June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, October 18, 2013

More Photos

I feel like a I have found so many treasures since I upgraded to Picassa 3. I have photos that I took but always needed a bit more work to make them presentable. I was digging through my photos today and I found a few I took but I don't think I shared very many of them.

I was walking along the beach and the pelicans had been feeding as the sun was beginning to set. I had my camera when this guy just swooped down and landed. I thought he might have been hurt as he was trembling as I took his photo. I made him so nervous I didn't stay long but walked away. He watched me but never moved.

I was standing on the pier and the seals started swimming in great groups toward this place on the other side where there must have been school of krill or something it was quite a sight to see.

They were swimming to here. This was thousands of birds, seals, and who knows what all. It was a time when I had forgot to bring my binoculars. I wished I could have been able to see what else was out there. It was time for the whale migration so I was hoping to see that.

I was leaning over the top rail of the pier and this guy was beneath me looking up. I am so scared of heights that for me to even stand like that to get picture was tough. I can hardly make myself walk on the pier any more. The cracks just freak my mind out. I make myself do it anyway because I love walking on piers.

This was just before Emilie met Nik. I remember taking this picture and feeling like things were going to change. Little did I know. I took the shot just because I wanted to capture that moment in time when life is just perfect. Little did I know how much more perfect life would be when God brought Nik to our family.

I mentioned yesterday in my post that Ron has been working on the chicken coop he hasn't got to go do his fun stuff. The man who owns this Bonsai Nursery, has a sale in October. We haven't been able to get away. I want to go over there and look at trees. I want Ron to be able to do his Bonsai instead of chicken coops. So you see, why I feel so guilty about that chicken coop. I love going and visiting this place. I love watching Ron's face as he talks to George about trees. It makes me so happy.

I just love looking at the trees when they are in the pots. You know that when you see trees like this it is for show only right? You can't leave them in pots like this or they would die. You have to move them into a different pot and put them outside. That was one thing I learned about Bonsai. They are trees and they have to live outside, that is why if you buy one they die when you try to keep it in the house. I always thought it was because I have a black thumb.

So this was my walk down memory lane today. I am in a need of a beach trip. I really do like the beach best in October. The crowds are gone and the days are just beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend,


  1. i love the shiny ripples in that last shot! love the bonsai, too. but yes, thanks for explaining they will never live in the house, nor in the tiny pots they're sold in. hate that! :)

    good luck with the coop finish!

  2. Bonsai trees have always fascinated me , but I have never had one.
    I will have to take a peek into picasa 3 too to see what it offers.

  3. Hi Kim, I guess I need to upgrade to Picasso 3 too. I often love my photos there but when I upload them, they aren't as crisp and clear as they are in Picasso. Thanks for the recommendation and for sharing your ocean with us as well as your family.
    Hugs, Noreen

  4. I was always fascinated by Bonsai trees too. I've seen them in books and I think that you have to prune them and trim the roots to keep them small. An amazing ancient art form.

    Nice beach photos and I love that Pelican shot. I should look into Picassa 3. I have used Picassa on my other computer but not on my lap top. I have another program running and I'm not too sure how it would affect my photo library. I'm not much of a techie girl.

    Happy weekend,

  5. Well I need to upgrade! These are wonderful. I haven't been to the beach in years...so need to go! And yes, our families changing so fast we do need to catch the NOW pictures

  6. Great pictures and knowledge. Thanks.

  7. beautiful images today, kim!! i never edit my pictures, what you see, is what i saw. straight out of the camera!!

    have a fun weekend!!

  8. I love seeing all those pictures! I hadn't seen a lot of them.

  9. Beautiful pics !
    The new banner is very pretty.

  10. Your header photo is so beautiful... and the pelican looked ill to me, too. I wonder what was wrong. I would not be able to walk on the pier... Navy Pier in Chicago almost got me.

  11. Seeing that picture of P, I never realized how much he looks like dad. But with his sunglasses on he looks just like him to me. Now I want to go to the beach too! You got some really awesome shots. I love the one of the seal over the side of the pier.

  12. Well maybe that's what I need to do too...these photos are soo good! I ESPECIALLY like your header...soo pretty! Enjoy your week-end Kim!

  13. Such wonderful pictures!

    Okay, so cracks in boardwalks, piers, old barns, or metal grating stairs where you can see straight down? Freak me out too. I almost pass out with fear. I soooo get it. I love bonsai trees too. I take my class to Longwood Gardens each year, and they have some very old and very beautiful specimens. They look like little forests. I remember the man told us that if you removed the bonsai from its little pot, and then planted it in the ground, it would start to grow normally again. Just so awesome!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and the stories behind them!


  14. I love the sea, too. I think it is wonderful that we long for it. Your seal is so cute! Don't they have the loveliest faces?

  15. oh wow, I've never seen that many seals in one place; incredible!

  16. I don't have trouble with peering over the pier...the seals were incredible.

    Always wanted to try Bonsai. I think I may give it a try--love yours!

  17. The photos are great and the header picture is beautiful!

  18. Ditto what Beth said...gorgeous, indeed!

  19. I enjoyed walking down memory lane with you!

  20. I didn't know that about Bonsai trees. You see them a lot in decorative pots - that seem to be designed to be indoor plants.

    I love those beach pictures ... I know I'm biased as I LOVE the beach, but those are especially beautiful!

  21. Kim
    Your ocean photos are really good. I don't think I could live without photo shop!
    The Bonsai trees are looking good too. I hope the coop gets done so you and hubby can enjoy doing other things in your spare time!

  22. Beautiful pictures. I haven't heard about Picasso 3 ?! Guess I'm out of the loop.

    I adore pelicans! Cute as can be!!

    Enjoy your weekend, my friend.


  23. A beautiful walk down memory lane,Kim,love all the photos. I have so many photos in my library that need editing too! Thanks for sharing.


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