June 22st 2018

June 22st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello April!

I can't believe April is here today. I do have to say, she comes with lots of color. We had a nice productive weekend. Yesterday the grand children came with their parents for Easter Sunday. It was a very nice day.
Some of them played games before dinner.

Some of them snacked on hot cross buns. Meg makes wonderful hot cross buns. Nik makes wonderful guacamole.

There were lots of races on the porch.

There was time for reflective pondering while sitting looking out at the rain.

Boxes to play in and people to talk to and lots of things to do.

That is Ben our oldest son sitting on his kick wheel. Megan, tell him to take it home if he wants it. :)

I loved this shot because of all of the action going on in it.

It was a nice day. We had lots of rain so the Easter egg hunt got postponed until late in the day. One of the nicest things was doing communion with all of our family. This is the first communion that Nik has been apart of here. I sat in the corner and I watched while my husband read the Bible, I still have the eggs with each of the things I made when my kids were small so that each child can open an egg and in it will be the bread and the 30 pieces of silver( 3 dimes) ending with the empty one. Each Father gave the bread and juice for each family. As I sat and watched while this was going on, I was stuck by how very blessed we are, to have such a large room full of people, all having a common bond. It is a huge shock to see how God took our lives and has given us so much overflowing into our laps. I am so very thankful.

It is a good way to start April, to see how blessed we are and how much joy that we have.
I hope your Monday is very nice. I am so glad to go back to school. I figure by Wednesday, I might not be sore and I can start working again. It is race against the clock now.

Have a great day,


  1. Hi Kim! Your Easter looks like it was full of love and joy!
    Your porch is the perfect spot for vrrroooom vrrrooooming!
    You have a good attitude about "back to school". I hope I do, a week from now!
    love love love

  2. It looks like you're starting out April on a good note! I'll be your grandkids love that porch...I can envision lots of races...rollerskating...and all sorts of fun at Grandma's house! I wish I could smell that hyacinth on your header!

  3. It certainly is evident that you had a very meaningful Easter Sunday, Kim! That is the way it should be!

    xo Nellie

  4. "The grandchildren came with their parents" Haha! Ok, I see how it is. :P It was a very nice day, and I am so happy it rained! I have no idea where I would put that kick wheel...

  5. i just love your porch! what a great play area for young and old.

  6. Lovely pictures of Easter! Happy Easter!

  7. What a wonderful and blessed Easter you had. My heart smiled at your description of your communion.

  8. It sounds wonderful. It's fun to know with all the toys, kids can still be entertained with a box :)

  9. Thanks for sharing your Easter Celebration with us. Grandkids make any celebrations special. Creative kids can play with anything as they like to pretend a lot. It wonderful having the family meal all together and having a place for the children to play out of the rain. Yaeh, you're getting rain... that in itself is another blessing.


  10. Sounds like the perfect day to me! I love that you have communion as a family! What a wonderful way to celebrate! We didn't get any rain. Lots of clouds though. Enjoy your week Kim!

  11. It was such a nice day! The rain and the rainbow made it magical, somehow. I'm so glad I grabbed your camera and snapped some pictures. :-)

  12. So precious Kim. My husband and I were saying the same thing yesterday as we headed home from being with our kids. The heart is just so full when you know your kids and their kids are following Jesus and growing in their faith. Our cups are full. So glad you had such a wonderful Easter! I love the communion part.

  13. The pictures are priceless. What an amazing Easter you had. Kids make everything better, don't you think.


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