May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Rug Hooking Kind of Day

My days of rug hooking will become a way of the past. I noticed leaves on our trees in the upper branches this morning. So I will have a hula hoe attached to my hand rather than a rug hook. I read in the biography of John Muir that he thought California had two seasons. Spring and Summer. Though summer lasted from May until mid November. At the time, I thought, No, that can't be true, can it? Now, I am in agreement with him. All of this drought stuff that the news is always crying about, well it is true, it is dry, but it is normal occurrence. John Steinbeck quipped when I was reading last week in East of Eden, that in years when there was 30 inches of rain, everyone was a rich man. So, that is my thoughts on California.

Now onto what I did yesterday. I drew out rugs. I drew rugs until I ran out of backing and red dot tracer. I feel like a very rich miser counting my money today. When Kessie was here in July, I would tell and show her what I wanted and she would draw it for me. I love the way she draws and all of her designs make me happy. She is coming home in March for a week, so I need to get more ideas for rugs for her to draw.

Here are what I drew out.

Adapted from Laurel Burch cats

I have this statue above my kitchen sink

This is from a weather vane. I like her because she isn't a skinny mermaid.

This is my Nantucket Sleigh Ride rug, I was reading a journal of a sea captain that hunted whales.

I did draw this one myself.


These are the other rugs I have drawn out, I have nine rugs to hook now.
Here are the rugs I worked on this week.

This one is all bound and steamed.
Same for this one.
This one is on my frame.
This is a rug from Robin, Bird in Hand Primitives. 
It was from one of her little booklets. I am in love with her primitive designs.  Someone asked me how many rugs I had done. I didn't have a clue, nor could I remember when I started hooking rugs. I have finished 42 rugs now, and I started hooking rugs in the summer of 2011. That surprised me. One that I had hooked that many, and two that it was only 2011 when I started.

Okay, after a whole post of shameful self promotion I will stop here. I hope your weekend is a lovely one.
No rain here yet. Just clouds. It seems the cone of silence has settled in.

Have a lovely day,

" God always meets us in prayer...He meets us because we invite Him to be with us, believing like  children
that our Father loves us. Our praying is not some kind of internal dialogue or an exercise in futility.
God is listening."
---Elisabeth Elliot---
(Be Still My Soul, p.112)


  1. My goodness you have been ambitious! Lovely rugs, wonderful colors..there is so much talent in your family. I am so happy to hear Kessie will becoming home for a visit, you must be so excited!! Can you believe we have another snow storm coming in this evening, snow till Monday, another 20 inches...Pray for my sanity...Your friend from Maine...

  2. Good grief, woman! What fun you're going to have hooking those rugs! Hook on! xo

  3. Wow- these are great. I LOVE the cats!! I bet you will have fun hooking these.

  4. I get it ... you've been hoarding those patterns! Well, you better clear them out, because I'll have all kinds of craziness to draw for you next time!

  5. Kim, you draw very nice rug patterns. I hope you enjoy the weather outside.


  6. hoping you get rain! i like that farm critter 'pile' one. :)

  7. those will all be wonderful!
    I like the guineas that's different!
    hope to see them as you go along!

  8. Wow, great stuff. Can't wait to see them hooked. Please send me some ambition....can't seem to hook lately

  9. I love your drawings and all the rug planning in general! I must go check the shop! xo

  10. What wonderful patterns! I love the weathervane you are working on. I have so many patterns on linen and bought another one at Sauder. So many little time.
    Hugs :)

  11. I love your rugs ... I can't wait to see the ones you have in your queue.

  12. ohhhh all i could think of, as i read, was the video you shared a few years ago about hula hoe-ing!!! i remember that like it was yesterday. your rugs are going to be wonderful, i like the patterns!!!

  13. I love your designs! I hope you'll share a photo of the guinea rug when it's completed. Now, to visit your store!

  14. Wow! You have some great rug designs there, and as fast as you hook rugs, by the time Kessie gets there in March, you will have all of those hooked up :)

    Love the nautical themes you are doing.... they are so fun!!
    Are all of them going in your shop?

    It's nice for you to have such agreeable weather. I'm just a titch green with envy.
    We are warmer here, than usual, but no doubt about it... it is still winter.



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