May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Birthdays and Donuts

In February, we have three birthdays. Meg's, Elliot's, and Munchie.  It is a nice month. There is always some birthday cake to eat. Today I am making a Funfetti cake. I don't buy the cake mix, I make a white cake and add sprinkles. That way I can add more sprinkles.

I buy donuts. I started a tradition on the kids birthdays when they were small I would run to my local donut shop, and get donuts and they would be so happy, because that is the only time I ever bought them.
 I will go this morning.
When Elliot was little and I would take him with me to pick out what kind he wanted, he asked me once, "How come you don't visit your donut shop more?" Puzzled I looked down at him, it dawned on me. There on the sign was " Mom's Donut Shop." I still hear his little voice in my head and I am sure I will hear it today as well.

I asked Elliot last night did he want donuts for breakfast? He said yes that would be nice. He then told me about another shop,  one of his friends had told him about and he said it was a really weird place. He told me the story, and I laughed and said, " Oh it is a weird place, I went in there when it first opened and there was all these empty cases. I looked around and the man came out from behind the curtain, with a scowl on his face. I asked him  "am I too late are all of your donuts gone?" He pointed his finger at me, and said, " Donuts all gone!! You too late!! You come back earlier next time!!" I was backing out the door as he pointed that accusing finger at me. I laughed all the way to the car and thought, well I won't be going back there.

At Mom's doughnut shop, it is owned by a very, very sweet couple who originally came from Cambodia. When I first started going, they only knew a little bit of English and now they are just like me, they had babies when I was having babies and now their babies are all grown up like me. They also have a Chinese food restaurant in the afternoon that makes the best Kung Pao chicken you ever tasted.  But I digress

I told Elliot, " it was a lot more fun when I got to take him shopping for his birthday to buy Batman, and Storm Troopers and Halo toys. Couldn't I just take him shopping for action figures today? Maybe some Legos?"
He said, " No, Mom, I really need an office chair." Last year, he wanted a printer. So, I will do what I do best, I will feed him.

When I was going to have him, and Ron was taking the other children to Grandma's house, I asked his older brother who was four, what we should name him if it was a boy. He promptly said, " Moses, because he liked that name." I laughed and said, okay we will see. Elliot was almost born in the shower, at home, so maybe I should have named him Moses. Because I almost drew him out of the water.  I always think of that too. It was a Tuesday like today, Twenty two years ago. My fifth baby. He is still as sweet as a man as he was as a baby. Being the fifth, he had to put up with lots. Like older brothers lowering him out the second story window with a rope tied around his waist to get sodas at quiet time, and then being pulled up by the same rope. If neighbor  next door had not told me, I doubt if I would have ever known.

Well, should go get those donuts, and get the birthday cake made. Thank you for letting me reminiscence today.
I have been given the world, and with each birthday, I am reminded of the incredible blessings I have been privileged to have been given.

Sorry about that ground hog, and that six weeks of winter thing. The pear trees across the road are starting to bloom. I am not happy about it at all.


My verse for today, Twenty- two years ago.

 " Waiting patiently is almost impossible
unless we also are learning at the same time to
find joy in the Lord, commit everything to Him,
trust Him, and be quiet.
---Loneliness, pg 133
Elisabeth Elliot.


  1. I was having the kids watch their uncle's YouTube videos so they wouldn't forget them. It's so nice to see everybody. I'm glad you still do the donut tradition. Maybe I should do that with my kids, too. I know they'd love it. :-)

  2. I love sharing your memories! You make me smile! I can just imagine your boys sneaking out like that as our neighbours sons did something similar!
    Happy birthday to all concerned! Enjoy the cake and donuts!

  3. Happy Birthday to Elliot, I think... I love donuts but I haven't had any for a long time. I used to make them fresh and they were so good.

    I love your birthday tradition and the kids expect donuts for their birthday, who can blame them!

    We had our third snowstorm in 7 days. Would you like a mountain of snow? If you can find a way of getting it to California, I'm sure the neighbours would like to give you some too, lol. Cold but very sunny with a bright blue sky.

  4. so very sweet. happy birthday to your son. and enjoy those donuts!

  5. Sending "Happy Birthday" wishes to Elliot!!
    What fun stories you have, and sweet memories. Thanks for sharing with us.
    So glad that you were able to get some donuts for him. What a fun tradition!! And, by the way.. why don't you visit your store more often~~~**smile**.
    Have a great celebration tonight! Enjoy a piece of cake for me :)


  6. awwww, happy birthday x's 3....i love birthday cake and donuts too!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Elliot. The donuts are a nice tradition. That weird donut shop made me laugh out loud. Reminded me of the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld

  8. Hey, I am all ready for spring. Sorry. ;) Happy Birthday to Elliot, and you! :D

  9. Happy Birthday times three:) Oh you had to mention that darn ground hog:) Enjoy your blossoms and warmth. Hug B

  10. what wonderful memories!!!

    Happy Birthdays to all.

  11. loved the post!
    loved the stories!
    would love to have a strawberry filled donut right now!
    birthday best wishes!

  12. Happy Birthday To Elliot, I love when you reminisce

  13. Do-nuts are a happy tradition. When we had two children and their father taught a Bible study on Wed nights, we would stop on the way home at a do-nut shop for a treat after the meeting, as a reward. We sat in a booth with our donuts....then the shop started closing too early, and we had to substitute cinnamon toast at home. Not nearly as nice!

  14. What a sweet post...Happy Birthday Elliot...

  15. Wishing Elliot, a very Happy Birthday! I always enjoy when you share your memories!
    I am so ready for spring, I keep looking at our Bradford pear trees to see if there is a pink tint, when this happens I know spring will soon appear.

  16. Happy birthday to Elliot! I enjoyed reading about your memories. I did a very similar thing on my kids birthdays when they were growing up too. They picked ALL the meals the whole day through. When my boys were teenagers they would ask for their own box of a sugar cereal (captain crunch, fruity pebbles etc.) that they didn't have to share with anyone, lol. My boys fought over food...badly, lol. I never would buy a sugary cereal as first of all it was soo bad for them, but also because they would fight over it and eat the whole box in one sitting. Then I'd also buy donuts for everyone. Sooo many memories. Haven't thought of that one in a while. Hope your son had a good day!

  17. Happy birthday to your Elliot! And what nice birthday traditions. Going down memory lane with you is such a treat.

  18. Happy Birth-day to YOU, Mama! What wonderful memories and thankfuls you have. Those family traditions build good things in us and them. Wishing you a fun day of celebrating! (Now get in the kitchen!)

  19. Happy Birthday to Elliot...I love the memories and I often tell my kids if only I could spend a few hours with them again as kids...Wouldn't that be great....


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