Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Again

Its Monday again! Today is William's our third child, second son birthday.  He is 27. It was a day like this too when he was born. He was my Waterloo baby. I had felt that the Lord wanted me to homeschool. I was against in every way that could be, I had my feet dug in. I had these things I told the Lord that had to happen for me to homeschool for one year. First, I had to have a quiet baby who slept. William did, four hours at a time. He rarely cried and was always such a happy baby. Then the Lord had to provide the money for the curriculum. He did that too. So with three kids I began what I would think began my life's work. I also got the bright idea after William was born, that we could let God plan our family. That is whole blog post of its own. Something to this day I am thankful we did. I just wish I had more faith after Peter was born, to continue having babies.

We painted and painted this weekend. Painting the loft and that ceiling was a huge job. I have never been so tired in my life. It took about nine hours I think.  With three of us painting. Today I am moving all of the book cases and the books back. It will be nice to get things back to looking normal. I will take pictures after I get everything all moved.
I had to go buy some paint as the place above the stairs took so much paint. While I was waiting for them to mix my paint, I stood and watched people. I still really enjoy watching people.

When my paint was finally ready, I took my basket and was lifting the paint cans into my basket. A young man and his wife were standing there and he jumped over to where I was and said, " Here let me do that for you." I laughed and said okay, and he said, " Are you painting? You have paint on your elbow." I said "yes, and we needed more paint." He wanted to know, what on earth were we painting to need so much paint. I told him, and then it dawned on me, no wonder I am so  tired, I have never painted this much in my whole life. It is a huge project. I keep getting mad at myself because I can't paint as much as I did when I was 20 but then at 20 our house was so much smaller. So there is the rub.  Upstairs doesn't look that big, until you are trying to paint it all. It looks very fresh and clean and bright. I am so over yellow now. The color was Sunshine white, which is really a light yellow color.

The parrots have been flying over in flocks. I am afraid I am a big disappointment to the parrots. Not a single sunflower to be seen this year. One was in the tree squawking at me yesterday. Too bad I don't know parrot. I could have told him it was a painting year and not a gardening year.

Its been nice chatting with you. I hope you have a lovely week planned. June is such a pretty month.
 Thank you for stopping by today. 
~ Kim~

“… and Laura let her sunbonnet slip down her back so that she could feel the wind on her face and see the whole great prairie.”  By the Shores of Silver Lake.


Kerin said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures of all that you've been painting. Sounds like a huge job.. no wonder you're so tucked :)
Nice of that young man to help you load the paint cans into your cart!
Sending 'happy birthday' wishes to William! Hope it's a great birthday for him!!


annie said...
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annie said...

Sorry, I pulled up my last comment, even I could not read it with all the spelling errors, smile. I enjoyed your pretty flowers! I hope to see your photos when you get everything back in place. What a job, thankful you have it done! Blessings!

Kessie said...

It's such a huge job! Think how many guys there were painting when the house was built. I mean, gosh. We're racing the heat, so you probably are, too. We're supposed to be back up to record temperatures again by this weekend.

acorn hollow said...

Oh it is such a job to paint but oh so wonderful when it is done. It is a very busy week for me this week but lots of fun things included.

Susan Kane said...

I have so much energy and enthusiasm when paint can opens. It fades by mid-can.

Debbie said...

such a huge job, you and ron are very ambitious!!!