Sunday, November 19, 2017

Almost Thanksgiving

My Favorite color Mums
Here we are the week before Thanksgiving. I feel much smarter this year. Everyone is bringing something if they want to and what doesn't get here we will still have more than enough food. I hope you and your friends and family will have a wonderful day. We are doing the turkey of course.

That top picture on my blog was the last of my pumpkins. I had no idea there were still that many left. I wish I remembered what kind those Cinderella pumpkins are for sure. I cut one, it really reminded me of banana squash. It smelled so good that I think I will be using them like banana squash. Thinking about how good they smelled makes my mouth water. They are very meaty. My chickens went crazy for them.

I just wanted to wish you a very happy and wonderful Thanksgiving. Have a lovely week,


 When we believe in the impossible, it becomes possible, and we can do all kinds of extraordinary things.
Madeleine L'Engle

Friday, November 10, 2017

Just A Finish

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I get more scatter brained. I have though, managed to think of what people are going to bring this year. A week ahead of time rather than just days.

 I have a funny story to tell you.

 I went to the grocery store this morning. I was just picking up some things for Thanksgiving but not all of it. You know just odds and ends that are gone when I want them. I think other people were thinking the same thing as the store was packed for 9:00 A.M. on a Friday morning.

Of course that early, they never have enough help. I wasn't in a hurry so I was just looking around and watching people. There was a Chinese man buying soft drinks in front of me. He is there every Friday morning buying the sodas for his restaurant. He doesn't speak English very well, but I always smile and nod and he always smiles and nods back. Its funny the people you see on a routine basis.

The young man who was checking groceries was harried. I always have a ton of stuff and I was thinking about other things and just putting my things on the belt. In California you have to bring your own grocery bags. If you forget you have to pay 10 cents a bag. Not a big deal. I think its the principal of the thing. If you go to say Home Depot or Michaels or Hobby Lobby, they give them to you.

Back to my story. I gave him my bags and there wasn't a bag person, so I just walked to the end and started bagging my own groceries. Which really made the guy upset.  He told me he was sorry, then he got on the loud speaker and called all courtesy clerks to the front. I noticed someone had been messing with their loud speaker because it echoed through the store like Elvis in Love Me Tender. No one came.

I used up all of my bags I had brought and I said to him, " You need to charge me for extra bags because I used up what I brought." He looked at me, and said, " You are not buying a single bag, you can have all you want!" I smiled and said thank you and a gal showed up about then and finished up. Out of the blue he said,
" Come on to the back with me, I am giving you a turkey! I said what? He said, Yep, I am giving you turkey!
I pointed at the register because I hadn't paid yet and he said, " Never mind I am getting you the biggest turkey I can find!" He came back to the register with a 20 pound turkey and put it in my basket. I just laughed and went out to the car. Isn't that funny! I have chuckled to myself all day. He was still very grumpy that no one had come to help with all of the people in line.

I finished my last old project from two years ago. Well, not all of them of course. I could stitch for years and not finish them all. I think I have done all of the Fancey Blacketts by Pineberry Lane now.

I just love those patterns.

I wanted to show you the tiny bit I have left on my crow rug. I just need to get to it and stop procrastinating.

 See that tiny little square? That's it.

I had to get back to His Eye is on the Sparrow today. I really wanted to finish it this year and I know I won't. But here it is.

I thought I was further along. I am doing the bird now so I feel like I got over my mental block. It really will be lovely if I ever get it finished. I am glad I stopped and finished the other projects. My mind wasn't yelling at me so much to hurry.

Two of our kids are in Israel this week. The pictures have been wonderful. I am sure they will have all kinds of stories to tell when they get back. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Thank you so much for stopping by today.


 We have to be braver than we think we can be, because God is constantly calling us to be more than we are.
Madeleine L'Engle

Friday, November 3, 2017

Finishing Projects

Now that its November, I thought I could share my goals I made for myself at the end of 2016. I got my fit-bit and on December 26th I started walking. Each month I finished was shocking to me. That I could walk almost every day at the beginning seemed impossible. Today my stats are this: 3,423,599 steps, 426 floors and 1,348.44 miles. I walk now first thing every morning and then walk every hour at least 250 steps. My son Peter gave me the fit-bit for Christmas, and he said the other day, " I never dreamed that giving you a fit-bit would change your life so much, Mom you are a different person, you used to be sad some mornings and now you never are." That was very high praise I thought. I have not lost weight though, Just the first ten pounds but the weird thing is my clothes look like clown pants.

My other goal was I was not going to buy wool or linen the whole year. I was going to use what I had. I was so afraid of moths getting into my wool. After a whole year, I still have wool. My backing is gone and I have been trying to hook and finish up past projects. I still have past projects. This is my wool rug and I have to dye wool today to finish it.

