Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Birds and Squirrels

One of the things I love about October is that the Red Shafted Flickers come to spend the winter. I haven't spotted them yet, but I hear them in the trees. I think they are establishing territory around here as the blue jays and the mockingbirds are in a snit
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The flickers are keeping themselves hidden. They haven't started drilling holes in the ground for ants and bugs. They love to eat under the orange trees. I have to really listen to them as their call is a lot like the hawk that has tried to steal chickens the last few days.
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The one thing I find interesting about this guy is is lack of fear of me. He is very bold and flew right up on the porch chasing one of my hens. I ran out the back door yelling like a banshee, and he very gracefully flew off to the fence and did a little swoop and hop when he landed on the fence. He looked at me as I ran with Sasha mind you yelling and waving my arms and I swear he sat there blinked his eyes like I was crazy before he flew off to a higher perch in the trees. Then scolded me from his high perch.

I am also having ground squirrel problems this fall. I caught one sneaking across the lawn one afternoon. If an animal can look guilty that squirrel did. I always told the kids I had sneaky radar and it would go off when someone was sneaking around the house. Well I guess it works the same for ground squirrels. I looked out and there was one inching his way from the the porch to the chicken house. It has been stealing eggs.

I just love it when they scold and yell at me and Sasha. Like I am the one who is doing something wrong. Sasha couldn't catch one to save her life. She might try to herd it around but she never sees it when it finally gives up and jumps down and runs for the fence.

I hope you have a lovely Wednesday. The sun is up now so I can go outside. I can't believe how long it takes to come up now. I feel like I am up for hours in the dark.

Bye for now,


Alica said...

Those hawks...they really do seem to have no fear! We're finding an increase of them over the past few years. Do they go after your adult chickens?! Happy Wednesday to you too, Kim!

Willow said...

Hi Kim,
The hawks and squirrels are getting bold here at the farm this month too. The rooster set off the alarm and all the chickens scatter for the hide aways and I come running out the door to make sure all is well !
The dogs go bonkers when the squirrel swing from the bird feeders.

TexWisGirl said...

cute little basket of pumpkins. good luck with the varmints!

Julia said...

Your poor innocents chicken have enemies and I feel so sorry for them. I love feeding birds but after seeing a documentary by Dr. David Suziki about how Lyme disease is being spread by migrating birds who are infected by ticks and how the disease incapacitate those who are infected, I'm thinking twice about if I should put food in the bird feeder. I thought that the ticks were big but they can be tiny and they are the one who infect people with Lyme Disease. Sorry for going off subject....

I wonder if you put a fake bird of pray on a post it it would keep that hawk at bay.

I hope that you have a nice day.

Kessie said...

The squirrel triggers your sneak alarm! That's hilarious. We've had a flicker here all summer, but he seems to have moved on as the weather's cooled off. There's a telephone pole he likes to sit on and make his hawk-call. I don't know if he's red or yellow shafted, though.

camp and cottage living said...

Your pumpkins are sure cute!
Keep up the good fight protecting those chickens!

Christine said...

What a good mother hen you are! Built in sneaky radar comes with the territory I think!

Beth said...

Sneaky radar is a great thing to have!

Sue said...

Hi Kim, sounds like one of my days, I, too, am amazed at how Hawks are not afraid of me either, I didn't know that ground squirrels ate eggs, You and I are so alike especially when it comes to our chickens, every time I hear the slightest squawk I come a running to their rescue, sometimes I find varmints sometimes I don't, it is at this time I think they are just testing to see if I am on the ball. lol
As always such a joy to visit you.

Pom Pom said...

I didn't know that squirrels steal eggs!
What time to you get up in the morning? We are starting in on the darker days.

Our photos said...

Beautiful photos!
Greetings, RW & SK

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I'm not a fan of squirrels to begin with, and to now know that they're stealing your eggs - bah! The days are getting so short here. That and the 40-degree temperatures is a sure sign that winter is coming. said...

Isn't all of God's creations so interested and wonderful...if we would just slow down long enough to enjoy. Thanks for always slowing me down and reminding me.

Kerin said...

Oh, wouldn't it be nice if the days stayed longer during this time of year. Everything is so pretty, and we don't have as many hours in the day to enjoy it :)

Keep an eye on those critters !

Enjoy this day.


Betty Manousos said...

love your little basket of pumpkins! good luck with those critters. didn't know that squirrels steal eggs!?

have a nice day~

Kim said...

Sneaky radar! Hahahaha That hawk does have mean, vindictive eyes. I have never seen a guilty squirrel but imagining it sure made me laugh