June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, April 17, 2015

Just A Farm Girl Kind of Day

Today as I walked around with my camera, I realized how much I love the simplicity of living here. Some people might come here and wonder what in the world am I talking about and how it just looks like dirt and weeds. Well, they are my dirt and weeds and I love it. I think after a week of being out and a bout, living in the car more than in the house, on days like this I appreciate getting to finally be really home. I realize how my soul craves solitude. As I was walking down the little hill to the pasture this morning, and as I turned the corner I just felt peace and joy and I felt like the whole place just shouts, " Welcome Home."

I have this volunteer sunflower and I have watched it like a hawk. I am glad it is up under the trees as I heard the parrots flying over doing reconnaissance, looking for sunflowers. This one they didn't see. As I was taking pictures though, I was being scolded quite loudly.

 Mr. Nosy Parker there, was not happy about the photo shoot. His wife was in the next tree over letting her voice be known too. He was breaking little sticks and dropping them on me. It really broke my concentration. When I would look up at him, he would pretend he was just pecking on a branch.

The berries are just blooming their little hearts out. I am so glad I have things around that remind me why I like gardening.

My hens are just laying so well now. It has been so nice to collect eggs and every single day I think it is one of my favorite things to do. I just love my little hens.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. We will have a warm weekend, but it will be nice. I am thinking of playing in the garden. Ron bought new hula hoe's yesterday. You can just imagine the jokes the boys made coming in seeing the hula hoes  propped against the couch. " Is Dad bringing Hoes home again?" You know stuff like that. :) The garden shops have been out every time he has gone to buy some. Last week while trying to hula hoe, the poor old hoes are so used  bent and worn out.  I just gave up and quit trying to work. I couldn't chop a weed to save my life.

Happy Friday and the weekend!

 “Self-pity is the hens' besetting sin," remarked Mr. Payton. "Foolish fowl. How they came to achieve anything as perfect as the egg I do not know! I cannot fathom.”
Elisabeth Enright---Gone Away Lake


  1. hooray for new hula hoes! too cute. i totally understand the joy of just being home. :)

  2. I feel the same way about staying home. I think as we age, we are less curious to discover things and we get so familiar we what we have already and we feel the comfort of just being in a peaceful place.

    Yay for the sunflower and all the blooms. Nice artichoke too.

    Have a nice weekend Kim...

    1. I forgot to mention that now that you have a new hula hoes, I can picture you battling those weeds, the weeds don't stand a chance.

  3. Home should be a place of peace and comfort. It sounds like you have that in your homestead !
    Gorgeous red sunflower.

  4. I too enjoy solitude, and my own patch of dirt and cactus :) I spent an hour with the camera this morning. I love your photos especially the sunflower. Have a great weekend and get those weeds with the new hula hoe.

  5. I am such a home-body. I sometimes call my house The Fortress of Solitude. Lol
    Happy Ho-ing

  6. Haha, so many hoe jokes immediately leap to mind! Today I'm just building Legos with the kids. I feel like my brain is in rebellion against doing school. I'm glad you have solitude. I never get any around here--somebody always wants to sit in my lap.

  7. My heart loves the simple home life also! So funny about the parrot dropping twigs on you!
    Blessing and joy this weekend! Go easy on the new hula hoes!

  8. Oh man! If my flower bed wasn't covered in snow today, maybe I could hula hoe!
    I know just what you mean about being home. Home feels good. I really don't want to go anywhere! But, sometimes we must.
    Sending lots of love your way and applause for the hens, doing such a good job giving their eggs!

  9. I feel the same about my home too, Kim, when I have been out an about and walk in through the back door, I always say, "thank you Lord for my home and for safety."
    Your photos are so beautiful, and I know what it is like to try and work with worn out tool, I have new ones too, this year, I guess that says you and I have been working. ~smile~
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Happy Gardening.

  10. Kim...I always love your photos...so fresh! You sound very mellow and at peace today. Lovely! xo

  11. I adore that color! i went to look for seeds, all I found were the mammoth ones, which i choose not to grow. the groundhogs come in and demolish them every time, so it's a waste of effort to plant them. It's been several years since I had any of the red ones. The bird, how sneaky to turn his head when you were looking at him! i hope you have fun with that hoe, and that you really enjoy your time in your garden.Here the mocking birds get evey blue berry, I gave up on them too. :(

  12. I too enjoy being home...I like my own company...not quite time to weed and hoe here in my neck of the woods, but at least I can put my snow shovel away...Have a great weekend...

  13. I, too, love the solitude ... I've always been comfortable with my own company.

  14. i LOVE where i live....i think it is one of the most important things we do in life. find a place, make a nest, love your nest and everything around it and about it!!!

    it's my comfort zone and i'm not sure i would be really happy anywhere else!!

    have a happy weekend!!!!!!

  15. Please show a photo of the hula how...would love to see if what I have is the same. Your sunflowers are so cheerful and happy, what a nice garden addition.


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