I am that close. I have used the Dusty Little Dye book for the background of this rug. Now I know there maybe a rule someplace but this is what I have done. You really can't tell too much. I like the movement in the rug, but since I haven't bought wool I had to get creative. I took worms, (other cut up wool pieces from other projects.) I dyed them with the wool I was dyeing for the background. They take a bit longer to dry, but they work just as well and I am using up my wool that way. Which  was what I wanted to do, not buy but use up.

My wool storage is down to two storage boxes. I can shut the lids finally. I will tell you this that this has been so hard to not buy wool, or patterns or linen.

The next thing I wanted to do was finish up my counted cross stitch patterns that I started in years past.
Here are the three I managed to finish up this week. Well except the bottom one, it was new.

The top two are Fancey Blackett by Pineberry Lane. I have one more that I hope to finish today and the bottom picture is from Jenny Hoffman Country Rustic Primitives. Which I did purchase because I needed to just do that witches face. Sometimes I stumble.

I have even been picking and saving seeds from my poor zinnias. I don't know where I get these ideas but they come to me. Like my November goal until Thanksgiving in not complaining. Its harder than I thought it would be, I complain far to much. I even get tired of listening to myself complain.

So just some things I wanted to share. I am thankful that I set that goal for myself, and never did I think I would be able to accomplish any of them. I am so glad I bought so much wool in 2016 and so much dye. Not to mention linen. What does that say about me though, I bought so much it has taken me a year to use it up.
Do you know I still have patterns in bags.

It really does though for me, it takes more brain power to live intentionally. I guess you could say, I have been sort of embarrassed about my goals and too afraid to tell you in case I couldn't accomplish them.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Here is is perfect, cloudy skies, colder weather. The air is wonderful. Lovely, lovely November.


We do not draw people to Christ by loudly discrediting what they believe, by telling them how wrong they are and how right we are, but by showing them a light that is so lovely that they want with all their hearts to know the source of it.
Madeleine L'Engle

 ---Madeline L'Engle

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Time to be Thankful, Fall Textures.

I was taking pictures today. I was surprised to myself the different textures in fall verses things in the spring.
Everything is tired, but it has its own beauty. Here are a few of the textures that caught my eye.

These are my giant sunflowers that the birds couldn't read because of the weight of the sunflower seeds as they ripened the sunflower head bent lower and lower. I cut them off yesterday and turned them right side up.
As of yet, they had not been noticed by hungry birds. I bet once they are noticed the birds will devour the seeds.

The Pomegranates are getting ripe. Kind of like persimmons the leaves start falling when the fruit gets ripe. I have a walnut tree growing in my flowerbed that I will move this winter. I have left it now for three years.

My tiny little rose bush. The flowers are so bedraggled. I wish they were covered in raindrops.

Some years the reds on the trees keep my eyes staring at the colors but for some reason this year I can't take my eyes off of the Japanese Lantern tree. I find myself staring at it during the day as I can see it from my kitchen. I love the way the green is fading from the leaves and the shape of the leaves.

I harvested some of the pumpkins yesterday. I left these on the vines because they just aren't ready yet. I set them on their bottoms and I loved how pretty they looked sitting out there in my pumpkin patch. I love the way that vine in the top picture looks so curly. Next year when I plant these I will plant them earlier in the year.

The reds are so pretty this year, but I am afraid the leaves are falling so fast there won't be much time to enjoy the colors.

I love these colors of the different leaves. I could see so many different kinds of leaves from all of the different trees. Tired leaves ready for bed. To be turned into this lovely stuff.

We worked on this all summer. We are using it now. Such wonderful mulch.

I had to show you what is coming up in my flowerbeds now. My Iris bulbs. So when it seems winter never ends, there in the ground are the secret promises of spring.

I just thought I would share today, the textures of fall.


Its a time for taking stock of  being Thankful every day.

 If we commit ourselves to one person for life, this is not, as many people think, a rejection of freedom; rather, it demands the courage to move into all the risks of freedom, and the risk of love which is permanent; into that love which is not possession but participation.
Madeleine L'Engle

Monday, October 30, 2017

Spooky Halloween Story

Today is my house cleaning day. I also thought it would be a nice time to finish decorating. I keep some of my things out in my shed, and as I walked out there and opened the door, I had this very scary thought. " What if someone was waiting in there with an ax or machete or anything else sharp." Don't ask me why, it was just this weird thought. Nothing was in there by the way.
Which led me on another rabbit trail as I was mopping the floors. Mopping for me is where I think deep thoughts. I like mopping.

I am going back in time for this post. When we moved out here I was four years old. My parents and grandparents were busy trying to get the houses ready for us to live in, my mom and dad and my younger brother and sister were going to live in the old farm house and my grand parents in a Quonset hut.

The Quonset Hut today.
 My Dad and my Grandpa  needed to see how the wiring was up in the attic of the old farm house. They climbed up into the attic and they brought down old toys. One was a very old beanie with the helicopter blade on top that still worked. A super scary looking old doll. Dad brought down a very old Ouija Board. My Grandmother wanted to see it but my Dad was as it seemed to me at four was very mad. He walked outside. He took it to this hole in the ground that was very deep and threw it in. I was forbidden to even go around that place and he placed very large pieces of wood on it.

