Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A Twaddle Post

I think this is my first Twaddle post for 2020. So many things have taken my attention. Today we have a 82 degree day. It smelled wonderful this morning, and I admit to going a bit crazy when the temps, and the spring smell collide. I can't stay in the house very much. Its a little wet on the grass so I am waiting for it to dry a little and then, the rest of the day will be in the glorious sunshine and wonderful sweet air. Beautiful April, I always love it when she finally arrives.

 My roses are just beautiful this year, I think its because we haven't had really warm weather so they have had time to bloom longer. I plan on opening the house today. Don't you love screen doors? The sound of them slamming, as people come in saying "Mom where are you!" I was thinking today that when we started getting the house ready. It was July 7th. It seemed like it would never get here. Now that most everything we had on the list is accomplished. Just a few odds and ends are left now, its such a nice feeling to look around and just feel thankful.

I had to run to the grocery store today. I was out of dishwasher soap. I had no idea that would be something that there wouldn't be a single box, bottle or container. I stood staring at that empty shelf. I pondered, well, washing dishes by hand isn't so bad. I always buy Dawn by the gallon anyway. I love that stuff because its works like magic. From washing the dog to getting spots out. As I walked down the aisle, there on a end of a aisle was dishwasher soap. Five shelves of it. I felt like I hit the mother-lode. Not of course the brand I use, but something I always wanted to try. So one thing about all of this, I have got to try new brands of things I might not have ever tried.

 I have got to have Ron working from home so I get to see what he does all day. Gosh, poor guy, I never knew how many meetings he had to sit through. It has helped me to appreciate what he does for us. I have to admit, I love having someone to have lunch with every day, and he never complains when I just come in and tell him some silly something I just did or wanted to do. Not to mention, when the call comes," Can we show your house?" He and I are just a perfect team. Its almost like we say to ourselves, "Battle Stations!" We run through the house turning on lights, and shutting toilet lids and burning candles. Then load poor Sasha in the car and go for a ride. I feel very blessed to be here right now. I have dug out old books that I had never read before. I have thought about them in different ways than I might have thought before all of this stuff started happening.

This part is not twaddle. This year, we will be blessed with two more grand babies. Kessie will have her newest baby in June. Megan will have her newest baby in August. We will have 12 grand babies here and two sweet babies in heaven. How can anything be better than sweet babies and all of those wonderful grands God has blessed us with? 

Today, I finally woke up to all of the amazing things God has done. I have focused on the glass not only full but overflowing in my lap. Yes, life has hard things, but I know that we are on the road to a greater and better tomorrow and the future will be brighter because we have got each other and God is always in control, and you know what? He's got this!

I love you all. You help me to keep my eyes on whats important and what is important is YOU!
You are all blessings to me.

“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.”


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Your twaddle posts are wonderful! That John Wesley quote is too. Yes, let's all keep our eyes on what matters most. Have a lovely day enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. Same here today - up to 82! The 80's aren't so bad . . . unlike the 90's!

Kessie said...

So nice to get to read a twaddle post today! I'm glad things are going good. We went for a walk today and it was sooooo nice to get outside in the wind. It's going to be 100 by this weekend, and I'm just not ready.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ha ha...I like that word "twaddle"....I don't believe I have ever heard it and I tend to be a word "junkie." And I don't find anything the least bit twaddle-ish about your post.... Your flowers and photos are so incredibly beautiful...Ahhh...those roses!! I gave up on roses....they need to be covered here and I have a tendency to overlook that...or wait until it's too late.... And they seem to be so plagued by disease and insects in my I have moved on to easier "pursuits"....but how I love seeing yours! I ventured out to see how my daffodils were coming today...and they apparently were frozen by our latest snow and cold very sad as they were getting close to bloom time. I hope and pray your showings go well...and that this part of the "process" goes quickly and as painlessly as it possibly can. Congrats on the new additions to your family!!! I'm still thinks it might be a long wait indeed. Thinking of you ~ Robin

Julia said...

I like your Twaddle post. Your life seems full to the brim. Our weather was so nice but today is overcast, cold, and windy and we even had a wee sprinkle of snow. My sheltered daffodils patch is in bloom and the birds are busy building their nests.
I hope your home sells.
Hugs, Julia

Saundra said...

Your flowers are beautiful and obviously have a natural green thumb. I read your comment on Cranky Crow you purchased Windy Day and looking forward to starting it. I can't wait for you to start it either and would love to watch your progress. I recently posted mine finished (well, not bound yet) and am working on something else. Happy hooking.

Kerin said...

Lovely post!
I can just imagine you and your hubby getting the house ready to show, running in different directions, and loading Sasha up for a ride :)

I know I've told you this before...I wish we had your temperatures!
By this weekend, we are supposed to get into the 70's.
I love the sunshine!

Smiles :)

P.S.. I am so excited for you both to add two more sweet Grands to your family this year..whoohoo!

Sue said...

Kim I loved your Twaddle Post, your thoughts always encourage me, and the photos are always so beautiful! What a great feeling knowing the projects are completed, I hope your house sells soon!
Congratulations on the new grand babies coming, yes, there is nothing sweeter than babies! You and Ron are blessed and I agree you make a great team, I feel the same about my dh and I! He will say to me" we make a great team, don't we."
Thank you for visiting, I always smile when I see you have come by, and when I see you have posted. though I have not had a lot of time to blog lately!

Debbie said...

awwww, so sweet kim, i didn't remember what a twaddle post was, but i rather liked it!! now that the house is all painted and fixed, don't you want to stay? it is such a beautiful house, so familiar and the gardens are gorgeous!!

i like having chuck home too, we always work together, share an office but now he NEVER leaves....i think i like when he leaves for appointments, just a little!! hehe

Rugs and Pugs said...

I always love your twaddle posts and the pictures of your flowers are always breathtaking.
Congrats on two more grandbabies this summer. All your grands are blessed to have you and Ron for grandparents. You two are definitely a great team.

Bonnie K said...

What a beautiful post. It seems like you just started working on the house. A part I me is glad the world has slowed down for a minute. I think we were all just going too fast. I have also enjoyed some quality time with my husband. Congratulations on the new grandchildren. Thank you for sharing your life.

Pom Pom said...

I love that quote. You have worked so hard. Applause!
Babies❤️ are so wonderful!
Yay for a post! Thank you!

Gumbo Lily said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts today, Kim. I enjoyed learning about all of those simple things you love and do about your home and yard. Are you still keeping chickens? Your roses are lovely. We are just now seeing our land waking up from it's winter sleep. Grass is coming on and there are tulips popping up (but not blooming) and daffodils too. It's always so exciting to see the green things growing and the birds migrating back to us for the summer and fall. The comfrey plant you gave me is still alive and well. I think of you every year when it comes up. I hope all is well with you. God bless you, Friend.