May 31st 2018

May 31st 2018
Sunflowers have Arrived

Monday, September 29, 2014

Perfect Weekend

After what I can only call a perfect weekend, weather wise. It makes it easier to be excited about Monday. I think having time away helps too.
Ben and Meg went to get apples on Saturday. They brought back this lovely box of apples.

The red ones taste like an apple should. I made an apple pie yesterday. The men in the family thought it was the best pie yet. This is my fifth week with no sugar so I am not going to even sample it. It is such hard work getting sugar out of my system. I feel so much better when it is gone.

There are some golden delicious, in the bottom of the box. I want to make applesauce with those. 
One thing I am glad I have is that handy-dandy apple peeler. It sure makes quick work out of a box of apples. Though peeling them with a knife gives me a chance to be working on my skill of peeling an apple in one long peel.

I just love seeing hearts in nature. I thought this one was perfect. We are almost to October. I try very hard to not be complainy  about September, but I admit to being pretty excited to saying good bye to both August and September. There is just something about the golden and blue skies of October.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday filled with good things. Being away, is always nice because I get so excited about my housework again. I really am thankful for my washing machine and my dishwasher and of course, my favorite, my vacuum. it is a bit hard to get excited about the mop. :)
Happy Monday!

Oh, I opened my Etsy store again. My link is on my side bar at the top of the page.

" It is your mission, tested and tired one, to walk out on the stage of this world and reveal to all earth and heaven that the music is not in conditions, not in the things, not in externals, but the music of life is in our own soul."
---Mrs. Charles E. Cowman--- Streams in the Desert Volume 1, pg. 301


  1. The gigantic pumpkin is beautiful! And those apples look so good. The heart leaf is so pretty.

  2. I'm so glad for you that you are finally getting some comfortable weather in your area. Nothing like getting away to renew one's energy.

    That big box of apple looks so nice. i used to go pick apples every fall but haven't done so lately. I like to dehydrate and bottle my apples to keep them fresh and crisp and we eat them like candy in the winter. The kids love them and so do I.

  3. the apples look yummy! good for you on kicking out sugar!

  4. Alex: I want to visit you again. Really much.

    Mommy: those apples are amazing! I'll bet it was the best pie ever. :-)

  5. Good morning!!
    What a wonderful box of apples! They look just delicious!!
    I am so proud of you for kicking the sugar! I need to do that too :)

    Love that picture of the sweet leaf... what a perfect heart shape.

    I'm off to see your etsy store; bet it's wonderful.

    Have a great day, and a blessing filled week.


  6. Love apples and love pie! Can't imagine life without sugar?
    That is a perfect heart leaf.

  7. Frost on the very perfect! The apples bring so many memories back.

  8. I need to get a copy of Streams in the Desert, her words are so wise. Picturing YOUR streams in the desert being lined with pumpkins about now...

  9. oh kim, good for you!! i love sugar and i am certain i could not live without it ;)

    a great post today, such a "fall" feeling!!!

  10. Such inspiring and lovely Fall images going on over here! We are loving the clouds and cooler weather too. Hope it stays this way. Those apples look delicious! Happy week to you...:)

  11. Apples are a favorite here! How amazing it is that you've been able to go without sugar! I should use you as an example! xo Nellie

  12. Beautiful apples.

    Do you use the peelings to make jelly?

  13. Oh I love apples from the orchard. It is super hard to get off of sugar. I had not had any for almost 4 months until yesterday afternoon when I had a cupcake for my birthday. It tasted SOOOO good, but it's right back off today again for me. Sugar and I don't get along. Hope you have a good week!

  14. I just love "the music of life" quote.
    Time to make applesauce !

  15. Love apples from the orchard! You always have the best photos! xo

  16. Beautiful apples! I need to stop the sugar right now too. It takes a toll on me. Do you allow yourself to eat a raw apple or do you consider that sugar too?

    Pretty pun'kin!

  17. What kind of apples are those red ones? We're planning a trip to the apple orchard to get some apples ... so a pie is in my future. Apple pie is my favorite ... and I think I'll make one for our neighbors while I'm at it.

  18. The apples look so pretty! I didn't know you had kicked sugar! I bet you feel good!
    I'm so proud of you for getting your shop up and running! Your rugs are so lovely!

  19. Are those Romes on the top? They look delish, that's for sure. Mr. Glad might like a pie...


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