Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just Chatter

I was hoping that we would make it through summer without having to call the air conditioning repairman. No such luck. He is here right now and he told me that it will take him about 4 hours. The air conditioner unit is in various pieces out on the lawn. Since it is the one that works the hardest because it is upstairs, it gets the most use. You know how when a repairman is about, there isn't really much I can do. But then it will be fixed and when I am in the kitchen it won't sound like a jack hammer is running on the ceiling.

I wonder why things like repairs come in waves. We just had the tractor fixed. Now the air conditioner and one of the trucks have to go in the shop tomorrow.  I had to buy a new vacuum. I must be the hardest person in the world on vacuums. I love this one though. I still never got my oven fixed. I use it a little and it works fine. I am just glad I have two.

I finally finished my wool penny rugs. I can't say they are perfect but they are done. I would like to do another one just because it took me awhile to finally get it.

It was fun to learn something new. 

I am going to post this picture of the rug I finally finished. I have never done a pattern like this so I was very happy with it. Emilie came over that night and took it home. That made me very happy that she was so excited about it.

I finally got out a new pattern and finally got the wool cut for it. Now I have to pick up the hook and hook the first loop. I always procrastinate before I start a new rug. I need to just get over it and do it. I have it on the frame and the wool is cut. I think with the guy coming in and out, I just don't have the concentration. 

You know what will happen right? Fall will finally get here and we won't have to use the air conditioner.

Well should end this post, as Sasha is wanting to eat the poor air conditioner guy.
Have a lovely day, all I can think about is all of the wool I won't be able to buy because of the bill. :) That is how I judge things now, by the price of a yard of wool.


" The Princess looked at her more closely,
"Tell me," she resumed, "are you of royal blood?"
"Better than that, ma'am," said Dorothy,
" I came from Kansas,"
---Ozma of Oz, L. Frank Baum, 1907


TexWisGirl said...

sorry about the wave of repairs! glad he could come to fix the a/c, though. poor sasha. good girl!

LOVE that nautical rug! really nice!

Pom Pom said...

Oh, sigh! I hate spending money on parts and labor instead of creative materials, too! Sasha is a good watch dog!

Nellie said...

Emilie took home a very lovely rug! Here's hoping the A/C repairman will solve the problem! We've had the A/C on for most of the summer here. xo Nellie

camp and cottage living said...

What a day, for sure! Hopefully Sasha didn't take a chunk out of the repairman...
So funny you measure money by the price of a yard of wool. I do totally understand this though, my mind works the same way.
Not with wool, but with other things!

Kerin said...

They say bad things happen in 3's.. I don't know why that is, or if it's true, but you've certainly had your share of expensive repairs!!
Hope it all works out, and everything hums along as it should, for a very long time to come.

Will you please come over and give me some of your motivation!!!
I am so impressed with your finishing the penny rug {super cute too} the rug for Emilie {lucky girl} and starting on a new rug!!!
Wow! You go girl!!!

I still have not painted my shelf.. bah!

Maybe things will cool down dramatically, and then you won't have to have the cooler on, and then you can buy more wool ***smile***..


Anonymous said...

I was proud of you when I saw "just chatter," reminded of times in the past when I have had to scold you for saying "twaddle." Good girl. When your AC is out, if you are at all able to think well enough to write more than "just delirium," you are doing admirably!

Julia said...

Oh you can't do without your air conditioner. Mine never needs repairs because I don't even have one, lol.

Your nautical rug is lovely and it must feel nice to have it done and given as a gift.

You are a true hooker at heart to measure the cost of thing with a yard of wool. I hope that nothing else breaks down for a while.

I'm praying that you get some relief from this heat.

Kim said...

It's funny, you are worried about an air conditioner and I was worried about buying a heater. Opposite ends of the weather :). Love that rug. I was on track to finish mine tonight but company arrived and they had housewarming gifts so hooking can wait.

Kessie said...

Oh no, not the air conditioning! I hope it doesn't break the bank! The penny rug looks like a little honeycomb. :-)

Jacque. said...

ohboy...it is no fun when repairs are needed. You always have such lovely photos of flowers. Hope it cools off soon for you. xo

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Hate when we have to have something repaired ... although what usually happens to me is that whatever needs repaired won't act up when we take it in/have the guy come out. Ugh! I love your rugs ... hope you'll share a peak of the one you're starting.

Debbie said...

i am happy to see the wool penny rug, it's so beautiful!! sorry about all the repairs, i get "waves" of that as well. lately i've been on a good streak lately :))))))))))