May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, September 21, 2015

Almost Fall

It is almost Fall, I am happily anticipating its arrival.  Going out of spring into summer this year, I barely kept myself sane, being afraid that the summers heat would be so much worse than 2014. Thankfully it hasn't been that hot and we haven't had as many over 100 degree days like we did in 2014. With fall around the corner I feel like I can breathe. We did loose trees, all of our redwoods will have to be cut down, as will our cherry tree and our nectarine and peach trees. Four years of drought and heat just took their toll. Ron has been growing so many replacement trees, I think we will have plenty to replace the ones that died.

This summer has been one where I went down to the city planning offices and talked to the powers that are about the road out in front. I think they came up with a very nice solution and when the road is finished and expanded it will be much nicer than it was before. I told them my concerns and they are going to give us our own lane and sidewalks and street lights. I have found, that for the most part, people are very nice when you explain things slowly and carefully. We will even get a stoplight at the end of the street, which will be such a nice improvement over what it is now.

In June, along with Ron's spider bite, my sister being on life support and having 0 percent of living. I can say that Ron is fine and my sister is walking and getting around and getting better day by day. What I didn't tell you is that Kessie, my oldest daughter, found out that she was carrying the genetic marker for Cystic Fibrosis with this baby she is going to have in November and she had hypothyroidism. June was like living on the edge.

Kessie has written a lovely post here. She describes what she did to heal herself through diet and vitamins and mineral supplements. When she got the results back on Friday from all of her lab reports, I feel that it is nothing short of miraculous.

I was looking through my prayer request lists on Friday. I do that from time to time so I can write down all of the answers that God gave. All of them He answered, in ways that were better than I could have dreamed. I feel very small when I look at those requests that seem impossible and so big. 

I am closing the books on this summer of 2015.  In May, looking at what I thought was going to be a perfect summer and seeing all of the ways it wasn't, but so much of it was filled with unanswered questions and trials and tests and tears. I can say, that God was always good, and faithful. Even when I was not. I go into this new season, already with some new things on the horizon. It is okay, though, because I know, that I am loved. Have a lovely week.

“Well, any love makes us vulnerable. Whatever we love will give the gift of pain somewhere along the road. But who would live sealed in spiritual cellophane just to keep from ever being hurt? There are a few people like that. I'm sorry for them. I think they are as good as dead.”
― Gladys Taber, Harvest at Stillmeadow


  1. Summer is gone? How fast the seasons leave us.

    Your daughter's post was encouraging.

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. God is so good, so miraculously loving. Fall onward! (HUG!)

  3. Good morning! You have such a good attitude about our weather that I am glad I visited this morning. We were 104 here yesterday and are supposed to be well into the ninety's all week and I am soo over it, lol. Truely I am just soo tired of being hot. Hopefully it will cool off soon and be done with it till next summer. Sooo glad to hear your daughter was able to cure herself changing her diet etc. It really bothers me too that doctors don't want to hear how things like this are done sooo sure drugs are always the answer. Soo much has gone on around here this summer too, it definitely was a hard one. And yet your soo right.....our God is faithful. He is merciful and He loves us. However we would be able to get on without Him. Hope you have a good week!

  4. A sweet and thoughtful post.... thank you for sharing with us :)
    I will have to go over and read Kessie's post.

    Love the sweet quote by Gladys Taber at the end. Sums up things nicely.

    ~Smiles :)

  5. Oh my goodness, what a traumatic June you had. All of these experiences could drive one to despair, but it is such an amazing testimony of his love and generosity that God has provided in the way that he has.

  6. i am so glad things have worked out so well. and even that road!!

  7. I adore Gladys Tabor; she's wonderful! God is a God of miracles and am praising Him with you for the miracles He's worked in your family.

  8. Where do I start Kim, I absolutely love Gladys Taber's writings, I also love your writings, you have a way of bringing a person right where you are sitting, just like Gladys Taber did!

    I am so glad Ron is doing fine, I was cautioning my DH the other day about spiders as I was referring to Ron's bite this summer.
    And the miracle that Kessie had is so awesome, I will go and read it when I finish my comment. Yes! dear friend God is and has always been so faithful, and He is so good to us! Thank you for sharing of God's faithfulness!
    I so agree when one takes the time to be civil when dealing with other folks, more gets accomplished, so happy for the change. and last but not least, I am so looking forward to Autumn, and cooler weather, and am also praying for rain, we just planted our winter rye for grazing about a week ago, and if we don't get rain soon, i don't know what will happen to the seed, but as i have stated, Our God is so faithful.
    Much love from me to you,

  9. You have certainly seen two miracles this summer all to the testament that we serve a mighty God. I am on my way over to read Kessis's story. I think lots of us are ready for a new season..

  10. What a summer, Kim! Yes, you are loved, and God is faithful!
    xo Nellie

  11. What a month of June this has been for you and your family.
    Talk about being put to the test. You have all come out victorious.

    I read Kessi's storey and ZI'm impressed about how she got her health back but I'm puzzled about the lack of affirmation and goodwill from her doctor. It looks like she been outdone by your daughter. Instead of congratulating Kezzie for taking her own health seriously, she acted as a sore looser. Very unprofessional of that doctor.

    When I got a perfect score on my 8 blood test and turned my health around, my doctor was ecstatic of the great report and asked what I was doing to to change my health around and told me to continue doing what I was doing.

    Thanks for sharing Kessi's story and congratulation to her for being so smart.

    Best of luck with the new baby to arrive.
    Hope everything will be smooth going for both of them.

  12. I am thankful that your family is recovering. What a rough summer. I hope you get some rain. Four years of drought is too much. I'm impressed that you already have replacement trees. It is nice to see a story about how pills on top of pills is not always a solution. I feel today's doctors are the biggest drug dealers around. Thanks for swinging by my porch.

  13. Your words give me courage and hope in God as my family and I face seemingly insurmountable difficulties.
    And you quoted Gladys Taber! My mom introduced me to her writing many years ago.

  14. Your words give me courage and hope in God as my family and I face seemingly insurmountable difficulties.
    And you quoted Gladys Taber! My mom introduced me to her writing many years ago.

  15. Autumn at your house always looks beautiful!! And your definition of "hot/heat" is very different than mine 😉

  16. A wonderful post. I love that you keep a book of prayer requests and how they have been answered. Thanks for sharing your daughters story.

  17. A lovely sweet post with lots of encouragement and faith! God is a great Heavenly Father
    God bless each of you!

  18. Kim
    I think your journaling of your prayers is such a good practice. In those times when we feel there will never be an answer to our prayers it would be good to look back and see how faithful Our Lord has been.
    My, how you must have been worried for Kessie! Praise the Lord she is better and took the initiative herself to discover a course of treatment.
    No doubt Fall is especially welcome out there in your neck of the woods!

  19. Hooray! Pumpkin season is almost here!


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