May 23rd 2018

May 23rd 2018

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spring is Here

I have to admit now, it is official. Spring is here whether I want it or not. There were 7 robins in the back yard. The robins checking out the digs since last week, a cat who shall remain nameless, caught one of the bossy mockingbirds. I thought it was odd after the almost tragedy not a mockingbird was fighting the blue jays or vica versa. There is always some kind of drama going on in my back yard.

Sorry this is such a bad pic, but they were jumpy with me around clicking my camera so I had to just get this one shot and go back in the house. They are in the tree right outside my bedroom. I would like them to take up residence. You know what that means? We must finally have earthworms. That is a good thing. Goodness knows I have let enough of them go around here. You might not know how valuable earthworms are in your yard and flowerbeds, but if there isn't enough nutrients you won't have earthworms and things just don't grow.
Because this was a pasture before it was our yard, when we moved here not a single earthworm for years.
I would buy them and try to have a worm farm but then it gets hot and I am afraid they will die so I let them go. Never a single robin either. I have seen the odd one fly in but they never stay. So this morning I guess the buying earthworms and letting them go has finally started to work. My flowers are healthy too finally.

 I went outside after I had written the above because this guy is singing so loudly. He was okay with me trying to get a better picture of him. I admit to it making me a wee bit crazy today. I always think, no, I am over spring, it has no effect on me anymore. Not this morning, seeing robins, I admit has made my mind start going off into the garden and dreaming. Maybe just a tiny garden.

Here is the cherry tree.

 Here is another shot as I dragged my milk crate around in my pajamas. I think some of my best photos
are when I am in my pajamas, and standing on a milk crate.

I was going in the house when I thought maybe I could get one more shot of Mr. Robin singing for a new wife in the tree. Notice how the tree is starting to wake up.

If you click on the picture you can see it better. Someday I am going to learn photoshop and do it for you.
So I think today is a perfect day to grab my hula-hoe and tackle some weeds. My spring training begins.
Have a wonderful day,


  1. you're ahead of us with spring. i've seen a few little wildflowers in the yard, but no buds on trees, yet.

  2. As much as I love reading your posts, I do not want spring. Please keep on your coast. At least for another month. :) We are having some lovely rain all weekend so it's dreary and chilly- not cold, but chilly. I'll take it since we still aren't getting any snow or ice or other winter weather.

  3. Wow, your cherry is a lot farther than mine. The buds are there, but they aren't colored yet. The blueberries are taking off though. You just can't resist a garden! The pull is too strong! ;)

  4. OH! how nice to find a friend who takes photos dressed in their pjs, isn't that so much fun. Robins are one of my favorite birds to see in spring, we also observed bluebirds going in and out of their boxes this week, yes spring is almost here, and I am so looking forward to planting and harvesting.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I am staying in my pjs today sitting here by the fire trying to catchup on visiting, as we are having lots of rain and cold temps. I can't tell you when it was the last time i did this. LOL

  5. Oh, this makes me wish for spring! It's still at least a month away here, and I can hardly wait to see the buds and listen to the birds sing!

  6. I long for spring to come to northern Ohio!!! We get little snippets of it then it's back to winter. I can't believe next week is March. YEAH!
    Hugs :)

  7. Robins are a wonderful sight in the spring indeed. I can't wait for my first robin, It means that spring has arrived.
    Today, the sun is shining and I went to do a bit of shopping for little gifts for James and little brother to be and I saw the melted snow running down the side of the street, people entering the mall wearing short sleeves. It even feels like spring. It made me smile even and I hate going to the mall breathing that yucky air.

    We usually have tons of earthworms in the garden as we use composted cow manure in the soil, so they have a lot of organic food to eat but when it's a dry spell, we can't find them as they go deeper in the ground for moisture, but as soon as we get a good rain, they come back.

    I can picture you on a milk crate in your PJ's, camera in hand telling the bird to stay put so you can snap their pictures, hahaha. You be careful on that crate.

    Have a great weekend,

  8. I am waiting to see my first robin, a sure sign that spring is just around the corner.

  9. It smelled so spring-like today! I went and stood outside with a neighbor and talked for an hour. It's amazing how a completely different perspective puts a new spin on your life.

  10. Standing on a milk crate in pj's! Why didn't someone snap that picture!
    We saw newborn lambs today and the primroses and primulas are on display for sale at the stores.
    Have a happy day!

  11. It truly does sound as though spring is on the way!
    xo Nellie

  12. does seem that spring has sprung in your part of the world. YAY! Loving the photos...and laughing at the image of you in your pajamas standing on a milk crate! Anything for a photo, hey? xo

  13. We had a nice sunny day today. Almost Spring-like. But we have a long way to go before we see buds on anything.

  14. The robins are so cute! Yay for SPRING!
    I bought some seeds today, but we won't be gardening for a while. Blizzard coming our way.
    Take care, sweet friend!

  15. Hey Kim, Yes so sorry I had my blog closed for awhile wasn't sure I was going to blog any longer.Thanks for your visits and your sweet comments always.
    I love visiting everyone else's but feel like I don't have to much that's interesting to say.I have a sweet blogging friend who got me to come back with some sweet talking.
    I am seeing signs of spring here in Oregon as well.I am ready I hate our dark grey skies and wet weather.Though I also don't like hot hot hot either. Lol
    Great photos in pj's and on the milk crate. Lol Photo shop is easy or www.picmonkey even easier.You can try and use it for free.:)
    I always enjoy my visits here.Have a great week~Blessings Kim

  16. The photos are wonderful and I'm happy to see the buds on your flowering trees. It is going to be a long time before I see any buds on my trees. I have seen a few robins though.

  17. i have seen a few robins, but that's the only sign of spring. you are way ahead of the jersey shore!!

  18. Hi my friend, I love your words, "my spring training begins." The snow is falling here and will continue well into the night. I wonder about the Bluebird and Robin that were checking out our nesting boxes just a few weeks ago. I laugh at the vision of you in your pajamas taking photos,(think of me in a nightgown and parka feeding my chickens) didn't you fall off that milk crate at one point? I am afraid Spring is a long way off for those of us who live in New England, but there is hope, maple trees are being tapped, sap is beginning to run!...Thinking of you, Julie.

  19. We got 5 1/2 inches of snow on Thursday and are forecast to get another 1-3" (for now anyway) on Monday through Tuesday. So obviously spring is not here in Illinois just yet. ;-) Enjoy your early spring.


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