June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday Morning

The reason I like gardening is because of the surprises that show up. We planted Clementas  last year and I completely forgot about it, I really thought it had died. I walked out back and there blooming as pretty as you please this giant flower. The bloom is as big as my hand.

This morning we will be working in the berry vines. Weeding. It will be nice to get them all pretty and weed free. We have worked so much on the house that our garden area has been so sadly neglected.

This isn't a very good photo of this rose. It is called Lucille Ball. It is at first in the spring bright orange roses. The color of Lucille's hair. They change to a light red as the weather gets warm. The first time though in the spring they are just so pretty and unique.

I wanted to share a bit about last week. Tuesday when my daughter and family left to drive to Arizona. My heart was in my throat. My daughter was more tired than I have ever seen her before, letting her go like that knowing that I had to trust God was so hard for me. I knew that before she got to Saturday she was going to have to keep pushing herself beyond what she thought she could push. It is a lesson, as women I think we all have to learn. It is what gives us strength. Somewhere down inside is a flame that we can call on when we have to and we can do what it takes. It is what those women who braved prairies, hostile Indians and had the ability to conquer fear.

Last summer when I knew the answer to my prayers was that they were going to move. If I could have figured out any way to not obey God I would have done it. Like a child afraid of the dark with my hands over my eyes, God very slowly began to take my hands and pull them down from my eyes and show me that I must trust Him. I can trust Him for me and my husband so much easier than I can for my kids.

Yesterday, I talked to her for the first time since they left. As I listened to all of the good things that God has done, I wondered why I am always so afraid to trust God. The place they moved to is big and it is in a very nice area. The play ground is around the corner from their house. In fact, there was a brand new playhouse finished on the day they moved in. They have a front porch and one of those little secret prayers I prayed not expecting it to be answered. I prayed she would have a washing machine. Her In laws had bought one for her.
So I am in awe. I always wish I would obey God sooner, why do I have to put myself through so much.
The place they have moved to she was so impressed because they landscape with orange trees. She said, every where you look are orange trees. She loves orange trees. Just another way that following God sometimes is so good.

Well, time to grab that hula hoe and chop weeds. It will be so nice to work in the garden. My flowerbeds are just beautiful, but not the same as working in the garden. Working in the garden is my therapy.
I know that next year in 2014 I am going to look back at 2013 and just gasp at what God has done not to us but for us and I will be truly thankful. Right now though, I am not so sure. So many changes in such a short amount of time, I am forever trying to catch my breath.
Have a wonderful day,



  1. lovely blooms. enjoy that hula hoe! :)

  2. Just breathe dear friend.

  3. Oh Kim I am soo glad to hear of all that is going well with your daughter! Yes trust at a distance like that is much harder, but God IS faithful. How this all must have warmed your heart. Enjoy your day ~ but don't work too hard! HUGS

  4. I love your Clematis and I have some growing in the back of the house. Well, they are not out yet but they will come out, lol.

    I'm so glad that your daughter love her new place and the gift of a washing machine she got from her inlaws to the landscaping and all that. It's a great beginning.

    I remember when I was young I could work hard from sun up to midnight and wouldn't realized that I was tired until I hit the bed.
    Younger women have more energy than you and me.

    Enjoy your week.

    I love your

  5. beautiful photos of a lovely garden.
    aren't the perennials a wonderful
    surprise each spring?

  6. How lucky for your daughter and her family is to be surrounded by orange trees. The orange blossom signifies eternal love and fertility. My moms wedding ring is platinum orange blossoms in a circle around the ring.

  7. Oh I'm so glad you posted about her. I've been waiting and waiting for her to post pictures and stuff about the move and I was getting kind of worried. That is so, so awesome that she gets a washing machine. I'm so glad for that! And the orange trees are just wonderful. She will get fresh oranges every year! That is so cool. God is so good.

    I think you are right having to push farther than you thought you could and it giving you strength. I have been feeling like that lately. Although I've been having the occasional melt down, so I don't know how strong I'm really getting haha.

  8. Your flowers are so lovely. I am glad that your daughter is doing well.

  9. Your doing well Kim, it is hard to let go and let god, it' also hard to let children venture off but your doing well Kim , really you are :)

  10. Thinking of you, Kim. It does sound like things are going well for your daughter, so that's good.

    Love the rose!

    Have a good Saturday!

    xo Nellie

  11. You are a worker bee, dear Kim!
    Do I need a hula hoe?
    I'm so glad your daughter is feeling that grace-filled optimism that comes with a change of location.

  12. Well I am so happy that your daughter has landed in a good place and that you have been able to see God's provision already. It must break your heart to see her go. It is not easy to be parents of grown children. Sometimes I get misty-eyed, thinking of the little boys who are now men with lives of their own. But God is good and He does comfort us as we adjust to the new. May He be a great comfort to you as you adjust to this new phase of life. And enjoy your garden therapy! I have been so busy in the house lately that my weeds are knee-high. There is always next week :)

  13. Kim, I haven't reached this stage yet ... not quite ... but I can *feel* it on the horizon, and wonder how I'll be when my 'babies' are leaving the nest, and I have to wave them off.

    I am praying I will trust and be happy for them, and make use of every stage of my pilgimage.

    Oh, and you're so right to speak of these women who found reserves of strength and energy in braving so much in 'the new world'. Their bravery never ceases to amaze - and humble - me.

  14. You always make me smile Kim. I did weeds in the garden today too, and dead leaves from winter. It felt so good.

    I remember as a new bride when we moved from California to Texas. I think I cried for 500 miles, and we went right through Arizona. :) And now it is home, and has been for a long time. A washing machine in Arizona is a great start, and oranges sweeten everything!


  15. Glad things are going well for your daughter. God is faithful and good...all the time! If we could just remember that!

  16. Clematis...one of my favorites.

    Yes, sometimes we don't see the blessings that are coming but seems like you have much to be grateful for.

    Connecting with the land is a spiritual act for me. I am always renewed.

  17. I tell you what, not having internet is the pits! The wireless out here was accidentally locked down with no password, and it won't be fixed until next week. I borrowed my hubby's iphone. It really is nice out here, and I'm trying not to be homesick.

  18. Kim...I need to follow your lead and trust God more. I loved this post. And, the flower photos...I woke up to snow on the ground today. Course, it won't stay long, but still...



  19. i have bloom ~ flower envy!!

  20. I read Lucy always dyed her hair with henna and bought up a ton of the stuff in case there came a time when it couldn't be bought. funny!

  21. I'm thinking of planting a clematis to grow up our mailbox. I had creeping phlox there, but most of it didn't survive the heat and drought last summer. I'm thinking about just digging it all up and replanting something ... maybe a clematis?

  22. I know I have a hard time trusting Him because I want things my way. And I am a control freak. And I am selfish. Hard for even God to break through all that. LOL Hey, what's that flower on your header? I love the shape of the petals. And there's some flower whose petals are like that only more squared on the ends as opposed to round. Don't know that one either and I want to plant it. LOL


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