May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Vacation and A ChildLike Christmas week 4

One of my favorite things in the whole world is Christmas
vacation. I love when school is out and life just gets
a bit slower paced. Well, I say that but my house has
been like grand central station.
The top picture is of my four that still live at home.
They went with friends last night to see the Christmas
lights at a place called California Living Museum.

This is all of their friends that they went with last night.
They are the nicest group of people and I feel like God has
given me just a great bunch more kids and I love having
them at my home all of the time. I love when they
have game night and to hear the laughter and all
of the yelling.

This is the little train that goes around the place.
I loved how happy they looked. It was cold but
I think it was worth it.

I just wanted to share these pictures because
this is my link to Pom Pom and a Child like Christmas
week 4,
To me Christmas is about good friends, lovely family
and memories and having lots of people in my home.



  1. We're going on Friday with the boys if Ben's not too tired after work! I'm super excited!

  2. What wonderful Christmasy pictures!! I'm so glad you got to do something that fun. :-)

  3. Those pictures are great....and you are blessed. Our daughter just went back to our home town and twirled under the outdoor Christmas tree...I cherish that picture she took while she was there...yes a child like Christmas

  4. Don't you love to witness that sweet and deep friendship and all the fun that comes with it? I do, too!
    I was fairy grandmothering with three of our lovely littles just last night. FUN!

  5. Hearing the laughter of young people enjoying themselves is music to my ears...

  6. Hi Kim, Reading your post brought back memories of when my girls were at home-such fun! I haven't heard about California Living Museum before but it sounds like fun.
    Have a blessed week and wonderful Christmas.
    Hugs, Noreen

  7. I love that your kids are not only siblings, but friends too. That is rare, you know. And my guess is it's a tribute to their parents!!

  8. Kim, you are truly blessed and I second what Kim just said. Have a Merry time. Hugs. JB

  9. With my eldest, Sam, my house was the hang out house. I used to spend summer mornings planning the evening's dinner...then I'd have a crowd for the meal. Their energy was so wonderful! I miss those days...
    Hugs and blessings!

  10. You know you are going a good job when your kids bring their friends to your house. Enjoy all your vacation days.

  11. I just love when the kids have good clean fun. What a handsome bunch of kids.

  12. your kids are SO beautiful, kim! :)

  13. Beautiful simply beautiful Kim,.Brings back memories for me, thanks for sharing.

  14. I love seeing the kids so happy. What a small world it is. One of your kids friends' Dad is someone I have known my whole life from Beardsley, North High and then he and his wife were clients of mine before the boy and his brother were even born. They were clients for 17 years. Funny how God makes all things go full circle. I love how God does that! Pssst, we get a little snow for Christmas :) Love you and miss you.

  15. Watching young people like that enjoy themselves is one of my VERY favorite things to do. I envy you still have sooo many of them around. Your kids are quite cute. ENJOY....

  16. Oh Kim, how full your life is filled with these young people. I can tell by those faces, they're havin' the time of their life. Enjoy 'em sweetie!!!

    Mine grew up, brought home friends, then spouses and now grandkiddos!!! Woohoo!!! It just keep on gettin' better.

    God bless. You and your precious clan have a wonderfully bright and beautiful Christmas.


  17. It looks like they were having a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us. Merry Christmas!

  18. Merry Christmas Kim, to you and your adorable family. I can just imagine that your kids friends love hanging out at your house!

    Enjoy each day!


  19. Kim
    You are blessed! Your children look like they are enjoying their youth and happy. What more can a mother ask for?

  20. Looks and sounds like you feel the same way I do about Christmas! And it's a good thing because the house was overflowing with all those friends and family! LOL I love all the happy faces in the pictures!


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