Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Spring Morning

Good Morning. Happy day to you all. One thing about being in quarantine is my house is super clean, my laundry is always done. My flowerbeds are clean. I have time to cook dinner every day. I have time to read all of the books that I have been putting off. My chickens and I have meaningful conversations every day. The same with the dog and the cats. Ron is working from home so I am always walking in and interrupting him. He never complains. I have someone to eat lunch with every day. Its kind of like being on vacation.

The feverfew in the front flowerbed is going crazy. Its now almost taller than me. I planted it years ago when I was living with migraines.  I would go out and smell the plant as you crush the leaves. I don't know if it ever really helped, but I do love the daisy looking flowers.
I am going to use my Mantis and get my beds ready for planting. I have my seeds all ready to go. I didn't start anything early like I did last year. I didn't know how it would look to perspective buyers the bathtub turned into a greenhouse. We showed the house on three times in one day this week.

We have had so much rain this month. My flowers all love it. I ordered a new counted cross stitch this morning from LaDeDa.  With it finally warmer it will be nice to sit outside and stitch.

This morning the garden was lovely. The air is perfect and nothing is prettier than the garden in April.
The berries and the artichoke are so pretty.

I went to Lowe's this week and they had all of their plants in so I maybe getting some tomatoes and peppers to plant along with all of my seeds.

I thought I would share this. All of my family, work in jobs that are considered essential. Some of them happen to work with people considered high risk. With that being said. Here where we live, there have only been two deaths related with Covid 19. People who tested positive are now cleared. The two poor people who passed away, passed away because of other heath issues. I just thought my friends would like to know that. I am not without compassion or care. Just for the record.

I will be putting comments on moderation now.

Just so you know.


Pom Pom said...

Those artichokes are lovely! Remember when you had parrots? Do you still have them? I keep forgetting to ask.
You're inspiring, but I am not being productive. I am like a sitting hen. I force myself to move around, but I guess I'm happy to relax even though I do a good bit of relaxing most of the time.

Debbie said...

i know what you mean about having time for everything, the "selfish-things"!! i have enjoyed that part of quarantine too, but i miss seeing my family and friends!!

here in new jersey covid19 things are really bad, we are second only to new york which is the worst right now!! the gardens look good!!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Awwww....such wonderful peeks of spring! How I would love to be able to grow artichokes! I just love their exotic appearance. I am surprised that you are considering planting given that you will be having the house for sale? Hopefully you will be able to reap what you've sown before having to leave. (No, I don't believe that beautiful home of yours will be on the market for any length of time.). Share which xstitch pattern you picked up please! I have several of her designs....she's from Wisconsin!! And anyone who remotely knows you knows you are not without compassion. We too are rural...we have a relatively large county (~150,000), but only 14 confirmed cases (and I think only 2 deaths...both elderly). As I said yesterday, many will not like me for my opinion (hey...that's's not a popularity contest and if someone can't respect a different opinion from theirs, I am not going to be overly concerned about what they think LOL), but we certainly have a great deal more die from regular influenza each season. I wish the press would be as eager to share those numbers. And I just don't think put haphazard restrictions on some things is going to do any good if we don't care about others.... But we've been here before, haven't we LOL? Sorry... Hope you get that stitching project going...and am glad you're so organized and productive these, not so much. ;-) ~Robin~

Rugs and Pugs said...

I wish I could say my house is super clean...but sadly I cannot. Since I live alone, if it bothers me I will do something about. I have started to clean the hooking room. As usual, it is out of control. My problem is too much wool and no place to put it. A terrible problem to have :)
I don't think I've ever seen an artichoke plant. COOL!

Kerin said...

Everything looks so pretty!
I didn't know that you guys grow artichokes...yum!

I cannot think that anyone on the planet would accuse you, of all people, of being without compassion for others.
You have so much compassion and you are one of the most kind hearted people I know!


Julia said...

I can't say that my house is super clean but I've been working outside a little and I've enjoyed the beautiful sunshine and fresh air. How lucky to have things growing in your gardens. My bulbs are starting to grow and soon I will be blessed with flowers. It must feel stressful to have to show your house and not knowing if it will sell. I'm sure it will sell fast. Don't worry.

Stay safe and well.
Hugs, Julia

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hello Kim - looks like it was a lovely Spring day at your place! Just stopped by to say hello. Sending you love from Southern California. Sara