Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Wind is Blowing All Around

We have such a windy day today. The wind chimes are clanging and beating themselves to death. Leaves are hitting the front windows with such force, I have got up a few times to see if someone is there. We don't get wind from this direction very often. As Mr. John Jarndyce from Bleak House would talk about the wind being in the East. Here we call it tumbleweed weather because our driveway fills up with tumbleweeds. We have had enough rain so it isn't a dust storm. We will have rain tonight which will quiet every thing down.

When Ron tore down the old fort of the kids and built my chicken coop, he had three windows that he didn't use. I have stared at those windows for years. Finally I got the bright idea to sand and paint it with white milk paint and hang in in the house. I decided that I would use it to hang my chicken ornaments on. Then after I looked at it I thought it needed something else. I found some metal tags on Etsy and it is finally finished. I love it.
Here it is:

It makes me smile every time I look at it. I really wanted it as an excuse to hang all of these little counted cross stitch pieces I make and have stuck in drawers and plastic boxes every where.

I finally finished this little pillow from last year. I bought the pattern from Rose. She has the best patterns from anyone I have ever bought patterns from, every thing is perfect and she gives little tips to make your finished product look perfect. Three Sheep Studio is just the best.

I also wanted to show you my mirror. I have never had a mirror in my house. Ever. It was just never something I ever wanted. I spend most of my time running from them to tell you the truth. I saw this mirror about 8 months ago. When we were in Tucson, the silly thing went on sale. I decided that if it was still on sale I would buy it. So I did. I even like it better now. I love how it looks. Like a old window from a church.

I look at it but not in it all of the time. I am funny that way. Last but not least.

I love anything galvanized. I am afraid if Ron wouldn't loose his mind because I would have every light fixture in the house be made of galvanized metal. Or chicken wire. I mean he did finally say okay to the mirror. He thought I was nuts because it looked already worn out. It just makes me chortle.
I have found that at Tractor Supply I can buy really neat galvanized buckets and stuff like that for so much cheaper than stores that sell them for crafts. I happen to buy these because our smoker needs one to catch the grease when we BBQ. It was in the garage when I was getting out my Christmas decorations and I thought, it would look wonderful on the top of my hutch. It does, don't you think?

I have been happily hooking again, finally after months and months of no hooking at all. Its so nice to get to be creative. I haven't done any Christmas shopping though. I need to turn my attention to that.
All I have to do is make up my mind to conquer the shopping list and it will be done. What did we ever do before online shopping?

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I am doing an Advent blog on my other blog that I have joined in with some other bloggers I have met though Pom Pom's Ponderings.
Also to get myself back in the habit of blogging every day.
I hope you have a wonderful week,

It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts.---Adlai Stevenson


Kessie said...

It's cloudy and cold out here! We're going to have crazy rain by the end of the week, which makes me happy. I thought it might be nice to get the kids some counted cross stitch kits this Cheistmas. Oh my, there's some really cute ones on Amazon. I'm busy putting them on my wish list. :-)

Granny Marigold said...

I love what you've done with the window. It's so cute!
And the mirror really does make one think of a church window.

GretchenJoanna said...

I do like your shelf - it seems perfect for those items, as you say. The galvanized metal things I've been buying lately at Walmart, but for my greenhouse :-) They don't fit with whatever style or unstyle I have in the house! The mirror - I have never seen anything like it and I like it a lot too, but don't think I could make it fit, either. Hmmm...

Isn't it something about that creative process, that you can be working on a project for years just by staring at it? And then it comes to a point where your vision comes together.

What I love best about this post is that last photo of the bare tree branches and sky.

Kerin said...

That window is perfect! Love the addition of the metal tags too :)

Cute idea to use the galvanized bucket for that tiny tree, and it looks great on your hutch!

That mirror is so pretty, and it's always nice to have things in our homes that bring us joy and put a smile on our faces.

Wondering if we will get your wind... more than likely, as you know how we always get your weather a few days after it goes through your area.

Smiles :)

elizabeth said...

it's not all bad to not like mirrors! :) I don't have many of them at home - in our bathrooms only.

it's so fun to decorate!

what is your other blog?

Blessed day to you!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Happy to hear you are hooking. I hope I will soon.
Fun window and oh, how I love your cathedral style mirror.
Hugs 😊

Julia said...

I love your church window mirror. Mirrors are great for decorating. I don't shy away from them. I think they show us a reflection of who we are. Sometimes I see myself looking awful and sometimes I see myself looking good, lol.
Hugs, Julia

Debbie said...

fun things you shared today kim - i really LOVE the old window with the chicken ornaments. it is so clever and you did an awesome job refinishing it. what a clever idea!!

i like the mirror, i have 2 rooms in my house with floor to ceiling (high ceilings) mirrors. i hate them now but it was the 80's and it was popular at the time. the thought of tearing them out makes me cringe, so they stay. much to my dislike!!

i am with you on galvanized, they have so many pretty pots and things these days, but i am trying not to buy anything new. i want LESS!!!!!

it's been super windy here too!!!

Three Sheep Studio said...

I just love your ornament window box, Kim. So glad you have finished the Santa Pillow ! It looks have done a wonderful job. ;) Just in time for Christmas. One of my daughters wants the one I made. Not sure I want to give it up.

Turn The Page said...

Your ornament box is cool! And, I love that mirror! I collect mirrors...vintage mostly. Some quite large, and I have them all over my house. Some hanging, some leaning...they are everywhere, and they are decked out for Christmas! Wishing you Tidings of Great Joy for you and yours! FA LA LA...