Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy July!

I hope you had a lovely Fourth of July. Ours was nice. The weather was perfect. Interesting times we live in. We watched a drone, Ben and Megan's children were doing sparklers and fireworks when the drone started appearing. It gave me a weird feeling of being watched and being recorded. Its supposed to be a holiday about freedom and here we were watching a drone fly overhead. Recording our actions.

I thought I would show you a couple of pictures or maybe more than a couple of the Hoosier cabinet. It ended up being too big for the place I had bought it for. We worked to get the dining room painted and put back together so we could put the Hoosier on this one wall and it was just too big.
So we ended up moving my hutch to the dining room and putting the Hoosier in the breakfast nook.

It still has the flour sifter. I think that still has the original paint. How is wish it was still that color.

I was thinking, but I don't know as I have never cut glass before but I really don't like the glass in the doors, so I was thinking of getting some old window frames and cutting the glass and putting that old kind of glass in the doors but I have to see if I am that brave. The frosted glass is starting to grow on me.
It has these old pulls on the drawers, that I wasn't too wild about  those either but now as I look at them I kind of like them better. I like pulls best like on my hutch.

It also has the pull out dough board. Which I just love. Its a little chippy, but I love the story it tells. I can't decorate it too much though because we will have to move it again when we paint in here.

Just aside, see that little Uncle Sam bank? It was Ron's when he was a kid. I just think it is so awesome. I had to put it here because it just looks cool.

Now for the dining room. Its so much brighter. I think it is such a happy room. I still need to do a few more things like get a rug and hang some pictures but for right now I like how it looks.

I know we built this house, but the weird thing is we always said, " We had to live someplace, but we moved here not for the house but for the land. For 15 years we have lived outside. Now to turn our attention to the house is interesting. I really felt like I was the custodian. I took care of it to keep it clean, but I didn't really feel like it was my house. Until this summer. Painting and cleaning and rearranging and thinking about how I want it to look is fun, and like for the first time in 15 years, I can live here. Does that make any sense? Elliot remarked that each room we paint, we completely redo how it looks, so its like living in a different place all together. We are going to paint the entry next and then move on into the living room. We are getting our routine down so its not as hard as it was when we first started.

I am still pretty crazy about this hutch. I will never have house beautiful. That has never been my goal. I have always wanted a house, where people come--- they kick off their shoes and feel like they can stay awhile and be at home and at peace. This house has been very well used and continues to be that way. Whenever I think of moving and I start looking around to see what is out there, then I find, as long as I live I will never find a place like this to call home. Then I realize, how content I really am.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting today. I really should take you on a tour of my little vegetable garden soon, it really is a pretty little thing.

Have a lovely week,

“Happiness of heart can never be measured out and bundled up, it's intangible. We keep running after it, grasping for it, and the heat of our running so seldom brings it closer. But now and then there may be a moment. We look at something and know it is good and beautiful. Those moments are happiness.”
Gladys Taber The Book of Stillmeadow.


faith76 said...

The hoosier cabinet looks great. Looking forward to seeing how your garden is doing x

Debbie said...

i enjoyed the peek inside today, your hoosier cabinet looks wonderful!!!

i am so happy in my home as well. we built it, 31 years ago and when we moved in, the boys had just turned 1 and 2 (they are less than a year apart)!!! it's home, it feels like it has always been home and i do believe we will live here forever!!!!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Love the cabinet and the hutch..both are gorgeous. I put new glass in my grandma's pie safe and it looks so much better. I don't know about antiques from apples so not sure how you are supposed to keep the value of an item like that. I'm glad your 4th was safe and happy, but I am like you...the drone would have made me nervous. But one of my boys probably would have shot it down, so no worries. LOL!

Pom Pom said...

Your heart for your home is very real and true! It looks fresh and lovely! Well done, worker bee! The hoosier cabinet is fantastic!

Alica said...

I love the clean, crisp look! White brightens everything up, doesn't it? The cabinet is great!! And btw...I love, love, love your sunflower photo!

TexWisGirl said...

like your cabinet just as it is. :)

Empty Nester said...

That makes perfect sense to me. It never feels like your house until you make it so. Redecorating is a good way to start! I'm going to be doing that now, too. Love hutch and the hoosier cabinet. Claudia has one in her kitchen in Nashville. She found it at an antique store. Hers is smaller but has the counter and the flour sifter. It's also the original color and has the original pulls. She really lucked out and got it for a steal. :)

Velva said...

Hope you and your family had a wonderful 4th of July! I think I would feel creeped out too if a drone was just flying overhead.

Isn't it wonderful to focus on your home-enjoy.


Rugs and Pugs said...

I just love your Hoosier!!!
You can come to Ohio any time you want if you're not tired of painting...lol!
Hugs :)

Kessie said...

A drone! That's creepy, especially since you know it was probably from the police dept. :-p

I love your new Hoosier! I think it's very pretty the way it is!

Elizabeth Ann said...

You have a beautiful home! I especially love your flower gardens. Happy Summer!

Gumbo Lily said...

Loving both of your Hoosiers. And I think that Uncle Sam bank is amazing. Great display for our patriotic month. It's so fun to update and make your home reflect you. I'd love to sit and have a cup of coffee at your table. Well done!

Yes, please give us a veggie patch tour!

Julia said...

Surprised to see me coming for a little visit? Your home looks so fresh and beautiful. It looks so inviting. My house needs fresh paint and update from top to bottom but I don't have time to even think of it.
I'm so glad that you finally can feel like your home is your castle.

Those drones are a bit intimidating are't they!
Enjoy your summer and have fun redoing your interiors.

Julia said...

I love your hosier too. JB

GretchenJoanna said...

The hoosier and the hutch are both WONDERFUL! I think it's nice to have the hoosier in the breakfast nook anyway, nearer the kitchen and more informal, as hoosier would have been when they used the flour drawers. I had a friend who owned one in the 70's and she used the flour drawers and loved baking bread. Her hoosier definitely needed to be in the kitchen.

I always feel that I need another hutch... I have two, and there is no where to fit another one, but they are both overflowing. Obviously I need to give away some dishes or something ;-)