June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Light at the End of the Tunnel.

Next week, a tent will be here. One week, eight days from today. This will be our fourth time around. Trying to get a venue ready, in an El Nino year is one filled with challenge after challenge. We won't even talk about the cold. Next week, hopefully, only one day of rain is in the forecast. Every single day, I would say has had new tests, new experiences to over come. Do I have any idea if anything will work? Nope, all we have at this point is determination and grit. At least we don't have snow.

Ron gave me a test last night.

Circle the number that most closely reveals your attitude toward life:

1." Make the World Go Away"

2. "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head"

3. "I Did It My Way"

4. "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning"

 Inwardly I groaned, because it required thinking on my part. I realized, my attitude right now is number one,
Make the world go away. But buried deep inside of me, what I really want is to wake up again with number 4 on my lips, oh what a beautiful morning. My reflection is 2016 is the year, I will no longer ever be Kim I was but a different one I have never met. I think I can say, 2015 beat the old me to a pulp and 2016 is trying to show me that as this Portuguese proverb states, " God writes straight with crooked lines."
"Because God far more interested in our getting where He wants us to be than we are getting there. He does not discuss things with us. He leads us faithfully and plainly as we trust Him and simply do the next thing." (Elisabeth Elliot)

For me, I must keep my thoughts on all that I have gained. Not the loss I feel. To rejoice in the joy of life and in the blessings that surround me. In the love that God gives me and in the praise I feel when I sit watching the sun come through the clouds, when rain is falling all around, yet in the distance is a rainbow. All of life if a gift. Things I understand and those I don't. When God allows, things so far out of my comfort zone, I fear I will never laugh again, then I realize, what I thought was hard ended up being the biggest blessing of my life.
Then I remember, " It is Jesus in me not a different set of circumstances."

No, I might never go back to who I was, but I hope I can learn to embrace who I am now. This is my desire for 2016

"Deliver Me, Jesus
---From the desire to be,
praised ,honored, glorified, preferred, consulted,
or approved.
Deliver me, Jesus, from the fear of being humiliated, criticized,  forgotten,
ridiculed, maltreated, and from the fear of what others will think."

I always think goodness, I just want a light happy blog full of sunshine. Then today it comes out all cloudy and thinky. Thank you for reading along this far.

Bye for now, more work is calling my name.

 " Charles Spurgeon once wrote: I bear my willing witness that I owe more to the fire, the hammer, and the
file, than anything else in my Lord's workshop. I sometimes question whether I have learned anything except through the rod. When my school room is darkened, I see most."


  1. I will be thinking about you, Kim, as the next week or so comes and goes! I hope you will be able to enjoy...and not stress too much! :) You amaze me, just so ya know!

  2. Soon it will all be behind you and you can explore the new Kim. I sure hope she is a hooker, too :)

  3. I know, having SO much to do is scary sometimes. You're so right when you refer to the quote that speaks of doing the next thing. That's all you can do.
    It'll all be so wonderful, even if it's cold. It will!

  4. Are any of us who we were last year, or the year before? The quote about the fire, the hammer, and the file is right on. But the alternative is to remain the same, and stagnate.

  5. We are never the same. From each moment we are met with change, whether we want it or not, we change too. It's our job to make sure the change is for the better from our experience.

    Sometimes I don't do my job so well.


  6. I like the Portuguese proverb and Elizabeth Elliot's quote. Both make a lot of sense.
    Take care Kim.

  7. Kim, everything will be all right as it should be... The thing to focus on now is that the wedding couple love each other enough to say I do no matter what... and you will not be doing all this preparation by yourself.

    I do hope the weather will cooperate, if not, you have a big house and a big tent to house all the family and friends during the wedding and reception unless you have a very huge gathering.

    I'll keep you in my prayers for the next phase of this important event.

    Warm hugs, my friend.

  8. Kim El Nino is a pain! We have gone from drought to mud . I love your blog . I feel like I am being tested already by the Lord this January. What would Jesus do keeps echoing in my head . I kinda don't want to respond with the right answer. I will be praying that the weather gets better. Hugs Cheri

  9. You know the party will be over soon. And you know it will be perfect no matter what happens because it's a celebration with family and friends. Just breathe and enjoy it

  10. Dear sweet Kim, My heart goes out to you and wish I could give you a big hug...God is in control, as I know you know, He will take care of everything in His time in His way...Relax sweet girl and know He loves you more than life itself. I love your prayer and want to keep it in front of me...Truly words of wisdom. I am praying for you....

  11. Sending you thoughts for calming, Kim! Also hugs! xo Nellie

  12. Bless you, Dear Heart, You Will Make It!

  13. It will all be good, Kim. I know it!! There will be plenty of love to go around no matter what the weather does. One step at a time... always easy to say when it's someone ELSE feeling the pressure. :)

    I am reading and re-reading your quotes. You and I share such a love for E.Elliot, and Spurgeon's words are so true as well. This was such a helpful and insightful blog, Kim. Thank you!

  14. Everything will turn out wonderful, I'm sure.

    This is going to be your year to shine!!

    Your thoughts here reminded me of something one of our kids used to remind of, when things got tough... he used to say "Mom, without "test" there is no "TESTimony". I try to remember that, and remember that our Heavenly Father has a plan for us, and things are often in His timing, and not our own :)
    Keep your chin up, Buttercup :)


  15. Your husband is funny. What a good man, to help you think about your attitude. You know it will all work out; I think writing about it on your blog helps you to adjust your attitude, doesn't it? God bless you and the family.

  16. Gosh, you've got a big event coming and I'll be thinking of you. My son and I have been practicing some songs for church and the one that keeps playing over and over in my mind is "Trust and Obey".....trust and obey, for there's no better way, to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.

    God bless you and all the events and moments to come!

  17. oooooh what a beautiful morning, i feel that!! best wishes to you kim...everything will be great, your blog is not cloudy, it's truthful and real. i enjoy my visits here!!!

  18. This spoke to me on different levels. I am fighting, again, with where God has me, yet also rejoicing in all that is going on around me. What a mixed bag life can be at times. Rest..now that the wedding is over, and enjoy getting to know the new Kim!!!


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