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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Chicks---Life is Good!

Tuesday this week I went to Meg's for Muchie's fifth (eeek!!) birthday. I think grand children grow up faster than our children did. When I walked in the garage, Megan had her 10 chicks. You know how chicks work right? Even though there were 14 in the box, when you have chicks, numbers are just guidelines, because you can never have too many chickens. It started on my drive home. Bad!! I could feel myself coming down with it. Its called chick fever. I told myself for three days, No chicks you do not need chicks yet!!! Yesterday it was a perfect spring day. It was warm. The air balmy. I told Ron to talk me out of it. He didn't. I decided I would just go look at them at Tractor Supply. Then I came home with 10 which is really 12.

I just don't have enough Bantams in my life so I got six. Its a game I will be playing called guess the breed of the bantam. I asked the girl what kind of bantams were in the horse trough, and she said, " Bantams." I said, "I know what kind are they?" She spoke more slowly like I was having a hard time hearing." B-A-N-T-A-M-S!!" I said, " No that is the variety, there are different breeds. " So I explained about bantams and she said, " Oh, okay now I understand, she said it just says straight run bantams so I guess you will just have to wait. I think I have a few Coachins because they have feathered feet.  The big hens I bought are 3 sexlinks and a kind I am not sure but I think they will end up being Red Stars. I am like a Scarlett in Gone with The Wind, " When I have a new hat, I can't think of a thing!" Only I wasn't wearing a hat, and chicks make everything go out of my mind.

For Christmas Ron bought for me a game camera. We have moved it around the place and have taken some interesting pictures. This week we got some really good ones so I thought you might to see what we got the other night.

The first is our cat, catching what I think is a mouse. Socks is 18 years old and you would never know it. She still hunts and when I walk she walks like a little dog with me. She prefers Ron though and when he is out working she will be someplace close to him.

The next is the skunk invader. I thought for a game cam it took really clear photos. Every time we upload pictures there is always something interesting.

Here is the skunk.

You can see by the time stamp what time it is in the morning. Here is another one.

Hopefully we will get some more pictures. We have something that goes around out there and I have looked through every online and book I have of animal tracks and I have never found it. Its been here since we moved here and I would really like to see what kind of animal it is so hopefully we will get a picture of that. It comes around in the summer.

Today is Emilie's birthday.  Twenty-six years ago, I was sitting on the front porch watching the sun come up. I knew that I had given birth to the other three in the house, but for the life of me I knew I couldn't do it one more time. We had been in a 10 year drought then and it started raining as I was in labor, and Ron and I walked in the rain. We lived on a street, with lots of girls my age and I remember walking down the street in the rain and doors would open and women would stick their heads out and say, " Kim are you in labor?" Then they would shut the door against the rain that was coming down. It was a lovely day. It rained for 30 days straight then the drought was over. I thought that there is nothing better than new babies in the spring, or new chicks. It makes life just all the sweeter.

It is Saturday and I am the ranch hand and Ron is changing blades on the mower so I need to get out there and do my ranch hand stuff. His list of things he wants to get done today is longer than daylight we have.

Have a lovely day,

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
—Margaret Atwood


Christine said...

Oh Kim, you make me laugh! you and your sweet chicks! It had to happen and they are just the sweetest little things!
Great shots of the skunk at night too!
Happy Saturday on the ranch!

Julia said...

You're too funny Kim. Have fun with your new chicks.
Maybe you should post a picture of the foot prints your mystery animal is leaving and someone would know what kind of nocturnal animal it is.

Kessie said...

Oh wow, new chicks and skunks on the game camera! I hope you get pictures of that one weird creature with the funky footprints. He's an opossum, right? Right?

I love all your chicks! Straight run, though. That means six roosters. :-p

Empty Nester said...

Hahaha! Like talking slower would make you understand. That's hilarious. The chicks are so cute! I need a game cam outside. There is something out there at night and, last night it was on the screen of my bedroom window. I don't know if it went on the roof or into the attic from there but it was creepy. I only allow live traps to be set because regardless of what it is, I can't stand the thought of killing it. Unless it's a snake. Hate those things. Have a great day!

Joy said...

Ha, ha, laughing about you and the chick fever. You know how it is when you go "just to look." It's dangerous to look. My brother just called me to tell he had bought 8 Rock Barred pullets. He says they are good layers. Nice to recall when your little one was born. Bittersweet... sometimes you long for those days when you could hold your very own infant.

Gumbo Lily said...

Sweet chickies! so glad you got some. Mine will come in April and I hope it will be nice and warm and Spring-y. The wildlife cam is very cool!

Sweet memories about your baby girl!

God bless!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Never heard of a game camera. Thanks for enlightening me.
Happy, happy birthday to Emilie.
Sweet little chicks :)
Hugs :)

Pom Pom said...

Yay for chick fever! Cuties!
That skunk is spunky!😂
Happy birthday to darling Em!
Happy Sunday ❤

Kim said...

Haha, I knew you couldn't resist new chicks. I love your chicken stories. Great pics with that camera. Except for the skunk.

GretchenJoanna said...

I rejoice with you in your new chicks!

And yes, grandchildren grow up faster, no doubt about it.