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Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day and a Trip

Happy May Day! April was such a busy month for us. I expect nothing less for May. What a blur of a year already. Ron made reservations for us in Cambria in January. We would never go anywhere if he didn't. There is always so much work to do and to leave it is so hard. I am so glad he did. Everything is so green right now and with it being May these hills will be turning brown. This has to be the prettiest drive and prettiest place I have ever seen. Its just full of these beautiful farms and vineyards and barns and windmills.

It wasn't as clear as it is sometimes but in the distance you can see the ocean and Morro Rock. We were so high up I had butterflies. At another place you could see starting a Morro Rock the seven sisters all in a line. These giant mountains of rocks.

It was so windy the day we got there and the beach was almost empty. Except for this guy and his dog. I can barely chew gum and walk and this guy was surfing and holding onto this kite. It was amazing to watch. He would jump waves and sometimes go airborne. We watched him as he flew all over that ocean. It was just amazing.

Ron and I did this trip as a walking trip. He scouted out all of the walking trails and we spent the most of two days doing nothing but walking. On Saturday I got 21,000 steps. That I think is my record for one day. Ron and I walked together everywhere. He has a longer stride since I am so short. I get more steps, but he gets more miles. Isn't that funny?

We walked this trail that he found that follows the bluffs on the ocean. If I lived there, I would want to walk it ever day. It was incredible. We think we will go back again just to hike along this place. Can you see the seals and pups on the rocks?

Its good to be home though. Its nice to get back to taking care of Sasha and the chickens. I am excited about getting the garden planted. We have our first week of 100 degrees. It will be time to get summer things ready. I hope your first week of May is a great week.


"The wind is tossing the lilacs,
The new leaves laugh in the sun,
And the petals fall on the orchard wall,
But for me the spring is done.

Beneath the apple blossoms
I go a wintry way,
For love that smiled in April
Is false to me in May."
-  Sara Teasdale, May


Pom Pom said...

That's a sweet little poem. I loved seeing your Instagram pics! I could tell you guys were having fun.
News: I took off my fitbit and I am not missing it at all. Ha!
Happy May, May-girl! You must eat lots of cake tomorrow!

Kessie said...

Wow! It's so pretty! Are those purple flowers foxgloves? They're so huge! It looks like Scotland or something. :-D

GretchenJoanna said...

You went to one of my favorite places! As I told you before, my husband and I spent part of our honeymoon in Cambria, and visited it again 40+ years later :-)

Recently I planted a Pride of Madeira, or echium, in my garden. It is the plant with the blue-purple spires in your next-to-bottom photo. It has a very sentimental meaning for me, as we used to see it when we would visit the Central Coast in springtime. Mine is supposed to be a smaller version - otherwise I wouldn't have tried to squeeze one in here!

Julia said...

I'm glad you got away for those long walks away from home. It's always nice to return home.
Way to go with reaching a record with your fitbit. Wow, that a lot of steps.

Hugs, Julia

It's always so relaxing being at the beach near salt water.

Joy said...

What a beautiful area to be in! I'm happy for you. We had a blizzard yesterday, about 6" of snow weighing down leafy tree limbs, flowering bushes and even my new little baby peach tree. We went out three times to knock heavy wet snow off plants. Today it is sunny and 65 degrees.

Empty Nester said...

What a fabulous trip! We don't have seals over here but I would love to see them in person some day. I think they are so cool. We haven't hit 100 yet but the humidity is OFF THE CHARTS. It's nearly impossible to breathe and I told everyone that this will surely be the year the humidity finally kills me. LOL So glad y'all got away together and enjoyed yourselves!

Three Sheep Studio said...

What a beautiful and refreshing getaway !
100 degree week ? We are only in the 60's this week.
I try to walk 2 miles every day. Sounds like you do much more then that !

Rugs and Pugs said...

Your get-away sounded wonderful! Now you need to get back to Cambria for a rug camp :)
How funny that you got more steps but hubby got more miles! 21k steps ~ that is amazing.
I can't believe it is May!!!
Hugs :)

Julia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet Kim. I hope that you're having something special planned to celebrate your birthday.
I have a lilac bush that is called Lady Kim and I can't wait until it blooms. I cut about a third off the top because of ice damage and I'll think of you when tit blooms later on.
Hugs, Julia

Julia said...

oops, when it blooms later.

Kerin said...

What a gorgeous place!
So happy for you that you got to get away together and celebrate both your birthday, and your anniversary.
You will have such sweet memories of your time there to keep you company when it gets hot and muggy this summer :)

Happy new month! May will be excellent, I just know it!!


acorn hollow said...

Happy May what beautiful scenery and yes that is a lot of steps. Let me know if you read that book and what you thought of it.

Debbie said...

oooooh kim, 100 degrees, i don't know how you and your plants do it!!

i'm glad you got away, it looks so beautiful there. wind surfing is very popular here, but you need the right conditions. they are fun to watch and those people are very athletic!

we wouldn't go anywhere either, if chuck didn't make the plans!!!

Bonnie K said...

I love hearing about positive things couples do together. Too often TV shows are so negative about marriages. It sounds like a fabulous time! I can't believe that guy! That takes more talent than I have. Thanks for sharing. We still have snow showers, so 100degrees is an amazing concept for me!

Gumbo Lily said...

Beautiful pics and what fun it would be to walk all those trails and see all that beauty TOGETHER! I'm wondering what kind of walking shoes you are wearing?

Wishing you a Happy Birthday (as noted in some of the comments) and a Happy May! It's beginning to warm up here after a good, wet snow. Yay! The tulips are blooming now!!