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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy March!!

Happy March! It looks like March will be coming in like a lamb today. Its chilly, but I know by the afternoon it will be a perfect day. Sunshine and no clouds. The birds have lost their minds. Twitterpated I believe is the word. We had frost last night so I won't be doing much seed planting yet. I am going to buy so many zinnia seeds this year. The chick fever is heavy on me. I went to Megan's house yesterday and watched her chicks. There is nothing that says spring like chicks. Megan has started a You Tube channel called Hollar Homestead.  Ben has made some very nice gardening beds and it is just a fun place to visit.

The almond tree is already getting leaves. I was driving yesterday and I couldn't believe how many trees already have leaves.

Would you like to see my His Eye is on the Sparrow? I sort of got overwhelmed by the amount I have left to do so I put it down to do something I could finish.

His Eye is on The Sparrow.

Pattern by Heartstring Samplery Design by Beth Twist.
I am on the fifth page finally. I really do love the whimsical animals. With spring though, I always exchange my needle and thread for a hula hoe.

Here is a little sampler I found in my stash. It is full of stitches I have never done before and I wanted to challenge myself.

A pattern by Blackbird designs---A sew along.

I never finished this when we were supposed to in a sew along. I decided I would finish it now. See those eyelet stitches? I am so glad I learned to do them.

I ended up really loving them. Just don't make a mistake because they are a bear to rip out. I made a few mistakes.💙

Here is a rug that I have on my standing frame Ron made for me. Its my own pattern I have done so many times but it is hooking and I love hooking and it is just background. I can hook and still talk to people. I hope to finish it up this week.

I changed the words on it from Feed My Sheep to The Lord is My Shepherd. I just love sheep.

After it warms up today, I am going to work getting my berries all weeded. Its so nice to be out in the sun and the fresh air and feeling the warming soil beneath my hands.

Have a lovely March First.


"The wind, the wild brave wind, has carried off the last of the ice and snow. How wonderful the ground looks! The sharp sunlight falls like a blade on the meadow grasses, on the brown lawn, on the huckleberry bushes in the swamp. All the browns are distinct and beautiful, and why are they different from the browns of autumn? Perhaps the new life under the bark, under the root, makes them more glowing. Perhaps it is the quality of March light, keen as an etching tool."  March---The Book of Stillmeadow, by Gladys Taber.


Debbie said...

oh kim, i had forgotten about that phrase about march - i guess ours is coming in like a lion?? as it is windy and we are expecting rain. BUT it is 71 degrees, what a waste of a warm day!!!

your needle work is beautiful, talk about perfect stitches....i cannot knit and talk, when i can, i will then consider myself a real knitter!! the rug is gorgeous!!!

Kessie said...

March is coming in like a lamb today, too! I'm planning to take the kids on a nice long walk. I get so tired of being in the house all the time.

GretchenJoanna said...

I've been able to be out in the crisp and fresh air myself, this week. Happy March indeed! Today is sunny again... more work to do! Love to you today!

Sandra @ Thistle Cove Farm said...

Happy March indeed...oh wait...looks like Gretchen beat me to it...great minds and all that . It's pouring rain here but I have to have windows open or the poly fumes would drop me. Lovely blossoms...especially the almond...brings back such Good memories and I thank you.

Christine said...

Happy Month of March! Isn't it so joyous to see the buds and blooms and hear those twitter pated birds singing?!!
Those are gorgeous samplers - His eye is on the sparrow is amazing!
Happy stitching!

Pom Pom said...

Hi Kim!
Your cross stitch and rug are gorgeous!
It will be so long before I can hula hoe. Weep!
I will visit Meg's channel.
Yay for March!

Alica said...

March came in like a lamb here fact, February was like a lamb all month long! I hate to think what we could be in for yet in March, and even April, when snow isn't unheard of!
Your needlework is beautiful, Kim! I wish I had the patience. I used to do cross stitch, but did a few really big projects and burned myself out. Maybe someday...
Enjoy spring!

Rugs and Pugs said...

"His Eye" is breathtaking!!!
Hugs :)

Unknown said...

Oh your samplers are so pretty!! And I love your sheep too, especially the spots. He's so cute.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Your "eye is on the sparrow" work is GORGEOUS ! Great job.

Julia said...

Your needlework is just beautiful. I love His Eyes is on the Sparrow and those eyelets stitches looks complicated to do but so lovely.

Our snow is going down and the river is opened because of the rapid melt and rain. We hope for no flood... but it could happen... such a crazy February we had.
Your rug looks great.
Take care.
Hugs, Julia

Empty Nester said...

Oh goodness, when I got to the part about the YouTube video, I went over there to watch and totally forgot to come back and comment. LOL I don't know where my mind is these days.

Gumbo Lily said...

Oh my, Kim! Your stitching is beautiful. That is a LOT of tedious work and you do it well! I like your sheepie rug too!

The almond blossoms are spectacular. I look forward to hoeing and gardening and digging in the dirt, but it'll be a while yet. Enjoy yourself!