May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Break in The Weather

We have two days of cooler weather. 99 and 98 it is heaven out there the light this morning is filled with gold. Every thing turns such to a warm and inviting place. After the heat and then we have these kinds of days, I am so thankful to live here.

I was going out the back door and I turned for some reason, ( Maybe to call Sasha) and as I looked back this is what I saw.

All of the warm light flooding the room. I thought that I just love it when the light looks like that.
Then I turned and saw my friend the rooster. He has eyes now, but I still haven't made his clothes yet. I have hit a mental road block when it comes to these chickens, but here in Mr. Rooster, sans clothes.

Here is a better shot of his sunglasses. He was out by the pool for a little bit and now that he has eyes, he is really happy with his sunglasses.

His honey is a little upset that she doesn't have sun glasses or sleeves on her dress. 
She was a bit afraid of a wardrobe malfunction right before the photo was snapped.

I have blooms on the pumpkins now. In fact, I need to be out there chopping weeds. Instead of being on the computer.

Here is the finished propagation chamber for the cuttings that Ron is trying to get to root. 
I wanted to get a shot of the water spaying in a mist over them to keep them moist. 
He got his Arduino programmed this weekend so now the water is automatic and comes on once a hour in the morning and starting at 2:00 P.M. the water comes on every half hour. It is so nice to look out there and see the other trees he has on mist to see it in the afternoon, but it is even better to go out there and stand under it. Now I think his grafts and cuttings will be much happier.  

Just a few things going on around here. We were in the pool the other night and Sasha started acting funny like something was in the yard. Sure enough, not even full dark and a skunk was up by the swimming pool rooting around for bugs like they do. They don't like light. We turned on the pool light the porch light and the lights we have for ambiance. Ron got a flash light and the skunk did what it does and fired a warning shot over the bow. Thankfully we were not in the line of fire. It got the garage. Now we have to do a perimeter  check every time we go out in the yard if the sun is down. I am so glad the skunk is little and is not a Bigfoot.

Have a great Tuesday, now to chop weeds.



  1. bigfoot! ha ha !

    love your silly chickens. :)

  2. Pesky skunk! He must be pretty bold, to come so close to you! I have an about a straw hat for your hen? She would be able to enjoy the sun so much more! :)

  3. Never a dull moment at your place, hey? The rooster and his mate are darling! Keep cool. xo

  4. I can't believe the skunk's behavior! I love the sunlight shining into your house!

  5. yeah, bit Bigfoot doesn't spray.....just sayin'.
    Love the sweet couple you have created - even though Mr. Rooster is apparently a nudist! And I have to mention how perfect your heart leaf is.
    It is a little better weather here today too. At least there is a breeze.

  6. Hmm, that is supposed to say but, not bit :)

  7. That perfect heart leaf climbing up the pole looks like it was put there especially for you by God. As I read on, that's what I thought you were going to say. A perfect little message of God's love for you.

    Your rooster doesn't need his cloths on. He looks pretty handsome with his cool sun glasses on. No one will even notice that he's not dressed. Love the couple, they are super cool.

    Oh the skunk still insist on bugging you. I think that it's time that Ron get himself a sling shot and put the fear in that skunk. I'm glad that it didn't shot you and Ron.

    I'm glad for the cooler temperatures and i bet the skunk is too., lol...


  8. That is on cool Roo with shades lol

  9. Love your chicken couple and I think he looks really cool in his sunglasses...You have to fall to get his clothes done...he's OK now that it's summer....You know you don't want him catching a cold when the temperatures drop....

    I can't believe that skunk comes that close to your pool....maybe he wants to go swimming too....

  10. Oh, yuck! I am definitely not fond of skunks! You are making good progress on that rooster and chicken! It sounds like busy times at your place. xo Nellie

  11. I'm so glad you're getting a break from the heat! It's very humid out here, but cloudy and cooler, so I'll take what I can get. Stupid skunks. Good thing he didn't get any spray in the pool. That'd be terribly nasty.

  12. You know, a .17 would take care of your skunk problem. Not very loud and about as much kickback as a BB gun... Just sayin...

  13. So glad that the skunk's aim isn't all that great. Glad you're getting a break from the heat, even if it's rather slight.

  14. Oh fun chickens..too cute and what a fun look at those plants. We too are enjoying a "cold" spell and rain..what a blessing

  15. Kim
    I don't know how you can tolerate that heat! So glad you have a pool to cool off in.
    I like your chickens-As hot as it is I'd say they don't need any clothes.
    It was 78 here today and Tim and I were complaining about the heat.

  16. We have been watching our pumpkin patch, too.
    Watering and looking for blooms...
    Your chickens are fun and plucky !

  17. I'm wondering if that pesky skunk is living under you shed or pool house if you have one. We have a community of critters living under our shed. I have seen a woodchuck, skunk and even bunnies slipping under the steps of the shed. I guess your rooster likes to play cool and free. Both of them are adorable.

  18. Your Mr and Miss Chicken are just adorable!

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    Have a grea weekend dear

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