Saturday, June 18, 2016

Busy June

Oh Happy Day! Isn't waking up on Saturday morning just the best? I love to wake up and not be rushed.
We only have one more bedroom left to paint. I am so glad we did the loft and the stairs, because painting bedrooms is not so hard. We have finally hit our stride. Today, Peter is home so with four of us painting I am not expecting as big as a job. It feels so nice to have things cleaned and fresh. I am looking forward to starting down stairs. That will be its own huge task though, but I don't think as hard as those stairs.

Tomorrow is Fathers Day. My own Father passed away in 2003. I still can't write about him. Maybe someday I will be able to, all I can say was he was a study in contrasts.

 I am thankful though that  our children had a wonderful Father to grow up with. I am by nature rather flighty bouncing from one thing to another. Ron has been solid and fair. He is everything I am not. He never discusses personalities only plans.
He tries to keep improving himself and working harder and he never stops learning. I may have homeschooled them but it is he who has instructed them in what it means to have character.  To do what is right rather than what is easy. He pushes himself beyond anything I have ever seen, and when I watch our children now adults push themselves I see how they reflect him.

I have a stitchery I made when we were newly married. It says, " The love of the father is reflected in the eyes of his children." I have thought about it through the years, when I made it I was thinking about God. I see today how it applies to that of our own children and their father.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. More painting and more cleaning.
Thank you so much for visiting today. I hope your weekend is fantastic!

“Humanity can be roughly divided into three sorts of people - those who find comfort in literature, those who find comfort in personal adornment, and those who find comfort in food;”
― Elizabeth Goudge, Little White Horse


Angela said...

Oh my Miss Kim, You got me teary! My own father died last year. Our relationship was- complicated. Maybe it was men of that generation. My own sweetie of nearly 34 years- the movies have it all wrong- there is nothing more romantic than a huge man rocking a little pink bundle or breaking down for 6 months straight before said little pink bundles's wedding. And your painting looks fabulous. I am about to die- digging up sod to put in a path to the front door. I ain't what I used to be- haha.

TexWisGirl said...

sweet tribute to ron. he is your finest partner.

GretchenJoanna said...

About fathers, and other possibly "difficult" people in our lives past and present, I think Fr. Stephen Freeman's recent words helpful:

"...we recognize and accept the limits of reason, and offer ourselves to the contradiction of the reality around us. Every human being stands as a contradiction. They are always more than we think they are, and whatever we think or imagine them to be, they are also something else as well. The refusal to acknowledge the 'something else' (the contradiction), is the refusal to renounce reason and, instead, to place reason where love alone belongs."

I find some people difficult to write about because I do accept the reality of their contradictions.... but love prevents me from revealing the unlovely aspects. Love covers a multitude of sins.

How splendid to celebrate this Father's Day with a father of your children who is less difficult to write about and to laud -- at the same time I know you hold love in your heart for your own father, and that is a great gift.

Catherine said...

Lovely post. I think that is a beautiful saying.

Nellie said...

My hat is off to you, Kim! Painting is a huge project! I hope the week-end is a good one for all of you! xo Nellie

Pom Pom said...

You honor your Ron in such true ways. Father's Day is a good day to pray for dads.

Kim said...

I had a complicated father also..... But Happy Fathers Day to Ron

Debbie said...

you are so hard on yourself kim, i think you and ron are a good pair. i don't write about my dad either, he is not worth writing about. chuck is an amazing father, in every way possible, i never knew how it could be until we became parents. our boys were very lucky to have 2 great role models.

good luck with the painting, and the purging, it's going to be awesome when it's done. happy father's day to ron!!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a beautiful tribute to hubby.
Sure wish I could say I had a wonderful father, but it is what it is.
Happy Father's Day to Ron.
Hugs :)

Bonnie K said...

A very thoughtful post. I enjoyed it. It is always interesting about family dynamics.