Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Happy Day

I thought I would go out and look through the weeds that are filling my flowerbeds and like digging for gold,
I found some happy surprises. That is what I love about planting bulbs. Surprises when you least expect it.
The top picture of that pink one was a surprise too. To see it fully opened already. I wonder why the purple ones smell so much sweeter than the other colors?  This morning Ron was fixing the fence out front. By this time tomorrow we should have all of the fence in place and it will look normal again. I love that plastic fencing but when people run into it, it just shatters like glass.

This was our front yard this morning. For more years than we have lived here, this was a cow pasture.
When it was a dairy, the cows with  new born calves were here. Then when I was a girl, it was my horse pasture.

It always amazes me how small that tree was then.
Who Knew?
All of the things that tree has been and the pasture too.

  In the spring, my front yard goes back to pasture. This morning there were all of these dandelions filling the yard. I thought to myself, " Oh, look the yard is filled with wishes again" Which of course made me remember when I was a little girl, and my Dad and brother had been in a accident and life was pretty scary. I went out on a Saturday morning, much like this morning, and I sat and picked and picked dandelions and I made wish after wish. First that my Dad and brother were going to be okay and that they could come home and that my brother would walk again. I wished until I couldn't find any more dandelions.
I suppose in my little kid brain I was praying. Then I found one more and do you know what I wished for? Very selfishly, since I was doing all of that wishing, I wished for a color television set. That was the biggest wish because no one in school had a color T.V. and we certainly couldn't afford one as my Dad was self employed and he couldn't work for awhile.

There was the day, when my Dad was out of the hospital, and even when my brother was released from the hospital, though paralyzed. He did walk again. You know how time seems a blur. But it seemed that it wasn't too long before we were the first people I knew of to have a color T.V. I always think back to that when I see the dandelions in the front yard. Do you know that I wanted to go out this morning and sit down and pick some dandelions and make a wish. As I stood there, I realized there isn't as single thing I would wish for today! I am thankful and happy and God continues to take care of us in more ways than I can even begin to count. It was an odd feeling, when it dawned on me. How happy I am.

The dandelions in the yard look different from the ones in the flowerbed. The ones in the yard I bet have more wishes attached.

This was my deep thoughts blog post today. I wish you the best kind of day, and I hope that all of your wishes come true as well.


I miss sunflowers!
"I like to go across to the neighbor's barn at dusk and stand inside where the cows are being milked. The air is steamy and warm from the heat of the cows, and smells of fresh milk and sweet hay. As George milks, the sound of the milk falling into the clean pail is a pleasant sound. There are always waiting kittens, and the big dog wags his way into the warmth, The kittens get a dish of warm milk, and their little tongues lap so delicately as they drink." ( The Book of Stillmeadow, February, Gladys Tabor.)


Julia said...

What a lovely spring post. I can almost smell the fragrance. Mine are still under the snow with yet another snow storm today. We've had so many this winter, I've lost count.

I can see why dandelions are your favorite weeds in the spring. I'm rather a meanie when it comes to dandelions, I pull them up by the roots before they can spread on the lawn. If I don't have time to pull the weeds, I go around with a pail and pick all the dandelion fluffs so the seeds wont spread all over my lawn.

I actually love dandelion green, so good for you as long as there are no pesticides.

Wishing you a happy spring.
Hugs, Julia

Gumbo Lily said...

I loved your story of making wishes on dandelions. A young girl can think of so many things to wish for, and your wishes for your dad and brother were the very best. I remember getting a color TV. How exciting that was!

I can hardly believe you have bulbs coming up. We are buried under snow and sub zero cold days. But...there will be tulips and daffodils.

Pom Pom said...

I liked reading about your wishes. The TREE is amazing! The stories it could tell, right?
Hyacinths smell so good. I'm glad you're happy, sweet Kim!

Three Sheep Studio said...

I enjoy hearing your reflections on life, Kim. Your homestead has so much history. It’s always fun to walk the gardens in Spring, looking for hidden growth.

Mary said...

Such a heart-warming story of your years on the farm Kim - and the growth of that tree is amazing. What kind tree is it and have you had to cable the branches to keep the bending trunk secure? So glad your wishing prayers on the dandelion 'clocks' worked for you dad and brother.

Happy Sunday - and yes, the bulbs are really starting to show now, always a good sign.

Kessie said...

Such nice surprises to find bulbs coming up! I always loved hyacinths, ever since we grew them in those funny bowls that one time.

Today, I plan to be a pirate and don't do anything. :-D

Rugs and Pugs said...

When the snow melts this week, hopefully I will see a few spring flowers peaking through the ground.
You always have the best stories.
Hugs :)

Bonnie K said...

I absolutely love your story. Especially the fact that now you have nothing to wish for. Thank you for sharing. It really made me feel good. I'm glad your dad and brother recovered.

Debbie said...

scary stuff for a young girl, it is so interesting how a young mind works and that you remember so much!

i remember the tree, i have seen so many pictures and heard so many stories. it is indeed a special tree!!!

Jacque. said...

It was a delight to read your post. As always. Was thinking about you last night as I watched Fixer/Upper. Joanna had Chip build a garden with a house (shed) and a chicken coop with a run for the chickens that went around the garden to keep the bugs out. xo

Anonymous said...

Hello, found your blog a few minutes ago, lol some where in blog land...

enjoying your blog...
Renee @