May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thinking On Thursday

I have no idea where this week has gone. It is more like Whew!!! Is it Thursday already? Has your week been like that? I think we must have won the skunk battle. No new digging for over a week now. Unless of course, the skunk was/is a momma skunk and she has had babies, and just hasn't ventured to the outside world. I still go out and put the chickens to bed every night. I am the worst coward, because I forget about locking them in, five days out of seven. I forget to go out when there is light in the sky, and have to take a flash light with me. I have this vision of me walking up on a skunk and it getting me. Then having to stay outside in the cold, buck naked while Ron spays me down with skunk deodorizer and then drip drying and then getting washed in the hose.

There is no way I would come in the house and have that smell everywhere. So far though, I haven't seen one face to face.

I have been hooking and binding rugs all this week. I can tell it has been a lot as my hands woke me up this morning aching. Or it could be the change in weather. We have some more storms coming to us. We are almost at our yearly total for rain. Hold on to your seats. Here in the town I live in, we have had 4.11 inches of rain. A normal year, is 4.19 we are right now 98% of normal. I was very excited to see that. With the next couple of storms we might be ahead of the game. I thought you would be excited to see how little rain we do get compared to other places. It is after all a desert. albeit, a blooming one.

I was driving this week, the almond orchards are almost in full bloom. It is so pretty to see when they are blooming and the petals are drifting down like snowflakes and the ground is white with the blossoms.  I need to go back and take pictures of them. In the movie McFarland, they did a very nice job I think of portraying the central valley and how it looks when you drive the 99 Freeway.

 It is almost time to change the calendars. We will get winter next week after all of the warmth we have had for February. I am glad to get a bit of rain and snow in the mountains. I hope you have a lovely Thursday.


" Change is a fine thing; growth is necessary in our ideas, our institutions and our way of life. And
yet I think we should be very careful not to become a regimented people, and not to discard the value
of individuality."
---The Book of Stillmeadow, March, p. 112
Gladys Taber


  1. Thank you so much for your sweet words of encouragement. Our grandson was in Children's Hospital in Fresno earlier this month, so we drove through the central valley. I thought of you. He had meningitis, but is doing much better now. Spring is showing up everywhere around here too, but the local mountains are covered in snow after this last rain. We're supposed to get more this weekend. Oh, how my kids wish we'd get snow!

  2. really glad you've gotten some good rain - and more to come! hope your luck continues with the skunk!

  3. Yay for rain:) Boo for skunk smell:)It will not bother you.......I think:0 hug B

  4. I love how you get so excited about rain. But seeing those numbers I have a better understanding of why. We can get that much on a weekend!
    I hope you don't end up stinky and buck naked in your yard. Lol. Too funny

  5. Oh my goodness, i can picture you buck naked being sprayed with skunk deodorizer. You're so funny.
    I'm glad you got lots of rain but as you already know we get a lot more than we need.

    I'm glad that the skunk hasn't bothered you lately. Smart skunk.

    Have a nice weekend. Time goes real fast here too.

  6. Glad that skunk has moved somewhere else - hopefully!

    Also, glad that you are having good rain. The blooms on the trees are beautiful!

    xo Nellie

  7. I would love to see the beautiful sight of almond orchards in bloom ! I look forward to seeing the peach blossoms ;) Ah Spring, where are you ?

  8. I could go for some buds around here. Unfortunately, it's still cold and we still have lots of snow. It will come. I know it will...but I am growing more impatient each year. xo

  9. i love when it rains, i love when it snows and i adore the sunshine!!! i enjoy it all!!

    i despise skunks, we have a lot here!!

  10. Maybe you could stand outside in the rain, if the skunk gets you! :) Just Kidding!!
    That's great, that your'e getting ahead on moisture levels. Water is such a needed resource...I can't imagine only getting that much rain a year!

  11. One time when we were on vacation and our neighbor was taking care of our chickens, she went down to gather the eggs and shut them up at dusk, and she put her hand in the nest without seeing very well, and there was a skunk in the nest! She got sprayed, and when we came home went to her house, when she first saw us all she could do was laugh hilariously. Obviously she was the right person for the job.

  12. Oh, I'm glad to read that the skunk hasn't been around!
    Heaven knows it would be a bad day for you, if you got sprayed....**yikes**!

    The blossoms are beautiful! We are weeks away from any blossoms here, I'm afraid.
    Oh, well... Spring will show up.. one of these days :)


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