There it is today. It still gives me the creeps. Same old wood and timbers.

Fast forward a few years. My parents bought a old house and had it moved onto the other side of the property. The city had condemned a whole bunch of houses so they could build a new freeway. My mom and dad bought one of those houses. It had been originally built in the 1920s.  I still remember watching from my Grandma's house as our house went by on trucks. It was up on blocks until my Dad could get the plumbing done and the electrical wiring finished. ( My dad wasn't very good at that because when you flushed one of the toilets scalding water came out.) The day came while I was at school when they removed the blocks and it settled on its foundation. Then my parents began to turn this house into a home. They worked on it day and night. 

In the middle bedroom. My parents hadn't started working on it yet. There was drop cloths and paint cans and a trash can. The trash can was over in the corner of the room. I was about six by this time and I walked in the room and sitting on top of the trash can was that Ouija board and the planchette. It freaked me out because it seemed to be that same one from the attic that was thrown in the hole in the ground earlier. I couldn't understand how or why it was there. My Dad walked in and saw it and started yelling at me. He started accusing me of getting in the hole and getting it out. Thankfully my Mom came in and talked sense into him. I still can't figure out how it got there. He took it and I have no idea what he did with it.

There has always been weird things that have happened with that house. We kept our television in what was then our library. My Mom hated television and we rarely got to watch it. (She also didn't let us eat between meals nor other junk, like cookies.)  One evening, it was a Friday night. I walked by the library and the T.V. was on. No one was in the library. My Mom was in the kitchen making dinner and my younger siblings were in the kitchen with her. I walked in and sat down and to this day, I am still scared of what I saw. I won't tell you all of the horrifying images that are indelibly still in my brain but one of them is a man looking up as an ax comes down and cuts his head off and the head rolls down the hill into a lake. I think I screamed. Now you know why I said what I did in my first paragraph. My Mom didn't believe me when I said I didn't turn the on the television.

A few months later, same thing, I heard something on in the library and I walked in and a terrible movie was on again. I watched it for a little bit and turned off the T.V. and left. This was 1966 or so, but I can still see the horror in my mind as clear as day.

I was thinking about that house. We only lived there 10 years after my Mom died. The people who bought it after us claimed it was haunted. The older lady who lived there alone, was finally moved to a convalescent home because her stories of the beings that were in the house talking to her freaked her family out.

  When I went next door to the renters that moved in after the house was redone and  wanted me to see the inside. I went room to room looking at the changes and how modern the new owner had made the house. Then the weird thing was out of the clear blue sky, the lady asked me, " Is this house haunted?" I kind of jumped and asked " Oh I don't know, why?" She told me how they had put new towels out in one of the bathrooms and when they came back they were changed and in a different place. They had asked each person in the house if they had changed the towels and no one had. Then they wanted to know about the footsteps they heard at night. I didn't really say much, but I knew about the footsteps. I told my brother one day when I went to visit him and he said, " Oh gosh the footsteps, he said, do you remember the time I stayed home alone and I have never been so scared in my life, there were what sounded like people in every room. He said, I never stayed there alone again."

I often wonder if the people that live there now hear things. I think about it all of the time. You know some houses are brooding and sad? That is how I think of that house. The worst trials of my life happened in the years that I lived there.
 So that is my Halloween creepy story.
There have been too many weird and unexplained things that have happened in my life. To not be aware of the supernatural.


From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us!
---Scottish Prayer.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

At Sunset

The sun is setting so fast now. I feel like I run that last hour of the day to get every thing finished before the sky is dark and velvety. I was cooking dinner tonight as the sun was dropping behind the trees. The trees that are turning red are now becoming with the setting sun like trees on fire. I wanted to run out so bad with my camera but dinner was already late. I made cornbread and it needed butter. Steaming cornbread and melting butter is its own treat.

I am so glad that Ron planted all of these trees that change color every fall. You know if you had palm trees you just get flags that wave in the wind. One of our sons and his wife are in Portland, Oregon today. He kept sending me these beautiful pictures of Mount Hood with snow still on its peak. The lake that they were standing by was like a dark purple looking glass with Mount Hood reflected in its depths. Our daughter and her husband are in Northern California and they were sending pictures of the Golden Gate bridge and then of the rocky beaches up there.

Seeing the pictures reminds me of the beauty of the west coast. I think that every place has its own quiet beauty. Right now every time I go outside to get my 250 steps, the weather is perfect. The skies are blue and the air seems sparkly. I wonder why in October the skies turn to azure and the air seems to crackle with gold.

I just had to write tonight. Seeing the sun and the leaves, just makes me feel so happy to be alive.

I hope your day is just as wonderful.


Guess Who is Back?
November is usually such a disagreeable month as if the year had suddenly found out she was growing old and could do nothing but weep and fret over it.    

Anne Shirley