Saturday, January 13, 2024

Introducing Polly

  I started my January off by getting a puppy. It has taken me a week to get to the computer. She just doesn't like my office. I have her in here right now. So this has to be a fast post.

As I was looking through my pictures, this morning. This is the dog I wanted. Every time I saw a black and white puppy, on Instagram or on Facebook that was what kind of dog I took pictures of, how weird is that? Its just taken two years to find one. After Sasha left my life, I really couldn't even begin to want a dog. Then slowly I just started realizing I can't live without a dog. My whole life I have had a dog. There was a hole in me a mile wide. 

She was born in October. The lady who had the puppies, put them on FaceBook and I followed along. That was it. I kept looking for a dog in the SPCA and places like that, but all that seems to be out there are German Shepherds and Pit Bulls. I didn't want a big dog. Then I got sick and November came. She was still posting pictures. I told myself maybe if that dog is there after Christmas I will go look. Christmas came and went then New Years. I decided she must be sold now, maybe next year. She published pictures last Friday. She was still there. The lady had halved her price because now she was 11 weeks old. Ron called and we drove out to see her on Saturday Morning. 

So I have been in puppy mode for a week. She is learning about us and we are learning about her and since I have never crate trained a dog, that was new. She has done wonderfully. We are working on the house training and leash training. She is doing pretty good. Max seems happier having another animal around. I was really a lazy bum. Getting up and going out in the cold is good for me. Plus just being lots more active. I have not picked up a hook nor even thought of a project because being a puppy, she really doesn't sit still very long. That is why all of the pictures I have are when she briefly sits at my feet. 

Going through my pictures to find Polly puppy pictures. (say that 3 times fast.) I found this one I took last summer of Miss Buggy. Now that they have finally announced it to the public, I am going to be a grand mother again. The new baby will make 14. That was what I kind of alluded to in my last post. I was so excited but I couldn't say anything yet. It will make 6 children for Ben and Megan, and Kessie and her husband have 7 children. Then William has a son. Only one lives in here in town. 

So thank you so much for stopping by, this was a fast post. Hopefully I will be able to get some better photos. 

Its time to take her outside again. 



Saundra said...

Polly the pup is adorable!!!! Must be a thing for black and white dogs as Kathleen Marie and Kathleen Stewart on FB have one and now you. I miss my dogs of the past and would love to have one but at my age don't think it wise for several reasons.
Enjoy her and bet she soon learns that she wants to be with you even if you are in the office.

Jo said...

Oh Polly is adorable! She will bring you so much joy, along with a few adventures I’m sure! Yesterday I was catching up on the YouTube videos I watch & I was excited to hear Ben & Megan’s announcement!! Congratulations to all, I imagine Buggy is thrilled & so excited! What a year 2024 will be for all! Good Luck with Polly!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Awww....CONGRATULATIONS Kim!! (On both the new pup and on the new grand to come....) Polly is just precious! She looks so soft! I am glad you took the leap and opened your heart and home to a new dog. I know how your heart hurt....and while Polly will never completely fill the hold left by Sasha, she will take over a whole other place. People often ask if I will get another dog but I won't. I was always more of a cat person than a dog person, but Mason was an amazing exception. Enjoy the puppy stages...they go by so quickly. ~Robin~

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ps....LOVE that photo of Miss Buggy. Looks like something right out of a magazine.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Oh my goodness. When I read the title of your post I was hoping it was a furkid but I thought maybe you were working on a sampler stitched by a Polly.
She is adorable. At the risk of sounding stupid, what breed is she? God bless you for getting a puppy!!! No way!!!
Congrats on the grandbaby to be. That is a lot of grands. I hope the pregnancy goes smoothly.
Keep on posting those Polly pictures ;-)

Pom Pom said...

Oh Polly! She is so cute! I am so glad you have a puppy to love and train. You are a very blessed granny! xo

Julia said...

Congratulations on the new cute puppy and on the new expected new grandchild. Like Saundra, I'm too old to start training a new puppy, plus I wouldn't have enough time to take it on its daily walks. I hope that she fills that big hole.

Hugs, Julia

Gretchen Joanna said...

I am SO excited about you getting another grandchild!!

Oh, and Polly is very nice, too ;-)

Bonnie K said...

Congratulations on the new addition. We are currently going through the declining years of our beloved Ella. This cold snap has been really hard on her. It is painful. Polly looks like a joy. Sometimes everything just comes together and is sounds like it has for you. Good luck with training and thanks for sharing.

Jo said...

I’m wondering how Polly is doing?? I keep checking your blog for a new post….hope all is well!!

Gumbo Lily said...

Lucky you, Kim. Polly Puppy is adorable! And congrats of all of those beautiful grandchildren. You are blessed! ~Jody