Friday, May 6, 2022

Hello May

 Queen of the Procrastinators. That's me. Its already May 6th and I am just getting to my blog. I really don't have anything to show for it either. May is a huge birthday month for us as well as my own. Someone had sent me a text of what not to buy on my birthday because well it was #your birthday. It tickled me so much that I laughed and I had really been ignoring my birthday. Remember the Beatles song, When I am 64? Well that's me. I remember when that song came out and I was little, and I thought, "Will I ever be that old?" Well it happened and here I am. My Mom passed away at 30 and my Dad at 67 so by the insurance man, I am on borrowed time. So I guess from here on out every year is going to be lived on the edge. Which I think is a pretty good way to live. 

Its been really pretty here this week. I hope to get the garden planted this weekend. I normally have it all planted by Mother's Day. We have painting on the agenda for next weekend. Putting in a new bathroom floor too. I know going into it to cover the dark brown will be at least 4 coats of paint. That makes it so hard for me to even want to start. But since it made it to the blog just now. It will be a go. 

When I mention things on my blog like that, I make myself do what I said. Kind of a over the top to do list. 

Don't you love that picture? I have my cast iron pot just like it. I love this picture so much. The thing I love about my cast iron pot like that is the story that goes with it. Ron's Grandpa said, " His Mom used to make her soap in the front yard, so that she would have people to talk to as they walked down the street." I always imagine her like this standing and stirring her soap. Or doing the washing while she heated water. I wonder what would happen in this fancy, smancy neighborhood if I took some rocks and put them out in my front yard and brought out the pot and started a fire and started heating water? When Ron and I put up the Bigfoot on our fence, it caused some consternation. I have told you that right? I have a eight foot Bigfoot screwed into the fence by the side gate. I love watching the people driving by or walking by and staring. Delivery people always want to talk about it. If you ever want to change the subject when someone is talking ask, " So what do you think of Bigfoot?" Its a great subject to talk about. It has kept me entertained for hours, listening and even hearing great stories. 

This week I was listening to a lady talk about Cherokee Little People were real. I like stories like that too. Now for my story. Only because I was thinking about it this week. When I was a little girl. I was outside on my swing set. I loved my swing set and spent hours out there on it. We lived in a really new housing area that had been rural and foothills. My Mom had growing in this corner under her kitchen window a corner flowerbed. She had this huge elephant ear plant growing there. It had taken over the whole flowerbed. As I sat on my swing, it occurred to me behind that plant would be the best place to make a play house. I was for most of my life, always looking for that secret place to make a play house. 

I went over to the elephant ears and pulled them back thinking I was going to go behind them and up against the wall of the house to have my own secret place. Somehow I knew there would be room for little ole me. As I pulled up the leaves what should I see but two tiny people, a man and a lady. I was about 3 so I wasn't very big, but I towered over them. I scared them and they scared me. I screamed and ran in the house. I remember I was hysterical and my Mom couldn't understand what I was saying, and when she finally could understand me, she wanted me to show her. I knew no way was I going to even look. She finally carried me out there and I was still crying and she moved the elephant ears and they were gone. She said, maybe I imagined it. Maybe it was just the way the leaves were looking. But nope, it was a little man and a little woman. As I listened to this lady last week, I knew that maybe I did see just little people. I have thought about it for years and years. I don't know what to say except they were little people and do you know, I never as long as we lived there never ever went near to those elephant ears or that flowerbed? Odd I guess, but the jump to Big Foot isn't very far for me. 

That is what happens when I don't have much to show for this week, you get these crazy stories that really I have never told anyone except my husband and my kids. I am sure that you my readers and bloggers had amazing things you saw or did at one time. I would love to read about it if you are so inclined. I love stories. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend,


“Today you are You, that is truer than true.

There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Happy Birthday to You! by Dr. Seuss


Saundra said...

Happy Birthday. Regarding little people, don't believe the ones I've seen in Delaware are Cherokee, but any ethnicity could have that genetic disorder.

Hope you have a photo of that Big Foot on your blog because I'm going to google it on your page.

Julia said...

Happy Birthday, Kim. Happy month of May.

Can you describe what these little people looked like and what were they wearing? Did they wear clothes similar to yours? I have difficulty believing that little really people exist in the wild although I've heard about the Cherokee little people legend.

It could have been a vivid dream during REM sleep that felt very real. Anyway, it makes a fun story.

Have a fun weekend.
Hugs, Julia

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy, Happy, Birthday Kim!! And happiest of Mays to you as well. Yes, I do remember your Bigfoot but I don't believe I knew he had made the trip with you and taken up residence on your fence. Photo please!! Someone had one placed strategically along some pines not far from Little Crow's former house but they must have moved and taken him with...or someone relocated him without permission. I miss him. The older I get, the less I doubt virtually anything. For some reason I was fascinated with the thought of little people when I was younger and drew them frequently. I never really thought them to be real though...but, who knows? Perhaps they are. Now Bigfoot...he's real. Definitely real. And I'm not talking about the one by Little Crow's house. Thanks for sharing your story with us.... ~Robin~

Rugs and Pugs said...

Happy, happy birthday! You are just a baby!!!
You may have to fight me for the queen of the procrastinators!!! I leave for rug camp in a day and a half. I need to find my summer clothes. It is 48* here and raining all day. In WV, it will be in the low 80's. I will have to ditch the long sleeve Ts and turtlenecks! Plus I need to pull wool for my rug. And pack. And pack the dog's things for the pug sitter. The list goes on and on. And mow if it dries up enough tomorrow. Too bad I have to sleep.
I want to see Bigfoot, too ;-0

acorn hollow said...

Interesting about the little people. The caldron I would put it out and headed out with my witches' clothes and wait for someone to says something lol.
Happy Birthday month.

Kessie said...

I have never heard that story of the little people!!! Oh my gosh!! That is fascinating!!! Also, happy birthday! Now I feel like writing about the plumbingpocalypse is just going to be boring. :-D

Kerin said...

Great post!
I liked reading about your little people and that old cast iron pot that's been in your family for generations.
I totally think you should boil some water and get some people going in your neighborhood...haha.
I shouldn't think it's illegal to boil water in the front yard, is it??!!
Of course, maybe you'd have to use a gas burner, as they would frown on you lighting up a big ol' fire...haha!!
(If you do it, you totally have to get a Mrs. Cravits t~shirt :))

Have a great week!