June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, September 8, 2014

Blog Hop/ Pay It Forward.

It has been awhile since I participated in a blog hop. A good friend named Kerin at Mill Hill Meadow 
invited me to join.

I wanted to tell you first about Kerin. When I first met her she was living in the Cottage on Main.

In my sidebar she is Always Fixin" never Sittin"
She is a wonderful decorator, a wonderful cook. In fact she always has wonderful recipes. She has just moved into a new house, Mill Hill Meadow and is in the process of decorating that house, ( I need to invite her to decorate mine.)  The really cute thing that I found out is she has a beautiful Border Collie too. That was just a nice surprise. I hope if you have time you will run by and visit, I am sure you will be glad you did.

Now on to the hard part for me, questions about me. I mean what else is there to know that I haven't already told you but I will try to think of something.

1. What am I working on?

All that we have left in the garden is gourds, tomatoes and peppers. Which is fine with me.
This was what Ron picked this morning.

I finished some rugs and I hope to start a new rug this week. I need to dye some wool so will be getting out the dye pot. I have some counted cross stitch patterns I have been working on for the group I am in called
Primitive Stitchers Society. I hope to get to my Penny Rugs too. I also brought a huge stack of books home from the library.

2. How does my work differ in this Genre...?

I think what makes my work different from others is I have spent the last 25 years home educating our six children. Teaching them was my priority. I would also say it was my passion. Home educating became an adventure, and a calling. It consumed my thoughts and all of my creativity. My goals in life have been from the verses in Proverbs 31

 She brings him good, not harm,
    all the days of her life.
      Her children arise and call her blessed;

3. Why do I write/ create what I do? 

My work in my family is not finished. I still hold to these goals, what is different now though, I am able to sew, hook rugs, garden, and enjoy my family in a way I never dreamed. With 8 grand children, being a grandmother has given me new joys and new goals I never dreamed of in the beginning of my life. I am finding that the summer of my life to be one filled with golden light filled with blessing upon blessing every day.

 4. How does your writing/ Creating process work?

When I was eleven years old, my Mom passed away. One of the things I wanted was a note or a letter or anything that told me she loved me. I knew she did of course, but it would have made her passing just a bit easier. I got a notebook not long after she was gone and started writing. I have never stopped. I have written my whole life. Even now, not writing for one day, I can't sleep at night because the voices in my head get too loud. Writing has been the only thing that keeps the voices quiet. I have thought many, many times that writing has saved my life. I can write down my thoughts, my prayers, my dreams. Then turn the page, and once again is a clean piece of paper to record life.

I am supposed to share with you three blogs that I would like to introduce you that you might not have visited before.
The first one I would like to share is my oldest daughters blog.
It is called Net Raptor.org  My daughter Kessie is a published author, an artist, she is a real writer. She has four lovely children and cooks from scratch. Not to mention she manages to home-school her brood. She always makes me think outside the box.

The second blog I would like to share is my son William's blog It is called
Williams's Cool Writing School.
His writing always makes me laugh. It makes me think and keeps me up on the culture that I might not pay attention to or notice.

My Third blog I would like to share is a website. Megan is my daughter of my heart. My son chose her and I was so thankful to get another daughter who has given us  grandsons. She also has a soap company that I am very happy to share Bumblewood Handmade She is a very busy lady who manages to run a business and home-school too.

 I want to thank Kerin for inviting me. I don't think I have followed the rules exactly. I hope Kerin you don't mind. I appreciate you inviting me to come along on the blog hop.

Have a lovely Monday,


  1. I enjoyed reading this today, Kim! Have a happy Monday! xo Nellie

  2. I don’t think work is ever done for a person who enjoys engaging in hobbies, and caring about their home. That seems to be you. Thanks for visiting my blog, as you know I get so busy I don’t blog. The flowers on your blog are very pretty.


  3. You are so dear to share your family's blogs! I feel the same way about writing, Kim. Well said! Happy Monday!

  4. Lovely post and beautiful photos, too.
    Have a marvelous week.
    Connie :)

  5. Good morning Kim,
    I think this is a brilliant blog hop! I love, love that you have spotlighted your kids' blogs!! I am so looking forward to reading their blogs, and getting to know them.

    You have done such a marvelous job with your portion of the blog hop
    Thank you for the many compliments that you wrote about me... you are too kind.

  6. this was fun kim, i will have to come back to check out the kiddos blog. kerin sounds like someone i would enjoy following!!!

  7. you're a blogging family. :) sweet.

  8. You have such nice answers! All my writer friends have done this meme, so it's funny to see it circulating through the other types of hobby groups.

    It's been pouring rain all night. Check our Doppler, it's craaaaazy.

  9. Kim, your a hard act to follow. How diplomatic to choose your own family's blogs for this Blog Hop.
    You ((ROCK))


  10. You're right ... the questions are exactly the same! ;-) Blog hops and memes are fun ways to get to know each other a little better.

    1. And you're right ... even though our children may be grown up and moved out, our job as a mother is far from over. ;-)

  11. I love when you do question posts. I always learn something new. I didn't know you journaled every day. :) I hope you're having a good Monday!

  12. I do love Bumblewood products! :) You've got eight grands and I'm still sitting here waiting on the first one. I've got to get these girls busy. LOL

  13. Kim
    I always enjoy learning more about your life!
    I can't wait to visit your children's sites too.

  14. I love when you write about your family and your vision and how that vision has worked out so far. And not all of us have been reading your blog from the beginning so we probably missed a lot. I didn't know that you lost your mother so early.


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