May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Still Winter

It happened, I let myself be lulled into that idea that spring was going to stay. Though, I admit to it being not like any of you with the Matterhorn right outside your back door. Pansy flowers are such happy flowers and not a pansy in any stretch of imagination. We have that area of high pressure firmly in place in the pacific.
So we have was is called " An Inside Slider." The weatherman says it doesn't happen very often, but it does.

Part of the snow storm from the east has broken off and is coming our way. It will be our first cold storm with snow of the season. Our storms have been mostly tropical in nature this winter. So a real storm with snow is good. It is nice to be in the house anyway, if I make my mind ignore the weeds. So how is that for talking about the weather. I like weather.

I rearranged and made my table more presentable than the picture the other day. I think it looks nice.

I like how it looks, even without being redone. I really do like that top. I like that silky feel to it because it has been used so much in the past.

Here is what I hope it looks like when I get finished with it. 

I just love this look, but I do like the old farm table look.  I think it would be really nice to have a flat surface to draw rugs out on. My poor dining room table has sharpie lines on it and you know I don't want to ruin my dining room table.

Speaking of rugs, Here is what I am working on when I am not on the computer or talking on the phone. Or watching funny videos on Face Book.

This is the rug that has a stack of farm animals on it. I started with the cow. I can't wait to do the sheep. I love that sheep. The other ones are cute too. I find hooking my own designs to be my favorite. Just because they are mine I guess.

This week in Karen Kahle's blog she sends out she was showing some wonderful rugs she is going to be listing soon in her Etsy store. She used colors from her little Vintage Colors Dye Book. She has a package of all of the colors she used in the book. I was so glad as I was going to be buying them so I felt pretty happy she has them all together to buy in a pack. I can't wait to start dyeing wool again.

We are coming into our last week of February next week. My daughter will be here in two short weeks. I am so excited for March to get here. All of my kids and grands will be under one roof. I am blessed indeed.

I hope you have a lovely Saturday,

" Trust the Oak and the Elm and the great Beech. Take care of the Birch, for though she is honest she is too young not to be changeable. But shun the Ash and the Alder; for the Ash is an Ogre---You will know him by his thick fingers; and the Alder will smother you with her web of hair if you let her near you at night."

"Phantastes  1858---George MacDonald "


  1. An inside slider...never heard of that! I hope it's not too bad. That lovely table with the tulips is just what I needed to brighten my day, as it is SNOWING here today. It's to turn to freezing rain soon, so I'm glad we don't have to go anywhere tonight. The cow on your rug is cute, too. It's the most well behaved and clean cow I've see for a while! :)

  2. well, if you get snow, i hope it is good and nurturing for the soil. :) love your cow. :)

  3. Whatever the weather, just enjoy hooking your latest rug and I have to say how much I love the cow and look forward to seeing the other animals!

  4. Ah yes, winter clings on. Your table is so lovely! Is it pretty sturdy? Our furniture, aged as it is, is held together with copious amounts of Monster glue. :-)

  5. I hope that you get your snow for added moisture in the soil. I worry about your flowering trees and plants. I hope it doesn't get too cold.

    Your table looks really nice with the tulips. The table looks smaller in this picture, I thought it was bigger. I went grocery shopping and I almost bought some tulips but I put them back. I'll have to wait till they grow natural in the garden.

    I love that beautiful cow. Like Alica said your cow is well behaved and clean unlike ours in the winter. They get dirty being inside all winter.

    Take care.

  6. Snow? Do you really think you will have some snow? We may have some more by next week-end! You are really going to be busy with your projects you have in line. I like that cow, and the tulips bring a hope of spring! xo Nellie

  7. I like the table just as it is...beautiful.

  8. I'm not sure that you need to refinish that table as it sure looks delightful as is. But then, the example you shared sure looks charming, too. Decisions, decisions.

    Two weeks until your daughter will be there ... how exciting! I know you just can't wait!

  9. Are those real tulips on your new table ?
    So refreshing ! The "farm animals" look like great fun to hook.

  10. You're already having a lot of fun with your new table! I love it! You're a busy little gal, getting ready for having the whole gang gathered around. Bliss!
    It's very white in our land here. Bill has been quite the snow removal man!

  11. I love your rug and I saw the Karen kale selection just lovely.
    your table is wonderful and how happy it will be to have all of your family around it.

  12. Such a cute little table! I love old worn wood. Definitely has a charm that new wood lacks.

  13. great idea on the table, but honestly, i like it just the way it is!!! spring's coming, we will really appreciate once it's here!!!!


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