June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, April 20, 2015

Garden and Guinea Rug

I do hope you had a really nice weekend. I hope spring is where you are and this will be a nice week.
I think when spring fever hits, it does make one a bit crazy. It is so hard to be in the house. There is so much to do and so much to see.

I thought I would show you a picture of The Field of Dreams 2015.

Yep, here is is, the place my old chicken coop was located. The Farmers Almanac said that Saturday and Sunday was the best day for planting peppers and tomatoes so we did just that. Ron had to haul 27 loads of soil back in to bring it up to even with the yard. But before he did that he used the disk to break up the hard pan. When I was reading East of Eden, John Steinbeck mentioned that underneath this layer of top soil it his layer of hard pan. He said, which I think the time period was about late 1800-1900s that the farmers would take dynamite and set the charges to break up the hard pan. We have that layer too and it is like cement. Ron was able though to get the disk to break it up and then bring in the top soil that is nice and sandy. You can now make shovel go all the way to the top of the handle above the shovel part, it is so nice.  I am going to plant sunflowers at the back so they will be against the fence. It is a little square so I can think of all kinds of possibilities.

These are the poor step children plants. I of course bought too many tomatoes, and I needed just one eggplant. Ron had some hoses he wasn't using so we planted these guys out by themselves in the pasture.
We will see which group does better, the ones out in the blistering heat or the ones that will be protected.
It gets so hot out there, I need to get a thermometer, and keep track of the difference in the heat.

I managed to finally finish up my guinea  rug. I think it will be called My Three Guineas. Now to bind it.

I like this rug. I might keep it. who knows though. It sure makes me wish I had a whole flock of guineas.

I got my jury summons in the mail. About the only good thing is it didn't come on my birthday. You know I try to never, ever break the law. I have sat and thought of ways I could be a felon if I could get out of this. I thought maybe if I blew up my mail box. Then I thought, why do I freak out so bad. I don't think I would mind if so bad if I could be on a trial say for a property dispute, or I wouldn't even mind a meth lab, but every single time I have gone, it is for the most heinous murders, child molestations, and horrible stuff like that. I am sick for months, heck years in some cases, and I have nightmares so bad for the next few months afterwards. I will go though and be a good citizen. Thank goodness I have two more weeks of freedom. I always enjoy being there once I get there, I see people I haven''t seen in years, I meet nice people. It is just the court room things. I don't like the part when they put me in the jury box, and question me about my life going back to the day I was born. Depending on the case. That is when I always feel like the accused has more rights than I do, at least they have a lawyer who will object when something is asked that shouldn't be.

Aw well, I am gong to enjoy these next two weeks and pray like crazy I don't get picked for a trial. In our local paper, there have been some really bad things going on and I am a little nervous about trials coming up.
I keep telling myself it is a privilege. I just wish it felt that way.

Have a great week!

“The life of faith is lived one day at a time, and it has to be lived - not always looked forward to as though the "real" living were around the next corner. It is today for which we are responsible. God still owns tomorrow.”
Elisabeth Elliot- Let Me Be A Woman.


  1. Envious of your planting, Kim. We've not been able to plant due to the rain and wet soil. Love your rug! xo Nellie

  2. Kim...oh man...I have received 3 jury duty letters but have yet to serve. I am most thankful for that. Your rug looks great! Lots of work for your garden...looking forward to seeing your bounty. xo

  3. As your quote says, " one day at a time, " and that's all God requires today! Enjoy your garden and the hooked rug! It is a beauty!

  4. Dynamite to blow up soil...now that is one I haven't heard! When Dad plowed up the soil, it was black with a heady odor of life. Illinois.

  5. Looks like a promising garden, you've got there :)
    It will be nice not to have too much to weed, and water this summer.
    I see sweet Sasha..... she's a good helper :)

    Love the rug! It turned out fantastic.

    We've 'talked' about the jury duty thing. I know that you are happy to do your civic duty.. but, there are some trials that are just awful. I still have not been summoned....yet, even though I had to fill out the forms.
    I do hope that what ever happens, you won't suffer any lasting effects.

    So, did I miss it.... where did you move the chicken pen to?


  6. The garden looks promising, I always had better luck with tomatoes and egg plant in groups, they make their own micro-environments. Love that rug!

  7. Kim, I love, love, love this rug...wonderful color planning and design...You and Ron have been hard at work...how wonderful to have plants in the ground... sunflowers will look so pretty up against the fence...With the shortage of water in your neck of the woods, were you able to fill your swimming pool? It is raining in my neck of the woods today...my surroundings are turning green! Thinking of you...

  8. Oh poor Kim, I'm sorry you have been chosen for jury duty.Remember, nobody else on the jury wants to be there either.
    I hope that you will not have to serve.

    Your Guineas Rug is absolutely a delight. So darn cute...I think this is your best one ever.

    I love your garden. So neat and tidy and a manageable size.

    Have a nice week.

  9. I'm lovin' your guinea rug. You really ought to keep what you love.
    I've been called to jury duty, but never have even had to show up. The trial have always been cancelled which is ok by me.
    Hugs :)

  10. I never get picked. It's a long process anyway, waiting around to get unpicked!
    Your sunflowers are going to be pretty! Your rug is FANTASTIC! I love it so much!
    I took my hula hoe out for 30 seconds. Then, I remembered I hadn't finished putting the groceries away. Maybe I'll hoe while Bill grills the kebabs.
    Happy Monday!

  11. I can just imagine, setting off dynamite to break up the hard layer of dirt...I think the disc sounds like a much better idea!
    Your soil looks so fine...kind of like sand. I'll bet it's actually fun to hoe weeds in your garden. ??
    And your guinea rug is so cute! I remember when I was a girl we had a couple of guineas. They ran sooo fast and had the most unique voices. Good memories.

  12. I love that rug. I think you should keep it for yourself. If you get tired of it in a year or so, you can always sell it later. I have only been called for jury duty once and it was stressful.

  13. You are funny Kim, I agree, I don't think you could ever be a felon ;)

    The garden looks great (lots of work) and the rug is beautiful!!

  14. Wow , your guinea rug is amazing. What a great use of color!! I especially like that colorful area around their faces. The blue "beauty line" around the border is lovely !

  15. great little garden space! love the guinea rug! you've been through a lot more on jury duty than i ever have. i hope you do not have to suffer thru serving...

  16. Oh Kim, that jury duty does sound horrible. I worked as a baliff for a short time in Oklahoma, but the cases were business disputes. It was pretty boring sitting through the jury selections I remember. I hope you get lame cases like they were.
    I can see why you'd like to keep your newest rug, it's so nice.
    Take care-Kimberly


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