August 2020

Monday, July 30, 2018


I wrote a post this morning on my other blog. I thought I would write one here as here I know what I am doing. I don't think it will take me quite as long as the one I wrote here this morning.

Can you believe August is almost here? Its hot and yucky due to the smoke from the fires. I know every year I speak about it but this year it seems to be worse than in past years.

William and Makenzie took a trip to find Ben and Megan and the boys in Michigan. They found them and Makenzie took some of my favorite photos. This was at a museum in Detroit.

I loved seeing our two oldest boys with our four grandsons looking at swords. It made me happy to see them together.

This one made me so happy to see them standing in front of this painting. Around the fourth of July Ben and Megan were in Yellowstone. They saw this in person. So when they walked in one of the boys said, " That is the canyon at Yellowstone." It was . They had stood right where the painter had painted this. Ben had I phone pictures of it. Isn't that cool?

You know, this rug is giving me fits. It could be the heat. Sitting with my frame on my lap and sweat rolling down my legs always makes me a bit grumpy and I end up putting it away. I just need to get busy. I worked on it some this morning, until it just got to hot.

Here is His Eye is on the Sparrow. By Beth Twist. I just have a little bit more to go. I hope to finish it before the summer is over. I really have worked on it so much more than the rug. I get obsessed with finishing it so I can hang it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever get this far.

With August on Wednesday, it means we are that much closer to fall. Yay!! I hope all is going well and you are able to stay cool. The swimming pool feels like a hot tub. Its wonderful.

I wish you well,

"Today you are you,
That is Truer than true.
There is no one alive ,
Who is youer than you.
---Dr. Seuss


Kessie said...

Our thunderstorms have started back up, so it's not so bad. The fires are just as scary as last year, burning up whole neighborhoods. Ugh.

acorn hollow said...

very fun to see the kids. wow your rugs are amazing!
we are hot and I hate it we have had more humid weather than I ever remember.

Julia said...

Wow, the kids have grown a lot. It's nice that they are visiting museums with your boys.

I saw the California wild fires on TV and it's scary. It's very dry here even though we have high humidity. The vegetable garden needs watering.

I hope you get a good rain to help with the fires. Stay safe.
Hugs, Julia

Rugs and Pugs said...

Great pictures of your family.
Oh, you are getting so close on His Eye. Magnificent! I bet you hate to put in down closing in on the finish. I am totally in AWE!!!

Sue said...

Beautiful sweet memories being made by your sweet family,Kim. I always enjoy seeing your handiwork, you are truly blessed and gifted!
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, so far the reports are all good, 8 am hoping to be home by the weekend.

Bonnie K said...

I love the family photos! Hope things start cooling down for you. It feels like fall here. Summer just slips through my fingers.

Kerin said...

Boo! Bet you're surprised to see me here.. LOL!
Yep. Finally sat down and blogged. Wow.. where did time go?
I need to put your new blog on my sidebar.

You are so talented, and I love that cross stitch that you are working on.. it is gorgeous!

I completely understand how you must miss those Grands.
Hope that they are enjoying their travels and adventures and settle someplace a bit close to you.. close enough to get to in one day, anyway :)

Have a happy day.

Three Sheep Studio said...

The photos of the boys is wonderful !
Loving your wonderful progress on the Sparrow ! So very lovely!!
I brought it with me to the beach and have not been able to pull it out even once !

Debbie said...

i get hot too kim, with my knitting sitting on my lap...but i continue on. the needle point is gorgeous, you are almost done, it will be gorgeous in a frame!!

i too, am looking forward to fall!!!

Susan Kane said...

Of course the boys are examining the swords! Boys.