May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful on Thursday

This is a definite slide in sideways kind of day.  Then I looked out and saw the sunrise.

I was reminded we have a Pineapple Express on the way. Which means rain is lined up to Hawaii. It makes me so happy, to know that this weekend it will be raining. I walked out on the porch, to watch the sun come up, and in the distance I can hear the meadowlarks. I can smell the faint smell of spring. The pear trees across the road have the faint color of green and the trees are beginning to bloom. Emilie is finally well from being so sick with the flu. So many things to rejoice about today. Sometimes, like this week, I had my eyes opened to the gifts I take for granted.

This morning, instead of looking at the yard that needs to be mowed. I focused my attention on all of the wishes that are growing in my yard, and the picture of my grandsons, joyfully, picking them and making bouquets of dandelions and picking and making wishes. I wonder what they wished for as they blew the downy seeds away?

  Life is filled with such sweet things if I but try to see them. I had a hard day this week. I don't want to focus on that but what came after. As I was leaving this house, the lady I was visiting had a hummingbird feeder almost out her front door, and on the sidewalk I walked on I had to pass next to the feeder. The lady was talking to me, and I turned back to look and I could see on the roof, the hummingbird scolding me. I told her I needed to go as I was disturbing the hummingbird. I could see the incredulity on her face. At that moment the hummingbird flew down to the feeder right next to my right arm. It was green and had a white throat, with a red heart under its chin. I stood really still as I looked and it drank and it watched me but continued to drink. Then another one came and landed across from the first. It drank too. I was so mesmerized. Then I became aware of the lady staring. She very drily remarked, " What are you the bird whisperer?" I came back to earth with a thump. She said, " I make those feeders every day and they have never done that for me before."  I said, it has never happened to me either, but I do have one that follows me around at home."
I don't think she would have believed me if she had not seen that with her own eyes.

I think sometimes I might spend to much time on my own. When I go out into the world I am not prepared for people anymore. I never know if it is me, but people seem so much more broken, sad, lonely and something has changed. I feel so ill equipped.

But this is a happy post and I hope you have a wonderful Thursday. Thank you for stopping by today.
I haven't told you how much I appreciate all of your lovely comments. Going out in the world reminds me how blessed I am with your friendship that is always so kind and loving. You really have changed my life.


" The Way of the Cross is an ordinary street in an ordinary city. It is an ordinary life lived in the grace of God. There is a pot of gold, there is a king's reward, but it comes at the end of the journey."


  1. happiness, it's a choice kim!! some peeps choose it some don't!! i am alone a lot but do enjoy conversing with the people i meet when i am out and about. i find most are genuinely happy, with lovely thoughts and stories to share. those are the ones i share my "business card" with!!! hehehehe....just ignore those cranks!!!!

    pretty blooms today, makin' me think about spring, just a little!!!!

  2. Ah, bird whispering lady, the humming bird looking at you from the roof was not scolding you but sizing you up. They were happy that you came to visit that lady.
    Now I'll remember you as the Bird Whisperer Lady.

    I love that gorgeous Pineapple Express photo of the sky. What a beautiful photo. It would be perfect for a calendar page.

    I'm a tad jealous that you're getting sign of Spring while we are still digging out of another snow storm. I'm glad that it's not cold though.


  3. I visited you today from Michigan and it was so good to see the flowers and a yard that needs mowing instead of shoveling. Thank you for encouraging words.

  4. i think animals and birds can sense a person's character, to some degree. :) glad they came down so close to you! and glad you'll be getting some great rain!

  5. The animals can sense goodness.

  6. Love the pictures! I am glad that you have so many blessings to be grateful for :)
    Glad today is better for you, and you are happy to be home and with your sweet family!


  7. Your yard needs mowing?! Wow. I can't imagine.
    How neat is that...the hummingbirds weren't scared of you. I would love that! Enjoy the rain this weekend.

  8. Love this post, Kim. That's wonderful about the hummingbirds sensing what a gentle, peaceful person you are! There is such pain in the world, and we never know what kind of battles the people we encounter are facing. It's such a good thing to be an encouraging soul. xo Nellie

  9. Goodness, that must have been hard. I'm glad there's lots of storms lined up. It's going to be 80 out here by the weekend because the storms are coming.

  10. What a weird lady. I like all of your happy pictures! I am excited for the rain too! I just hope it holds off long enough for Ben to finish the cement work he's working on. :)

  11. Finding joy in the simple things of life is such a gift!
    I like being alone sometimes . I enjoy my little animals Maulie and Morris keep me company all day with their cute faces . Hugs cheri

  12. Kim said, "I think sometimes I might spend to much time on my own. When I go out into the world I am not prepared for people anymore. I never know if it is me, but people seem so much more broken, sad, lonely and something has changed. I feel so ill equipped."

    You have described exactly my feeling! I feel the same way about phone calls to people I don't know, especially if I need help with some type of problem. Thank you for your posts. I'm blessed often by them.


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