May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Friday, June 5, 2015

A New Rug Finish

I finally have a rug to share with you. I wanted to see how fast I could hook a rug. Someone asked me that.
When I sat and thought about it, I really didn't have any idea. I started this rug last Friday and I steamed it last night. It is a big rug, so it will maybe take me all weekend to get it bound. You know that hooking rugs really is a labor of love. This one is my own pattern. From drawing out the design to pulling the final loop is a big job. It never ever feels like work. Okay enough chatter.

I had fun with this. I still have trouble with colors. Specially as I was trying to use up my all of my worms.
I never seem to make a dent in them and they just seem to multiply.  I did have to dye the background as I didn't have enough of that. I used my dye spoons so I got really good results. I used Karen Kahle's Dusty Little Dye Book. I really do enjoy that little book, and getting so many different colors out of just three colors of dye.

I started a new rug last night. It is a mermaid rug. I have three rugs I need to do while it is summer. A Ship, A Whale and the Mermaid. We should hit 100 degrees plus temperatures next week. That always slows down my hooking.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Doing all of the things you love best.


“I think that love is more like a light that you carry. At first childish happiness keeps it lighted and after that romance. Then motherhood lights it and then duty . . . and maybe after that sorrow. You wouldn't think that sorrow could be a light, would you, dearie? But it can. And then after that, service lights it. Yes. . . . I think that is what love is to a woman . . . a lantern in her hand.”
Bess Streeter Aldrich---A Lantern in Her Hand.

(The book I am currently reading.)


  1. Oh, I just love that quote ! The many seasons of life...
    Your rug hooking is just perfect. ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Kim.

  2. Maybe, if you can hang them, you could show your rugs as an art exhibit where you have your pictures...just a thought.

  3. it's a beautiful rug! i like your designs. :)

  4. Your rug is just fantastic! I love it! Well done you!

  5. I love that Lantern in Her Hand quote, Kim. Wow! The rug is beautiful! I love it!
    I hope you don't swelter in the heat, friend.

  6. You amaze me! I hope your weekend is great!

  7. Oh that is so pretty I love your rugs. HUGS B

  8. You are FAST my friend. I've never seen anyone hooking rugs as fast as you. Your rug looks fantastic.
    100 degree F. is too hot for me.
    It's 19 °C. or 66.2 and I thought the sun was hot. I'm a wimp.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Your newly hooked rug is a rustic charmer! I especially like the sunflower because it reminds me of some of your posts about the sunflowers and the parrots. But I can't wait to see the ship, the whale and the mermaid! Three of my favorite topics, I guess because they all have to do with the sea!

  10. Fun rug! I like the stripe on the border. I think a hooked rug of the hydrangeas would be a knock-out! If you get hot this weekend, crank up the AC!

  11. I loved *A Lantern in Her Hand" and all the other Bess Streeter Aldrich books. She's one of my favs. Your rug is beautiful. You do amazing work. Question: Is the first flower pictured chamomile? I'm going to be growing it for the first time this summer for tea. A blog friend gave me seeds and told me to contain it because it spreads. Yes?

  12. i was excited when i saw the title, it's so pretty!! my hydrangeas are getting ready to pop and i can't wait.....last year we did not get any flowers here at the shore because of all the storms!!

    this year, i will enjoy them twice as much and bring lot's indoors!!!

  13. People ask me how long it takes to hook something and I can't tell them either. Your rug is very sweet!
    YES. Worms do multiply. They are worse than rabbits!!!
    Hugs :)

  14. Oh what beautiful colours in your hydrangeas.

    All the best Jan

  15. Very nice! Your own design...fantastic! Where do you get your supplies?

  16. Nicely done!
    Love your cute design, and I love the colors you chose.



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