Monday, December 31, 2018

Welcome To 2019

Yes, I know I am a bit early, but our son Peter is across the world from us today and he wished me Happy New Year already. So its a new year there. Its kind of weird to me to think of that. On January 1st 2019 Ben and Megan and The Hollar Homestead will announce where they are going to live after this search they have been on for nine months. They haven't even told us. So I will get to find out just like everyone else. Kinda cool I think. Here is the huge accomplishment.

It was a banner year I think. As a Mom I felt like I spent a whole lot of time hanging on by my fingernails. Not only did Kessie, have a baby in the same nine months that Ben and Megan were on the road she wrote this many stories and books.

Me and Mr. Sweetie Pie

The kids at the zoo

Getting to spend two weeks with these guys and get to hold the baby was such a blessing to me. Peter moved to another city for a better job. Ron got another job for the same company but he was back in town. Emilie and Nik work with kids and minister to families full time. Makenzie and William traveled to seven cities and six states and she did 31 weddings and all of the senior and graduation pictures she took and they worked almost every single week and weekend in 2018.

Elliot finished school and began a new job in his field. He still finds time to run a website and make videos for gaming.

Me nothing I set out to do. I did make it through Whole 30 about eight times. It was so hard to start but it has become a way of life for me. I think it healed so many things that were going haywire in my life. With the continued additions of vitamins and minerals from Tangy I feel like my body is finally well. I did not have a migraine except for that first month in January when I started Whole 30 and I was trying to get all of that sugar, flour and dairy out of my body. Which was the first time in 25 years I did not loose days from migraines. 

All in All 2018 was a year of stretching and letting go. I think if I could describe one word 2018 was about letting go of my life, opening my hands and learning that, "Once we give ourselves up to God, shall we attempt to get hold of what can never belong to us---tomorrow? Our lives are His, our times in His hand, He is Lord over what will happen, never mind what may happen,"

I have no idea what 2019 will hold. I am sure that whatever it has in store it will be bigger than I dreamed and more than I ever wished. I am sure that by this time next year, I will be just as amazed as I am today.
So I say to 2019 Welcome. Good bye 2018 you were an interesting year.

"Do it Scared!"


Debbie said...

you had a great year kim...any year that brings in a new baby is an amazing year!!! i can't wait to find out where the kids have decided to live, this is so exciting!!!

i understand the whole letting go thing...i think i did that a long time ago!!!

i LOVE the new header picture...i adore the beach and we haven't been. i need to change that!!!

Julia said...

Hi Kim, it looks like you had a good year in 2018. You took hold of your health, you let go of the kids, you succeeded at composting and you cut your weeding time by a lot, you painted the house and so many other things that you finished.

One big thing that has changed for me is that I retired. I'm still not all settled. Now I need to exercise to stay into shape. Walking outside in winter is just too risky with slippery ice.

I'm looking forward to finding out where Ben and Megan will stay.
Wishing you a Great 2019. Happy New Year.
Hugs, Julia

Carol W. said...

Wow, I've been following Ben and Megan's vlog since they started their trip! What a wonderful experience for the boys! I'm hoping they settle down in Missouri, that's where I would like to move to start a homestead. Have a very blessed new year 2019!

Bonnie K said...

What a year of changes. Hopefully this new year will settle down. You have handled it well. I have enjoyed your blog. Have a happy New year.

Pom Pom said...

It WILL be exciting to learn what state Ben and Megan choose!
Oh, the baby. Babies are so precious. Kessie is a trooper like her mama.

GretchenJoanna said...

Where is that picture with the palm tree in it? Is that on your property?

God bless you in 2019 as He has through so much this year!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Can't wait to hear where Ben and Megan will choose as home. What an adventure!
I hope 2019 is an even better year for you. Your 2018 was quite eventful.
Happy New Year.

Three Sheep Studio said...

You had an amazing 2018, Kim !
Loved reading about all the 'goings on' in your family. I am looking forward, with hopefulness, to what 2019 will bring.
(Hey, don't forget, you completed 'His eye is on the Sparrow' !!! ) What an accomplishment as a Needlewoman. ;)