May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Twaddle Tuesday

This sunflower is a volunteer. I am so glad I have a few that have managed to live in the dry pasture. Even though we have had a few days of rain.

 Today's twaddle will consist of the obsession I have right now with making jam. I guess I should show you my pantry.

This was yesterdays batch. I had so many to pick and then to make them in this and of course clean up the huge mess I always seem to make.

My pantry is a little wasted space place that was under the stairs. When we were building the house, I asked the builder if he would just turn this place into a extra place for me to store food. It is one of my favorite places. I feel like a miser every time I look in here. My work in jars.

The plums are starting to get ripe. When our grandsons were here, they ate so many of these plums. Even though they weren't ripe, they ate them anyway. They love plums. The apricots aren't ripe either but they ate those too.

The apricots are few, but they are very nice. Not enough to make jam.

I have these lovely little tomatoes. I haven't ever had tomatoes this early. This year, I have been putting manure tea on them. Ron put some magnesium this weekend. I think they like the manure tea the best.
I am going to keep giving that so than on my shelf in my pantry I can fill the top shelf with spaghetti sauce.

Behind the sunflower you can see how very dry the pasture is and how brown. At least the trees are green.
One thing about all of those cottonwoods that we planted is that they are pretty drought tolerant.
We had enough rain this last week that Ron was able to disk it and get rid of the weeds. So now it looks nice and fluffy. Though it isn't. It will be okay though for now.

It has been the most beautiful May. I really can't complain.
Have a wonderful week,

“The most pathetic person in the world is some one who has sight but no vision.”
― Helen Keller
( I have read the stories of Helen Keller and one of my favorite books was Helen Keller's Teacher. By Annie Sullivan. Miss Keller continues to be one of the biggest examples of courage in my life. Then when I lost my sight so briefly, I understood her words in a brand new way.)


  1. so, will you let the field grow over now?

  2. You're a-canning away, aren't you? Looks pretty yummy to me.

  3. I know where you could get all the manure you want, to make manure tea! :) I love looking at the pantry, full of jars of goodies! All that hard work is so worth it!

  4. How do you make manure tea?

  5. Wow, a lot of jam, they make such nice gifts.

    Good luck with loads of big juicy red tomatoes too . Manure tea is really good for any plants. I have used manure tea before but my life is so busy right now that I never even think of making manure tea.

    No weeds in sight in your garden. Wow! that sunflower sure is a beauty. I love those little volunteer seeds that comes up to blossom.

    Take care and keep on making jam if it keeps you happy.
    have a great day and I hope you'll get more rain. It's raining today again and I cleaned the milk tank and took down cobwebs in the milkhouse. .


  6. Oh, how I envy your pantry and its contents. A lot of work, I know, but still it is so beautiful. We have many (and I mean many) lemons. What would you suggest and/or how could I make a canned something or jam?

  7. You are my 'farm fix', Kim. I love to see those jars you have on your shelf. So much more fun than seeing cans in the grocery store. You get to do a little bit of all of it and I love reading about it!

  8. Well done, jam maker! Your pantry is smart!

  9. My mom always used manure tea, too, and she had great success with plants.
    All your jams look wonderful.
    Hugs :)

  10. How wonderful to look in on those shelves and see all your hard work in those glistening jars of jam, I love it! I was just thinking that yesterday....May has been a GORGEOUS month. Wouldn't it be wonderful if June is just as nice? Enjoy the rest of your week!

  11. That's a nice looking pantry, Kim, you inspire me!!

  12. A full pantry is a wonderful feeling !! Those plum trees are amazing. You are very fortunate to live in a location where so much can be grown and do so well. May has been spectacular.

  13. How wonderful that you've been able to can so much lately!
    Love your sweet little pantry, filled with your garden goodness.
    Nothing beats homemade!

    Sweet sunflowers!



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