad they gave you another case of Coke.

  13. Oh my gosh, I'm glad you have such a good sense of humor!

  14. not sure but think I'd have gone back to bed with a good book and glass of ice tea...that was SOME morning you had!

  15. Oh, my! There would have been days in my life when I would have just dissolved in tears with this experience. Bless your heart! xo Nellie


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