May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Friday, February 13, 2015

Odds and Ends

I hope you have had a nice week.I think I have had the attention span of a gnat. For those of you buried under mountains of snow, I know this is hard to read. It is just glorious and full of beautiful sunshine and the air is warm and it smells like spring. Which is the reason, I have to be outside, watching chickens, watching the birds and staring at the sky. I missed this part last year, so it is like the first spring of my life. I sat outside and finished up my February projects. Such a relief to accomplish goals.

Ron brought these home this week. It really has to be my favorite flower. I have stopped and sniffed them so many times, that is all I smell. Though, I admit that I asked for a new hula hoe for Valentines Day. Mine is almost completely worn though the metal. He is going to buy himself one too. So nice to get his and hers hula hoes for a present.

 This is the biggest thing I have ever made. My next couple of projects are bigger. One has three pages, the next four and the final one for 2015 has 38 pages. I am going to have Ron make a frame out of old wood for this one.

Pattern by Nan Lewis---Threadwork Primitives

Pattern by Pineberry Lane

Pattern by Country Stitches

Wool dyed by me
 I used a new dye book this week. This color is supposed to be warm earth. It came out army blanket green.
I can always use green. Still it was not what I was going for, I haven't the nerve to try it again. Yet.

 One thing that is so blissful about right now is for years and I mean for years, I couldn't sit outside and stitch anything. So this marks the first year I can sit out side, and let my chickens out and watch them and sew. You see why I have been letting them out is a skunk had the nerve to move inside the fence, in the backyard, and move under my hen house. I have let them out during the day so as to not have them trapped inside with a skunk if it decided to dig out into the yard. I have been waking up thinking of ways to get it out. I did think how fun it might be if I could just put some fire crackers under there and see what happens. Ron said, " It would spray and then you would have a terrible time." 

Stomping and yelling on the coop floor has not worked.  You know though, if it is a girl and has babies, I am going to keep one.

Anyway, it is Friday, I thought I would write one of those thinking deeply posts, but as I said at the beginning, I have the attention span of a gnat right now.
Have a great weekend,

" The blue of heaven is larger than the clouds."

We ponder God's withholding or bestowing.
And while we pine for what was never given and
what was taken.
While today slips through our fingers."

" For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways---Says the Lord."
Isa. 55:8
---Theresa Burleson---


  1. I loved this post even though I'm looking at single digit temps, although warming up, and snow on the ground with a stiff breeze. Beautiful photography, a languid tone to this post that really touched me, Kim. There's an old soap opry (as we say in the that opened with "These are the days of our lives..." and so they are. I'm more aware since Dave's death, the moments are flying by; I don't want to miss a one.

  2. I'm coming to visit. I've had enough winter, and I want some of your beautiful weather! I can almost smell that Hyacinth from my seat hear at my computer! :) Have a good weekend Kim!

  3. oh, the skunk holing up under your coop is not good! not for chickens. not for sasha! :)

    i like that big sampler stitching thing.

  4. Another pet skunk, huh? Lol I'd like to hear how you'll catch one. ;) It has been beautiful the last few days. I think we are getting flowers from the nursery tomorrow, but the boys and I woke up sick this morning so we'll see. I hope you have a nice weekend! :)

  5. Sunshine is so sweet, isn't it? We have sunshine in the sky but I'm snug in a fleece because it isn't THAT warm and certainly not spring yet. I am so sorry that a skunk moved under the chicken house. Grrrrrrrrr. There are many days that I have the attention span of a gnat so I know just what you mean! Happy Friday!

  6. Very lovely post! Your photographs display the light so beautifully. The samplers are amazing. A lot of work involved in those. I have been working on a cross stitch sampler kit I bought awhile back, and never finished. Hope to get it done this year!? Maybe you can call the Turtle Man to get your skunk to leave?? Ever watch his show? Have a great day! :)

  7. I can smell that hyacinth. I have one blooming on the dining room table and it is heavenly.
    Great cross stitch projects.
    Hugs :)

  8. You take such lovely nature photographs, Kim!
    All of those samplers are coming along beautifully!
    His and hers hoes! Gives romance another dimension! Enjoy!

  9. Beautiful photos and beautiful weather. I am so grateful you get to really enjoy it this year.

    Green black walnut shells make a lovely warm earth dye.

  10. Oh man, not a skunk! Maybe you can have them come trap it? Or just sit outside with a gun at night.

    I like your short attention span posts. I'm sitting here counting the minutes until the pizza gets here. :-)

  11. Oh, yuck! A skunk! What a pest! Do they like to eat eggs?

    You've been very busy. I wouldn't say you've had a gnat's attention span!

    We are cold here, but no snow - at this point!

    xo Nellie

  12. I hope you figure out how to relocate that skunk. I wouldn't be brave enought to stomp on the floor if I thought it was under there. Enjoy your California weather (wink)

  13. Oh no, I hope that the skunk isn't a female who will have her babies under your chicken coop. Baby skunks will spray anything that scares them and they stink as much as the adults.

    I hope it will just go away from the chicken coop.

    Your stitching is so nice. and you've been very busy.

    With another major winter storm and cold temperature coming , spring looks so far away.

    Stay happy.

  14. I am loving it outside right now and am sitting on my porch...soo pretty. But a little too hot during the day. We hit ninety today! Oh, and how i identify with the gnat attention span right now. That's just what mine has been all week, lol Enjoy your week-end with your Valentine. LOVED the flowers btw

  15. The light in these images is especially beautiful today Kim!! And your needlework is gorgeous!!

    We are expecting snow this weekend, but I am excited about that!!

  16. Just love that sampler and cannot wait to see it framed in old wood. It'll be perfect!!

  17. Your cross stitch pieces are lovely, Kim. Beautiful pictures. Skunks really are sweet and gentle animals. It's a shame they cause so much trouble ;)
    Enjoy your warm weather !

  18. Happy Valentines Day dear friend...if it makes you feel any better I have a possum living under my girls coop...I don't understand how he mastered it with all this snow...two more feet tonight....Yippee...

  19. I'm glad it's so lovely and warm where you live. We've had some nice days, but it's still cold here.

    We had a skunk family that lived underneath our deck one year. We flooded them out. Just took the garden hose and let it run and soon enough, they moved out. I just hate skunks around my house, barns and coop.

  20. Well! first of all, I am jealous of that warm weather, we are in the 20's today, it is suppose to be cold all week with possible sleet and snow, I won't complain though as others are having it so much worse than me! We are not prepared for extreme weather here in the South, our water pipes froze this morning so no shower meant no church for us.We finally got the thawed by 12:00p.m. You do such beautiful needle work Kim, as well as so many other projects, I truly admire you.
    I hope you get that ole' skunk, we are still having problems with hawks, and fox, I don't like it when my chickens have to stay locked up!
    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, my Mother got a great report Friday, no cancer found, we are rejoicing!
    Always a joy to visit

  21. I can just smell those beautiful flowers. They are especially nice since we are knee deep in snow....Your sampler is beautiful. I can't tell you much I admire all the projects you get done...

  22. What pretty hyacinths; and I can just imagine they smell divine.
    Love the samplers! You are always so busy, and making beautiful things :)
    I do like the color of the wool, although I can understand your disappointment at it not turning out as you hoped it would. Have you tried your rusty nails out yet? You'll have to let me know :)

    Hope your pest problem is resolved soon. What a hassle to have to worry about a skunk!

    I am so happy for you that you are in a great place this year!
    What a blessing it has been to have your eyesight restored, and enjoy all the little things, and big beautiful things in your life :)



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