May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Friday, February 27, 2015

A Weekend Post

Today I drove down this road that is next to the almond orchards. I thought they would be in fuller bloom, but it did cool off this week. It still smelled heavenly.

I took out the road, but it makes it too small.

I used to live over here and we always had a good garden and fruit trees because there would be so many bees in the orchards. Out here, where we live now,  we just don't have the bees, just the little wild orchard bees.

I got my store all filled up this week on Etsy. I added new rugs. 

Pattern by Bird in Hand Primitives
Mother Earth by Maggie Bonanomi

I know it is early for pumpkins, but I needed stock in my store. So I just added it.
It is a Kessie Pattern

Sharon Smith Mrs. Rabbit
I feel like since this is a cold weekend I will sit with this giant of a rug on my lap and bind it.
I have my current rug, and I am still deciding if I like it or not.

Another Kessie Pattern.

I took some photos today. I will show you a couple of pretty ones, and then my nightmare picture.

A Lupin, There used to be so many out here. I was so happy to see this one.

My secret nightmare. The whole darn place has weeds like this. Millions of them. I panic now when I go outside and I am sick at my stomach because do you know how many hours I will be working to get it looking like this:

Now you know the secret behind my fear of spring. Aw well I have done it so many times before, I can do it again. It just seems like such a long , long way down that fence row. It is just as bad the other way.

I just had to show you this table with this rug on it. I really, really love my table.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
February 10, 2015

My thoughts on marriage.

"Being married is a gift. It is ordained by Jesus, it is the picture of Jesus, the bridegroom, and
the church is the bride."
"Marriage is a total surrender of self. This means sacrifice. There is nothing about a marriage that self sacrifice won't heal. Give up your right to yourself. Take up your cross daily. Follow Me, ( Jesus)
Daily choosing to be loving, leaving, cleaving and being one flesh...Daily.
---I was being a hard hearted wench and needed to get my brain back in the game. ---


  1. The trees how pretty!
    I love those rugs esp. the one on your wonderful table.
    Love the love! Very thought provoking!

  2. Your rugs are beautiful, Kim.
    Have you thought about mulching your fence row ? The almond trees are very lovely.

  3. Hi Kim! I love your marriage quote! SO true. They are ours to love and to love well, those husbands.
    Is Kessie coming today or is she already there?
    Can't you use that Pinterest natural week killer on those weeds? I don't think you should be pulling them or Hula hoeing them.
    Just saying.
    Of course we are a long way from weeds. We just have snow.
    Sending love your way! Are you going to sell the bunny rug?

  4. kessie's patterns are GREAT! i laughed at your horror, but i get it. you work that hula ho to death!

  5. You have been so productive and I'm amazed at how many rugs you've hooked in a short period of time. They are all beautiful.

    Rows of blooming almond trees must be heavenly. What a beautiful sight.

    That way too much weeding to do, why don't you just mow the weeds often with a small lawn mower. A ground cover will keep moisture in the ground and it would be better for your trees or mulch it. I know it's a large area to mulch as mulch is costly and needs replacing often.


  6. Hey, I can help chop weeds when we come out! I've been lifting weights, and this would be better. Plus I have an excuse to be outside. :-)

    The almond orchards are lovely! Is it raining there today? We're not supposed to get any rain until late Sunday.

  7. Sometimes you just have to pull one weed at a time.

    Beautiful rugs and love your table.

  8. I can just imagine the aroma of the blossoms on those almond trees! What pleasure! Weeding is not my favorite, either! xo Nellie

  9. I love your rugs- it must take hours and hours to finish them! I wouldn't be looking forward to all that week pulling either if I were back can't take that kind of work anymore. Have a wonderful weekend with no worries!

  10. Holy cow! That's a lot of weeds. You have hooked so many rugs. They are all so pretty.

  11. Love, love love the rugs, happy to see the bunny all done!!

  12. Such a beautiful orchard! How lucky to live close enough to enjoy all those blossoms!!
    I love all of your rugs!

    Have you ever used Preen to keep the weeds from germinating? I wonder if it would work in that area around the trees?



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